28 Responses to Iran says it will launch ‘pre-emptive attack’ on any potential threat to the country

  1. Good Luck says:

    OK sleepy heads, are ya just now waking up to this? Grab some corn flakes, this is about to get some kind of ugly
    “Iran says it will launch ‘pre-emptive attack’ on any potential threat to the country”


    • joe turiak says:

      When in the air force with the strategic air command we had attack drills that required taping our pant legs to our boots with masking tape to keep out radio active particles. Thank heavens there are better tapes out there today.


  2. I

    It’s in their hands. In context, both countries Israel and Iran now have a ‘pre-emptive strike‘ policy which means all they need is suspicion or the feeling of being threatened to launch an attack; nothing more. This is the dangerous new dynamic under which we now live. It is worst than the cold war, because at least the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. had a red phone to prevent any miscaculation between the two countries. It can happen anytime…like North/South Korea. We can’t live in fear; it is however, and unfortunately, the dynamic of the nuclear world in which we live until these weapons are eradicated if ever.


    • peter benton says:

      Let us remember who it was that made preemptive war legitimate. That would be the United States. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.


      • EX
        No one wants to see any region of the Earth radioactive for 200 years

        War is madness Peter, regardless of who starts it or who retaliates. Iran is riddled with the most active earthquake faults in the Middle East, second only to Turkey which is, even now, being shaken to pieces. Iran is also sitting on the largest reserves of explosive methane gas in the world. Southern Arabia is riddled with volcanoes, and Yemen had the 2nd most geologically violent volcanic episodes in Earth’s past history. The Eastern Rift is splitting Africa, and the Red Sea and magma will ooze and flow as the planet succumbs to more extensive geological changes. Seismic activity is increasing around Santorini and lower Greece. The upper Alpide Belt above the Mediterranean is slipping, grinding Turkey in the process. The region is criss-crossed with webs of natural gas and oil pipe lines. To top this situation off, Iran is burrowing all of its nuclear facilities underground, irrespective of all the geological hazzards, where they can only be breached by the most powerful subterranean ordnances in the world. We don’t know what a earthen hell looks like when all these forces violently collide, but before long…we may find out.

        I pray we all turn from the course of madness before it’s too late


    • I agree we cannot live in fear or add that fear to the already negative world.. But having said that also.. ALL of this is escalating and has been planned for some time… The hidden powers that be are determined that there be a war.. Wars come to get people of depressions and to trim us down.. But if they trigger this with nuclear war heads I have seen within my vision the mayhem and Earths own volatile reactions, that is If she doesn’t get her own weapon of mass destruction in first….. Mankind has much to learn.. Much..


      • Yes, and with the amount of hubris in the world; the lessons will not be easy. We have a very trying time in this planet’s history. We have reached an extinctive point in the cross-road.


      • Extinction is what we have been dishing out to our Animal Kingdom.. When the tables turn! Mankind will once again have to look to the animal kingdom and seek out his survival skills.. Many things are coming together in this the Year of the Dragon!


      • W

        They will turn sadly, Sue, you are right. Yes, but nature will be hostile to many. This will be an austere struggle for survival, engaging even the microbe. The forces of nature will drive many a beast into the cities as I warned. It’s already happening in Armenia:



      • Yes my friend, Man will always find a reason to cull because he Fears! Our Four-legged along with our Aquatic life have long been persecuted, and driven from their feeding grounds as man encroaches upon their territory and poisons the oceans and waterways.. I agree with the post here that deforestation and the destruction of the Wolfs natural habitat has created the imbalance.. This is why Mother Nature will re-address that imbalance.. And Man will have to do his own balancing act.. And As the energies change I feel that time is coming Very Soon where by our Earth Mother will bring her own Wake-up Call.. Man will then be too busy trying to survive than thinking of waging war against another nation.. But a war of another sort will then rear its ugly head.. As Mans inhumanity to man and beast will unleash his true primitive nature.. Let us hope my friend that the energies can be altered so that love and compassion can alter that which is not set in stone.. For as we think so we create.. ~Peace


    • Dennis B says:

      The threat of a preemptive strike has in the past been made by nations that value the preservation of human life. We survived Mutually Assured Destruction because both the US and the Soviet Union understood life for the limited survivors would be inexorably changed for the worse. We are now dealing with a theocracy that their true reward is in martyrdom in dying for their belief. I remember too well growing up to civil defense drills and being told to “duck and cover”. The world quaked at threat posed by the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. This makes that time look like a walk in the park. God Bless us all. .


      • Let’s hope and pray, cool heads will prevail going forward. There is such a historical and cultural impasse there to overcome to achieve any type of lasting peace and as I said in my book, the “nuclear revolution has finally come to the most violent neighborhood on the planet.”


  3. That should read ( Out of Depressions )


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Well, it is strange that a nation that has extremely limited air force and naval units to include limited ability to deploy their land forces would make such a bold statement unless they have assurances from a provider who could provide additional assets.
    Iran has a Sugar Daddy…..
    Then again, is not to say that Iran has not forward deployed small units or cells of dedicated suicide units to act upon command to strike terror in countries of choice or military assets.
    We should remember that Israel has struck twice (Iraq,Syria) at two nations that were developing the ability to produce nuclear material. Who is to say they will not now?
    We had the assets in two gulf wars to take care of this problem.
    But, this is a problem that someone keeps stirring it and could be used as the trigger for the next mid-east war………
    just a thought………………..


