5 Responses to U.N. nuclear inspection mission in Iran ends in failure

  1. Serioussneep says:

    The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. I am all for talking and trying to resolve this issue peacefully, the last thing any American wants is another war (no matter how much our government seems to hunger for it) but the IEA has just been smoke in mirrors the entire time.


  2. Chris says:

    You can say all you want about Iran, nuke etc…
    Just one thought : Saddam Hussein had no nuke, he’s dead and country is wasted, Khaddafi had no nuke, he’s dead and country is wasted. Pakistan has nuke, no invasion ; North Korea has nuke, no invasion etc… So if you were Iran, which choice would you make ? It is as simple as that.
    Axis of Good and axis of Evil is politician bullsh*t. It’s only a fight between unipolar world wanted by America and her slave Europe and multipolar world wanted by all others.
    I like America (people, not the corrupted oligarchy) but i don’t want to see the world becoming a great America. American way of life everywhere, no thanks. You can talk about democraty but it died in the US a long time ago. Apparently, people have not opened their eyes yet. It will come, for sure. Future is dark.
    p.s. Excuse my imperfect english, it’s not my first language 😉 Love your blog, God bless you all.


  3. Preppin Pawpaw says:

    I found these two news items this evening and thought I would share them with you and the readers, although I am sure many have already found these stories themselves.
    Stories here
    and here
    Stay tuned, things are heating up fast…


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