Cloud height decreasing on Earth and NASA scientists are unsure why

February 22, 2012EARTH – Earth’s clouds got a little lower — about one percent on average — during the first decade of this century, finds a new NASA-funded university study based on NASA satellite data. The results have potential implications for future global climate. Data from NASA’s MISR instrument on NASA’s Terra spacecraft show that global average cloud height declined by about 1 percent over the decade from 2000 to 2010, or around 100 to 130 feet (30 to 40 meters). Lead researcher Roger Davies said that while the record is too short to be definitive, it provides a hint that something quite important might be going on. Longer-term monitoring will be required to determine the significance of the observation for global temperatures. A consistent reduction in cloud height would allow Earth to cool to space more efficiently, reducing the surface temperature of the planet and potentially slowing the effects of global warming. This may represent a “negative feedback” mechanism – a change caused by global warming that works to counteract it. “We don’t know exactly what causes the cloud heights to lower,” says Davies. “But it must be due to a change in the circulation patterns that give rise to cloud formation at high altitude.” NASA’s Terra spacecraft is scheduled to continue gathering data through the remainder of this decade. Scientists will continue to monitor the MISR data closely to see if this trend continues. –Physics
The timing of the decline in the planet’s cloud height also curiously corresponds to a mysterious period of acceleration of the migration of the magnetic north pole towards Siberia as the chart shows on the left. Might the two events be related?The Extinction Protocol
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23 Responses to Cloud height decreasing on Earth and NASA scientists are unsure why

  1. radiogirl says:

    There are those words again…scientists are unsure why…….Havent we been hearing and reading statements like this for sometime now. Everything we know is turning upside down.When it gets down to it …science is far from having the answers.


    • Moco says:

      Clouds are moisture. Sun is hotter and burns off the higher clouds. Chem sprayed clouds are lower and reflect up to higher clouds and burns them off, further.
      No one who denies chem synth clouds can not answer any scientific question with such a variable ignored.


      • Rick says:

        Bingo! to Maco. Heavy metals, primarily aluminum oxide and barium, are in the chem trails that lace the skies constantly (and internationally). No question that would contribute to lower cloud cover. It’s quite disgusting to see a wonderful blue sky in the morning only to have it deteriorate into a milky white thin cloud cover by midday when this spraying occurs.


      • I bet the chemtrails have something to do with,I know they spraying us.


  2. And yet Al Gore & the glowbull warming greenies claim the science is settled? Just you wait those gloom & doom proponets of man made & man caused earth changes will blame the pole shift and lower clouds on mans activities.


  3. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

    Science seems to indicate that without a magnetic field the atmosphere of the earth would be blown away like Mars. The upper atmosphere might already being blown away and clouds can not form as high as in the past. The beginning of the stripping of earth’s atmosphere?
    Yes, “radiogirl” science does not know as much as it tends to make people believe it knows. A good read on this is “The Science Delusion” by Rupert Sheldrake, Coronet publication, 2012.


  4. Clearly, things are changing. We simply don’t know how interconnected all things are and how every action affects another. At this point, the who is almost immaterial, things are happening that don’t bode well for homo sapiens.


  5. SteganosV says:

    Global warming is an opiate wrapped in a warm comforting blanket of knowledge that requires little research, but meets the pseudo-science requirements at the water cooler.


  6. Alicia says:

    And scientists who think outside the box are ostricized…The Pole Shift has happened several times before in our distant past and we are certainly do for another shift. There have been so many signs occurring and people witness it and “oh well” back to sleep they go…the daily grind…Then there are those of us who are truly awake and alert…asking why, scouring for more information…uugghh…


  7. Lucie Sinclair says:

    One more piece of the puzzle shows up!


  8. Thera says:

    Don’t be fooled when scientist inform you that they haven’t a clue as to what’s happening. Many of them know exactly what’s happening but are not allowed to inform the public for fear of creating a panic. Many keep their mouths shout in fear of losing their prestige and or their grants and too some are killed when they try to inform the public of the truth.

    We’ve always been at the mercy of The/Our Lord …now more so than ever.


  9. Brandon says:

    Would you agree with this assessment that scientists do know what’s going on but don’t want to cause a panic? How long do we have before we should press the panic button on what’s happening to the planet? My hope is Christ returns before it all comes down.


    • If there’s studing all of these problems in isolation; they may be clueless. It’s not even an issue of whether they tell or don’t tell- the change many of us have been predicting is already well underway. Look at the number of probes that have been launched in the last 7 years, and you come to the realization that they know something isn’t right with the planet.


  10. mike says:

    Looks like a stock market chart for the last five years….weird.


  11. Jdubb says:

    Seems like people have lost there faith which means hope church literly means people and with most evil good people prevail losing faith in people is wrong if and when tshtf good people will unite to prevail over evil


  12. The clouds will go lower and lower like in the Canarian islands, as there is not enough water for the plants and trees the clouds will come down to water plants and the Earth in stead of rain with rain and the temperature on earth will get warmer more sun, less rain, the same happened a 200 years ago when the occupants of the ships cut the trees to build their ships from wood and the Island lost their trees higher vegetation and rain as the rain was taking the soil away, fast,eruption found place this is a natural protection from the Earth to survive as it is loosing her natural protection against erosion.


  13. dave says:

    the clouds are appearing lower because of the chem trails, the weight of the chemicals push the clouds down, our skies are filthy everyday in canada from these chemicals,barium & alluminum i beleave are atleast 2 of the chemicals being used. why are our news stations not reporting on these chem trails here in canada, have they been told by the government not to. They block out our sun, which we desperatley need in canada juring the winter, and then you see all kinds of commercials from drug companys, promoting anti depressants, and you also see mental illness commercials, and lots of talks of suicide prevention, is there a connection with all this stuff having to do with the lack of sunlight. .


  14. Murph says:

    All other theories aside, the combination of events are probably not as rare when spread across eternity.As ice sheets and glaciers melt another set of events happens that makes flooding from the sea the least of our worries.The earth rebounds from the weight of the glaciers and gets higher.In combination with lower clouds weather patterns change.Bacteria of many kinds can begin to flouriish with added global warmth, things like mega windstorms like the ones that hit N.E.MN and N’W. Wisconsin may become common,a severe lack of snow has followed that summer event.In the U.S. unexplained ailments from Autism and Nodding disease and the rapid spread of drug resistent other dangers is telling.The earth is attacking itself in the way it always does as one change leads to another.More carbon,less oxygen,destruction spreads.The fresh water beneath our feet is drying up and being wasted and what is left is widely polluted! Maybe mother nature will make us shorter so we can bend closer to the earths greenery in order to breathe enough oxygen maybe not! Maybe the algae we could be using for fuel will become the new oil wells and we can breathe enough oxygen to survive and maybe not! It’s not our choice without a change at the top of the food change.Those who wish to stay rich on oil profits will expire along with us if that is any consolation! We are all probably doomed at some point! Oxygen cuurently 21% in the forests,19 % or less in industrial cities! The number to fear is 16 % or under.Have a good day! Murph


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