Beirut River mysteriously turns blood red

February 16, 2012LEBANONThe Beirut River mysteriously turned blood red Wednesday after a stream of unidentified red liquid began pouring from the southern bank of the river in Furn al-Shubbak. The source of the liquid had yet to be determined Wednesday evening, as the river continued to empty the red-colored water into the Mediterranean Sea. Government and local officials rushed to the scene at the Chevrolet crossing of Furn al-Shubbak Wednesday morning in an attempt to locate the sewage canal that was dumping the red-colored water but they were unable to locate the source. Accusations were traded among officials from the municipalities of Hadath, Hazmieh, Sin al-Fil, Furn al-Shubbak and Shiyah. Eyewitnesses working in the area told The Daily Star this was not the first time the river had turned a different color. Several business owners around the Chevrolet crossing said that colored water pours into the river roughly every two months but no one pays attention to it.It was the quantity and brightness of the red liquid that grabbed the attention of many passersby and commuters on different bridges in the city Wednesday. Environment Minister Nazem Khoury said the source of the water was likely from Hazmieh or Baabda. “I call on the municipalities of Hazmieh and Baabda to cooperate swiftly to find the source of the pollution and its type,” Khoury said in a statement.
Earlier in the day, Khoury sent an environmental team to the area to examine the water. The team, headed by ministry official Bassam Sabbagh, took a sample of the water to determine its composition and whether it contained dangerous pollutants. The samples will be examined Thursday because state laboratories were already closed by the time the sample was taken. “The sample we took will be examined tomorrow [Thursday] morning … and we will know whether it is blood being mixed with water or if it is some sort of a color dumped in it,” said Sabbagh. A similar incident took place in the Chinese Jian River last December after a factory illegally dumped red dye into the river, which is located in the northern Chinese province of Henan. Some cities use non-toxic dyes to color rivers on special occasions. In Chicago, the river is dyed green every year in the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. According to Sabbagh, test results will help the ministry determine whether the substance is a chemical pollutant or blood from a nearby slaughterhouse. “First we thought it was blood, but it seems like it is a kind of coloring dumped by a factory,” said Sabbagh, who also said that the test to determine the type of the chemical would take a week. Sabbagh said the municipality and other ministries should help the Environment Ministry in its investigation. “We need the help of the local officials to have a clear idea of the sewage network in the region,” he said. According to Sabbagh, who heads the ministry’s Environmental Pollution Control Office, maps of the sewage network would help officials locate the source of the red-colored water. “After finding the source, it would be a matter of hours to get to the factory and the area where the [colored] water is originating,” said Sabbagh adding that swift action would be taken against those responsible for it. Saad Elias, an adviser to the environment minister, did not rule out the possibility that a slaughterhouse could be behind the red color. –Daily Star
contribution by Xavier – Tim
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16 Responses to Beirut River mysteriously turns blood red

  1. Louise says:

    I just love those signs provided by the Eternal.


  2. Donna says:

    Interesting article. Has made me wonder bout the verse that says The third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood. (Rev 16:4) I thought “Is this a copy-cat try hard kind of thing to self-fufill prophecy?”….or do they do this themselves and that’s what the Bible always meant by it as a sign anyway?
    Although in Moses’ time it was genuine (Exodus 7:19)….ARGH….I’ve confuzzled myself. Nevermind. All we can do is wait and watch.


  3. dannrivera says:



  4. Tim says:

    Here is a news video of the blood red Beirut River


  5. josefacarmen says:

    There’s always a reason for everything.


  6. Peter says:

    Very interesting to find this phenonema somewhere else as we have been mystefied by one of our rural dams turning bright brown/red and even getting brighter since around January – in Central NSW Australia, We have three dams all flowing into each other. It is the middle dam that is affected which is even stranger as there is no evidence of the colour in the dam above only 50 metres away, nor the dam below which is approx 150 metres below.

    The colour is very reflective on a sunny day – it is floating and light enough to move when it is windy. It changes colour late in the afternoon to a deep green colour. Ducks regularly visit the dams and don’t seem to be affected. To touch it is slightly filmy like a very light vaseline substance and when rubbed between the fingers it leaves a strong yellow reddish stain.

    We are keen to find out what it is and where it came from and why it has lasted so long

    Will try to post a photo.



    • Moco says:

      I remember some pictures of china water near industrial centers. SOme are bright rainbows of contamination. THe lack of human common sense is amazing. The first thing you should learn growing up is not to poop in your lunchbox.


  7. marilyn says:

    That is bizarre! Have you had it tested?


  8. victorjcstar says:

    It’s amazing!!!


  9. For me it doesn’t matter ‘how’ it happened, but that it ‘did’ happen.


  10. Lisa says:

    Any updates on this Alvin? I agree Jackie and given the location……


  11. faith says:

    is this in the bible??


    • R

      There is a reference to rivers, and fountains of waters turning to blood under the 3rd plague in Revelation 16:3-5. And this is just not a turning of the waters on the earth blood red; it also kills everything in the waters and puts a putrid smell, and miasma into the air.

      As these plagues of Revelation 16 happen in quick succession when the Mark of the Beast is enacted and enforced across the planet, this event is yet to occur.


  12. K says:

    I saw a video on YouTube called Prophecy alert water turns 2 blood where some type of water in Memphis Tennessee turned to blood. It could be algae or anything but it’s interesting.


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