  5. Irene C says:

    I also remember the days of the Cold War. We had our “duck and cover” drills and listened to sales pitches of personal bomb shelters where we could store food and live. I look back now and realize how little we really knew of the ultimate destruction that would/will result in such an attack. If/when this war happens, God help us all, because He will be the only one who can.



  6. Maponos says:

    Sue Dreamwalker February 21, 2012 at 7:49 pm says: I agree we cannot live in fear or add that fear to the already negative world.. But having said that also.. ALL of this is escalating and has been planned for some time… The hidden powers that be are determined that there be a war.. Wars come to get people of depressions and to trim us down.. But if they trigger this with nuclear war heads I have seen within my vision the mayhem and Earths own volatile reactions, that is If she doesn’t get her own weapon of mass destruction in first….. Mankind has much to learn.. Much..

    Great words of wisdom!


  7. Jdubb says:

    Iran has every right to defend itself there leaders do have brains nuclear power should be eliminated across the world look at japan oil and man made power has made people able to live like gods so how hard is it going to be to change people


  8. Brandon says:

    Could this be leading into the war of Armageddon and could we be heading into the Tribulation Period?


    • I think we live on the edge of a knife and as Christ said, ‘What I say unto you; I say to all. Watch.’ This could certainly spiral into a crisis and it could begin with an attack that will lead to an immediate escalation of hostilities. It’s a very precarious situation because these countries are not only bitter enemies, they have no standing truce and both had adopted ‘pre-emptive military strike’ polices, which Iran wouldn’t likely make unless they already acquired a bomb.


  9. Tim says:

    UN nuke agency reports failed Iran talks
    The double signs of defiance reflected Iranian determination not to bow to demands that it defuse suspicions about its nuclear activities despite rapidly growing international sanctions imposed over its refusal to signal it is ready to compromise on the atomic dispute.


  10. mike says:

    Russia is the real threat here..not Iran or Syria…don’t get me wrong they too are bad but Russia’s the issue. Keep praying everyone…hopefully nothing will happen and this will quietly die down.


  11. Trevor says:

    Well i may be incorrect so check your own sources, but i believe i overheard on CBC Radio that the five person team that is heading up this investigation by the UN is intending on looking in on all nuclear programs in Iran. I think the radio mentioned 5 main nuclear facilities. So for a Iranian spokesman to claim the UN was not going to makes me wonder what kind of pre-positioning the country is shuffling towards. I understand the country would like the rights the same as any country to utilize nuclear power. Not only does it provide a large source of electricity, but the same technology is kind of necessary and fundamental to having services and research in the nuclear medical technology fields and other areas that benefit civilians in many other countries. Yes nuclear technology has been proven to be utilized for weapons and many countries that have the capability and resources have and research weaponized technology. So the whole world should cope with this. As far as the idealism stands that Human Rights should be considered equally as we are all Global Citizens in this age. Including our rights to choice of religion and traditions and lifestyles, the freedoms to strive for better should be allowed for all. War has broken out in the past as will it in the future. You can manipulate every faucet of humanity including perception, but you cannot change human nature. That said, i am all for peace, and i am all for striving for balance. But at some point the policy makers that strive to gain and control through corporate strategies and the politicians who clearly lead from behind the curtain will all need to be given a learning curve and a perception change as to what is respectful of every citizen globally and locally. Guess what happens to the guy who’s back is against the wall. Every seen the look in someones eyes that have nothing to lose………


  12. Niebo says:

    If there be hope for hope, I pray, LORD, God, Father of Heaven, that you would fill us with the Spirit to remind us of the truth that your mercy is vast and your love, steadfast, that you are in control and no man has dominion, and I pray that You would hold us in the shadow of your hand, gather us as a hen gathers her brood, tend to us as the Shepherd of this flock, for we are simple and weak and will, without You, lose ourselves in the wilderness of despair. I pray for plowshares, not for swords. I pray the lambs lie down with the lions. I pray the flock scatters the wolves. I pray for peace, Lord, but if I pray against Your will, I pray You would fill us with peace as the war rages. I pray that You save us, deliver us from here to there, where You wipe away every tear, where there is no more darkness, where we know comfort and know You in all Your glory. For Your love, which conquers all, I praise You. For Your mercy, I praise You. For Your grace, I praise You. You are worthy, LORD, and I praise You. I praise You.


  13. Taffyduff says:

    I admire your faith Niebo and like us all, you are scared. The truth is all religion is a ‘faith’. No one really knows what is out there controling all of us.When we die – then we might know the answer. The muslims, jews, jehovahs witnesses, mormons, christians all have their faith, all religions think their religion will take them to heaven. Lets just put religion into perspective for a moment, if the extremists who blew themselves up for Allah did that, would they really kill themselves if they just put their religion into perspective ?
    What I am saying is this. These fanatics that are trying to promote some kind of end world scenerio and bring about Jesus or mahdi, how nuts has mankind become. What if we are all just an evolved species and God is a spirit that NONE of us know about, and yet that makes it all the more frightening when we see man as an ape killing off every other living thing in this planet.
    All the more reason to stop extremists and say ‘Come on, this is IT, there is NO OTHER LIFE, live in PEACE with one another!!!


  14. SLK says:

    Nice prayer 🙂 Amen. Does anyone have a clue or idea as to time we may have left before all of this blows up? Seriously, I am asking. I have read that Israel is reserving action until spring if necessary so I have a feeling March may be a very exciting month…. only conjecture.


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