3 Responses to Over 100 earthquake insurance claims denied by Swiss insurance companies

  1. Darlene LaMar says:

    These insurance companies need to at least send someone non-partial out to evaluate this damage and see if any of it is caused by the quake or normal wear and tear and Then if any damage is caused by the quake they need to pay those claims they shouldn’t just outright deny the claims because people pay insurance to be… well insured so that in the event of an incident like this they have the funds for repair if these companies continue to deny rightful claims then the people should at least get the money they’ve payed into the insurance back. If the claims department won’t do their jobs what good is having insurance? These companies should be boycotted and forced into the ground becuase they will always try to find a way out of giving people the money they’re owed.


  2. June says:

    A lot of people that had their homes destroyed in Queensland, Australia had the same problem.
    Some had flood insurance but companies didn’t want to pay them out. Many insurance companies would not even go out to inspect damage which was very bad indeed. Now these same insurance companies advertise on t.v. & phone you up to sell “Funeral Insurance”. I will
    not be listening to their speil as I feel when I do pass away they could well deny I even had a
    policy, such deception only makes people wary of investing in insurance. Some people are still
    waiting for their company to assess the damage which is now over 12 months since the huge


  3. Marybell says:

    Property/Casualty insurance was my 50+ year career. I was discussing a renewal of a Homeowners policy with a client. I told him I would quote E/Q coverage since we are in a Zone 2 in our State. He said he had his E/Q coverage in his garage. He said he was covered for Fire. We had a big laugh and I never forgot that remark of at least 40 years ago.


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