3 Responses to 60 killed in wave of terror bomb attacks across 12 cities in Iraq

  1. Grandpa says:

    Has hillory condemned them yet?


  2. Thera says:

    America went to war with Iraq, because Saddam Hussein broke the Nuclear proliferation treaty, which stated if that country was/is suspected of building or owning nuclear weapons, or weapons of mass destruction in general (such as chemical or biological weapons) than that country must allow UN inspectors to inspect as to verify the claim. Saddam refused to allow an inspection, and even after being pressured to allowing inspectors in he refused to grant them full access to do their job.

    Therefore, because Saddam was not cooperating with the inspections he was breaking the nuclear proliferation treaty.

    No WMD’s were found.

    Suddam was later convicted and executed by a Iraqi court with an Iraqi Jury, and an Iraqi executioner.

    Saddam is dead…and yet now – still no WMD’s can be found.

    Yet, soldiers and innocent civilians are still being killed.

    Is the CIA, (who inflitrated the little known group al-Qaida and made it what it is today) helping and continuing to create certain situations as an excuse to continue the occupation of the middle east?

    The answer is; yes! The big question remains: why? Oil and what else?


  3. Quebec, Canada says:

    I would tend more towards this: these people love to kill each other, period.


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