Winter storm warning issued for summits of Hawaii’s Big Island

February 22, 2012HAWAII The National Weather Service in Honolulu has issued a winter storm warning for the summits of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa until 6 a.m. Wednesday (Feb 22) for elevations above 8,000 feet. A winter storm warning means significant amounts of snow, sleet and ice are expected or is occurring. Strong winds are also possible. Sleet, snow and freezing rain will make for hazardous conditions for drivers and hikers. An additional three to four inches of snowfall is expected this afternoon and evening. As of 12:24 p.m. Tuesday (Feb 21) Mauna Kea Summit Access Road is closed at the Visitor Information Station due to ice and snow on roadways. Mauna Kea Rangers report that it is doubtful the road will be open today due to poor weather. A wind advisory is also in effect for Big Island summits over 8,000 feet until 6 a.m. Wednesday (Feb 22). Currently winds are 20-30 mph with gusts up to 45 mph. Winds this strong can bring down tree branches and make driving difficult, especially for high profile vehicles. –Hawaii 247
Snow, not usually associated with the tropics, falls at 4,205 metres (13,796 ft) on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island in some winter months. Snow rarely falls on Haleakala. –Wikipedia
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6 Responses to Winter storm warning issued for summits of Hawaii’s Big Island

  1. ashuka says:

    I didn’t know Hawaii ever got snow.


    • It’s odd when you think about it being in the tropics but the mountains on the Big Island have such height elevations…of course, it probably doesn’t help either when the clouds are dropping.


      • so its not normal for this to happen or not?


      • Normal to have snow in the winter months in high elevations. A severe winter storm warning or the intensity would be the ‘unusual’ factor here.


      • Garth Colin Whelan says:

        Temperature normally drops with altitude at a rate of 2C/1000ft, so 8,000ft, is going to be 16C colder than sea level.,Everest at roughly 29000ft will be 58C colder than sea level. If you ride a plane, some of them have LCD screens with monitors, and you often see the temperature at -56C.

        I wonder what the temperature was in Siberia at 30,000ft when the ground temp reached -50C the other week…


  2. Berzerk says:

    Global warming?
    I thought global warming was suposed to warm not to make chilly snowy weathers….
    maybe no one told the global warming that it was suposed to warm
    well, maybe next time I can go and build a Frosty the Snowman right next to the pyramids in Egypt =D


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