Probe continues into the hundreds of dead dolphins washed up on Peruvian beaches

February 17, 2012 PERU At least 264 dead bottlenose dolphins have washed ashore over a stretch of Peru’s northern coast, officials said as they seek to discover what killed the marine animals. The dead dolphins were found over a 103 km stretch of sandy beach, Edward Barriga, an official with Peru’s Oceanic Institute, said. “We have taken samples to determine the cause of death,” said Mr. Barriga, speaking from the city of Lambayeque, adding that vast quantities of dead anchovies had also been found in the region. The dolphins may have been killed by the impact of off-shore oil exploration and drilling in the region, said Carlos Yaipen with ORCA, a non-governmental group that focuses on helping ocean creatures in the South Pacific. The mass dolphin deaths are a “very serious” issue, Mr. Yaipen said. The head of a Lambayeque group representing aqua-farmers, Jorge Cabrejos, said the anchovies appeared to have eaten contaminated plankton, which then sickened the dolphins that ate the small fish. Thirty-four of the world’s 81 cetacean species are found off the Peruvian shores, 17 of which are dolphins. Of those, the most common is the bottlenose dolphin. –NT News
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20 Responses to Probe continues into the hundreds of dead dolphins washed up on Peruvian beaches

  1. Jared says:

    Look for a possible large EQ in that area over the next week or so.


  2. Tim says:

    Massive dolphin beachings baffle experts
    Unexplained dolphin strandings continue in Mass
    There’s no good spot on Cape Cod for dolphins to continue this winter’s massive and unexplained beachings, but a group of 11 has chosen one of the worst.

    In the last month, 177 short-beaked common dolphins have stranded on Cape Cod, and 124 have died. The total is nearly five times the average of 37 common dolphins that have stranded annually during the last 12 years.
    Video included in report

    Video – Va. Aquarium sends team to help with dolphin strandings

    Photo Gallery


    • Lori Muir says:

      Due to the sun’s current violent cycle of Coronal Mass Ejections, earth is being bombarded with waves of energy that is disturbing our magnetosphere.

      Many species of marine and migratory animals use the magnetic poles to navigate. They simply get lost many times (although in this case above, it seems there is a different cause…but possibly related).

      From NOAA Space Weather Scale for Geomagnetic Storms
      Level: G 1


      Power systems: weak power grid fluctuations can occur.

      Spacecraft operations: minor impact on satellite operations possible.

      Other systems: migratory animals are affected at this and higher levels; aurora is commonly visible at high latitudes (northern Michigan and Maine)**.

      Kp = 5

      Earthquakes, volcanic activty, severe violent storms, as the protons charge it into a beast are also on the rise…and plate/pole shifts are all on the increase around the world, as the CME’s from the sun arrive. Check out the current emergencies here:

      These earthquakes and plate shifts the potential of releasing deadly gases as the earth groans with magnetic disturbances.

      There have also been many videos of these “strange sounds” heard around the world” some scientists think this also is due to the geomagnetic storms. This is freaky, keep in mind there are many hoax videos for attention or misdirection, but this video is of the ones reported around the world that include mutiple credible reports.

      News report:

      Check the dates for all the aroras recenlty…this is one visual clue that our magnetosphere is under attack; while a sight to see, the effects are felt around the world in ways we do not even comprehend fully,


      Last year the three state power outage was blamed on ONE guy, coincidentally, it was during a solar storm….

      It seems to me, in reading these types of stranding reports….no one seems to mention the geomagnetic storms, and I find this odd.

      Check the dates and past alerts at NOAA Space Weather. It clearly states that a geomagnetic storm even at a minor level of G1 will disrupt navigation of marine life. We will reach the solar maxium of this cycle in 2013;

      Unfortunately I think strandings will become more frequent unless there is some way to place magnetic pole beacons (if they exist?) to head off schools of migratory animals.


  3. Patty Pace says:

    THere are hundreds of dead dolphins on the East coast of US as well. I wonder if they are related.


  4. Carol says:

    This is very disturbing. The numbers are staggering. Will we ever get answers Alvin? Which groups are collecting these animals and testing? Why are there no answers ever? I’ve been waiting for something… Millions of fish, thousands of birds… My guess now is that we’re well over 12 million animals worldwide or more in the last 2 years & still we just keep getting blah blah blah.. No answers!!! How long can this continue before the scales finally tip?


    • I think they already have. NASA even admitted in a documented interview that didn’t know what’s Earth theorethical “tipping point” was or if it has already been reached. When it is reached, the protocol is initiated and systems will then began unraveling systems.


  5. marilyn says:

    Keep hearing about sea life washing up dead and that they take samples to investigate, but we never hear what the investigation reveals????


  6. Between the birds, fish and dolphins, one would think that intelligent people would be demanding answers.


  7. Education says:

    Without a shadow of doubt it will be from the nuclear water dumping in japan they have in past months dumped thousands of tons of nuclear water from the reactors into the pacific but it didnt make mainstream media, the last reading I believe was the water in some area of the reactor measured 1,000,000 bq/l.


  8. Rick says:

    Most likely F U K U S H I M A radiation poisoning. It’s still leaking and contaminating the oceans and air around the entire planet.


  9. Watch out for quakes in the East Coast like the Canary Islands due to massive beach stranding of dolphins; lots of dead dolphins could be linked to quakes activities in Peru which did occur these past few weeks….


  10. Stewart says:

    It’s not only the dolphins that should being grabbing people’s attention. All of the weird things happening with thousands of birds falling from the sky with no explanation from anyone. On the news one day, gone from everything the next. The bats that are dying, whales dying, fish dying everywhere, frogs…….!!!! Something is wrong. The US Government knows it along with many other governments throughout the world. The weather throughout the world is in turmoil. In the US alone we broke over 1500 records in 6 days!! We have yet to see winter in the southeast. We are way above normal with temperatures and the pollen started to become an issue from trees blooming in January.


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