International disaster training drill simulates 8.0 earthquake hitting Mexico and unleashing volcanic firestorm

Why so many disaster simulation drills?

February 17, 2012 – SAN DIEGO – Don’t call us paranoid, but why is the world suddenly having so many disaster simulation drills? Besides the New Madrid quake drill in the U.S, the latest exercise involves several nations and is hosted by San Diego State University. Exercise 24 (X24) Mexico is the third iteration of a primarily virtual, open-invitation, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) exercise with real-world functional components that is hosted by San Diego State University’s “Immersive Visualization Center” (VizCenter). Public Event kicks-off February 08-09, 2012 at 8:00am PST -Hosted by San Diego State University Immersive Visualization Center.
X 24 Excercise: Participants include: Department of Homeland Security, Office of Health Affairs, NORAD-NORTHCOM, US Customs and Border Protection, Global Borders College, Mexican Army and Navy, Mexico Federal Police, Vietnam Ministry of Defense, India National Disaster Management Agency, World Shipping Council, Red Cross, Pacific Disaster Center, NYK Logistics (yusen logistics), National defense University.
“The Viz Center is a physical space but one that largely represents relationships between people and organizations collectively attempting to positively impact the worlds of Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief, Community Resilience, Search and Rescue, and aid to operational Emergency Responders and Homeland Security.” –Viz Center
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32 Responses to International disaster training drill simulates 8.0 earthquake hitting Mexico and unleashing volcanic firestorm

  1. Whatchagonnado says:

    Umm. Maybe they have been reading TEP site.


  2. radiogirl says:

    Yes ..why so many drills now?Are scientists waking up to the fact the earth has now entered into a new era of volatility?So say FEMA red Cross NASA and a slew of other emergency services and governmental outlets we are to be prepared and yet all this talk of earth changes is bunk.


    • For someone trying to marginalize 2012 and parlay fears, they’re surely not helping their own cause any…


      • Larry Fairall says:

        Evil begats evil and are aligned on all sides to confuse and terrorize the masses. they know not what to believe even if the truth smacks them in the face……Evil hath many faces, some contain some truth……..


      • Serioussneep says:

        You hit the nail right on the head Alvin. To be honest their suttle poke at disaster preparations is not helping us in any way. People aren’t taking these novelty drills seriously and I don’t even think half of the population is even aware of them. If this is their incogneto way of trying to make us aware of a threat (while saving face) they are failing miserably. If they know something and this is the most we get out of them we should hold them responsible, there is a lot more people can do to prepare but until there is some official recognition by the government then many of your average Americans who look to big government for information will be left holding the bag.

        Thank god for wonderful sites like this, which are able to read the truth between the lines and show humanity the reality of the world we live in. We are in a new era where individuals need to take their awareness in their own hands and take responsibility for their own lives. The information is out there one only needs to look.


    • paffa Ferguson says:

      NO. Scientist are not waking up to any fact of the sort. They are creating those facts. HAARP. With it you can make weather or bust it. You can make tsunamies, You can make hurricanes, You can create earthquakes also. By powerful sound signals thousands of times stronger then your A.M channels. They are in nine places around the world and have been active since the 80’s Global warming and ozone holes are not a myth people. They are a fact and it is man made not by polution but by design.


  3. even the expert know the BIGGEN is coming !!!


  4. dannrivera says:

    . . . getting ready for the “TERRIBLE EARTHQUAKE?”


  5. Dennis E. says:

    The goverment knows more than it tells us, the public. We are always the last to know, but the first to feel it………….


  6. Im shure the goverment folks know something is up with the planet. The magnetic north pole shifting 40 miles closer to siberia in 2011 is a noticeable event. The goverment insnt gonna ever acknowledge what most of us already feel is the future. Doing so would cause chaios. Any road we dont have very long to wait?


    • paffa Ferguson says:

      When I was a kid one of my teachers asked me if I had the power of God what power would you ask for?.. I said I would ask for control of the weather and thru that control I would also have the earth. He asked me how and why. I said. Because I can control the weather I could create massive storms to flood and freeze my enemy or starve and thirst them to death. I could wipe out whole cities with hurricanes and and tornado’s I could shut down the power grid with freezing winters and high winds that would decimate even the most concrete states. I could create fires and heat waves and withering droubt that would all but destroy economies and set its people to fight with each other over what resources were left. And with that same technology I could create earthquakes. Now if my human mind can conger up these nasty things what makes us think the Government hasn’t? It has. It is called HAARP.


  7. Janet says:

    I have monitored earthquake activity on the USGS website for a couple of years. One of my concerns is that right before the huge earthquake in Japan, there were many many smaller earthquakes in the days and weeks prior. I have watched with growing concern the increase in earthquake activity along or western coast and I hope my fears of a large earthquake striking the area are unfounded. I would ask anyone living on the west coast to have a family disaster plan in place and backpack with flashlight, water, medications, whistle etc. available an at hand should a large earthquake strike the area. Simple things as a pair of boots or sneakers and a pair of socks under the bed that could be quickly grabbed in the event of an emergency, These are strange days and even with all the planning our government does, it could take several day for them to set up resources in the event of a major disaster (Katrina). If at all possible, I would encourage everyone to plan for the unexpected, as it would be far better to be safe than sorry.


  8. gina says:

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire???


  9. luisport says:

    Here’s what’s is going on in our world in a very brief summarized version.

    1. Bankers create massive amounts of fraudulent debt through legalized gambling (derivatives).

    2. When bankers win they keep the profits.

    3. When they lose, they claim the losses must be covered by the tax payers of their home nation.

    4. When it gets really bad, they [bankers] demand they should be bailed out by the tax payers, or everything will explode [terrorists] and everyone will lose.

    5. When they get bailed out, ratings agencies who are a part of the scam argue that “well, your country is in so much debt [from bailing out fraudulent bankers] that you cannot be trusted with such a pretty interest rate.”

    6. Ratings are downgraded, interest rates are increased, and the people of a nation pay more interest and get more debt, all for NOTHING.

    Now, every single country who falls to the whim of the bankers experiences the following things in EVERY CASE:

    1. The bankers who rape their country earn billions.
    2. The average people are saddled with exponentially more debt (through fraud)
    3. National debts balloon.
    4. Credit ratings degrade.
    5. Interest payments increase.
    6. Austerity packages are introduced for the people.


    Bankers said “Hey, so uh, we kind of lost 10 times the GDP so you stupid peasants have to pay that or else your country will explode.”

    The people of Iceland said “hey pals, that’s not our debt and you guys are criminals, we’re going to arrest you and throw away the keys.”

    The bankers ran away from Iceland.

    Icelands people NEVER PAID the fraudulent debt. 90% of national debts is NOT that of the people – its fraud. After they booted the bankers, the international banking cartel attempted many dirty banking tricks like lowering their credit rating (even tho iceland is one of the per capita richest nations on earth), jacked up interest rates etc.

    Regardless, Iceland made it through a short tough time and are now out the otherside FREE of parasite bankers.


  10. February 08-09, 2012 at 8:00am PST IS WHEN THIS EVENT TOOK PLACE? Why wasn’t this mainstream?


  11. Posh says:

    Its a hell of a road we are going down and the only way to get through it is with each others help.


  12. Stewart says:

    I’ve been following TEP website for the last year or so and this is my first post. I know many people who are prepping and preparing for many different things. I’ve done a lot of research on many different topics over the last couple of years. Some of the books I’ve read include 2012, Aftershock 2nd edition, Patriots, Survivors, One Second After and others….not to mention daily articles from this site and others.

    That being said, I think our immediate and most highly likely event will be a complete social / economic collapse that will result in many terrible things. The next closest thing I believe involves the coming solar maximum late this year or early next year. I strongly believe that pole shifts, earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, asteroid and/ or comet impacts are likely. Theory being we are entering into the “dark drift”. Would not be surprised to see proof of other “beings” be revealed by years end either.

    What are your top theories of the most likely event or events to take place this year?


  13. A says:

    The earthquake drills are code for crowd control drills. It doesn’t matter what the ‘events’ are.
    Nuclear war or another meltdown seems the most worrisome for the planet as a whole.
    The Fukishima disaster was the test case. The EPA took down radiation monitors last summer saying they were no longer needed and the whole issue has faded completely from our press but raditation is still belching into the air and sea from the plant and they have no idea what is happening in reactor 2. They wanted to see how complacent Americans would be about radiation: No readings, no worries. Its invisable, tasteless and sickeness sets in later and can be blamed on anything since we are so ‘used’ to cancer we will accept radiation as just another ‘mystery’ cause. Blowing up people with drones and bombs is also ‘acceptable’ to most American’s; our children play games day and night of blowing people up and killing countless innocent bystanders. I fear we will accept another ‘regular’ war and even the nuclear ‘option.’ . Maybe we have lost our compassion and common sense because Americans are on drugs, either voluntarily or not. Drugs are in the water, air and food; on purpose and accidentally. Even our children are drugged into a stupor of controlability and if you resist that idea they try to make you think there is something wrong with you as a parent.
    It is sad that the home of the free and brave has become the home of the drugged and the scared.


  14. Hayk says:

    of relevance

    Armenian government concerned over frequent earthquakes

    February 16, 2012 – 11:37 AMT

    PanARMENIAN.Net – Armenian government approved on February 16 the pilot training program on measures and behavior in kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, hospital and other institutions during a massive earthquake.

    Armenian Minister of Emergency Situations Armen Yeritsyan said the training will be carried out in 2013-2015, and 39.4 million drams should be allocated for this purpose.

    For his part, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan mentioned that quakes and seismic risks have been in the focus of the public and the media recently.

    Minister Yeritsyan informed that the scientific council will hold a meeting in the ministry tomorrow to examine the reason of the earthquakes. He quoted statistical data according to which not only Armenia but the whole world is facing seismic activity. He said about 15 quakes with magnitude over 3 were recorded in 2011, and already 3 in 2012.


  15. Lucie Sinclair says:

    Just a few thoughts durring a sleepless night,

    If the Goverments of the world know what is to come, and the parasites that always accompany said Goverments know, then that would explain a lot of the lawlessness going on in the financial sectors, and the saber rattling of late between world powers, they want to be the last man standing by any means.


  16. Paulie says:

    I agree with you, Stewart, about a social/economic collapse. And I think that tptb are kicking the economic can down the road for a valid reason. My theory is that tptb have been aware for some time of a measurable threat that will bring catastrophe on the entire planet. I don’t know if it’s Sun doom, the “Space Fluff” or a planet x scenario or what it is. I call it the ‘event’. But the evidence has to be convincing enough in order for them to invest trillions of $ into bunkers and other such measures worldwide.
    For me, this explains why the Gov’t have been racking up debt like there’s no tomorrow, preparing seed banks, putting museums underground, cutting the space program and the defense budgets, and letting the infrastructure go to hell among other things. Please recall VP Cheny’s infamous off-hand comment to a reporter that “Deficits don’t matter”. They sure don’t when you don’t have to worry about ever paying them off.

    All the wars we have fought lately is merely the Gov’t hedging their bets. They can’t be sure of the degree of destruction that will happen, so they are securing strategic assets.

    Israel doesn’t want to be in a position where a severely weakened or destroyed USA will not be able to protect them, so they are in a hurry to eliminate all potential adversaries before the ‘event’.

    The ptb have created a bogus financial world of fantasy money to pay for their personal survival. They turn the fiat wealth into real assets for themselves. All they have to do now is to keep the economic charade going until the ‘event’ becomes obvious to everyone. When the people realize the severity of what’s about to befall them, then there will be the police state measures already in place to contain the panic.

    I hope I’m wrong and am just a victim of reading too much into everything.


    • Stewart says:


      The end to the mistery is very near. It will play out by years end if not sooner. Everyone has that “feeling” that something isn’t right


  17. Brian in Virginia says:

    This story in and of itself is interesting. It is more interesting concerning the New Madrid Fault Drill. But to me the most disconcerting part is in a story above this one. A US Seismologist criticizes Italian scientists about not following the signs. For a money strapped governments to go through with the expense of a drill is pretty alarming.


    • stewart says:

      They (the government) know something but are not telling because that would be the right thing to do. They aren’t capable of doing something right, so we are left with this.


  18. radiogirl says:

    Hi Stewert…..your guess is as good as mine on what event will strike like a hammer first.Many seem to be neck and neck.I suppose a military strike looks to be a possible one.Economic collapse maybe a can kick or two down the road.A large geophysical event to our western coast appears to be ramping up.Anyway friend take care and God Bless.R


  19. Quebec, Canada says:

    To prepare one’s self for such catastrophe is a good thing. I’ve lived through a flood in 1996 in our region and luckily I had food for days because all the roads were inaccessible. I spent 11 days without telephone as the lines has been cut. Although, if something BIG occurred in a major city very few people would have time to evacuate to safer grounds – it would be impossible to get out of Montreal for example if the bridges were to collapse… So be ready to live on your own and be without technology for a long while.


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