15 Responses to Iran denies reports of cutting off oil exports to 6 EU nations

  1. NickK0 says:

    I cut off my own nose this morning, in order to spite my face.



  2. c/o Barbara Mahati

    Iran Cuts Oil Exports To Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Portugal
    Iran has announced it is cutting oil exports to six European countries ahead of sanctions imposed by the EU.
    State TV said exports to Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Portugal would be cut, but did not elaborate on to what extent oil would be allowed to be traded, if at all.
    Around 18% of Iran’s oil exports currently go to the EU. Less than 1% of its oil exports go to the UK.
    Iran has the fourth largest oil reserves in the world. It’s 137bn barrels of proven oil reserves are more than Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.
    Iran is preparing to load its own nuclear fuel roads into a research reactor for the first time, at a ceremony attended by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
    The enriched uranium fuel will be placed into the Tehran Research Reactor on Wednesday.
    “We began enriching uranium to 20% in order to make fuel rods because Western countries are not ready to help us,” said deputy head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Counci Ali Baqeri, according to a student news agency and Reuters.
    “For the first time, fuel rods produced by Iranian scientists will be installed in the presence of the Islamic Republic’s president in Tehran’s research reactor.”
    Iran says it has made the 20% enriched uranium because it wanted to make isotopes to treat cancer.
    The research reactor is believed to be used for medical purposes and agricultural products. It previously ran on Argentinian fuel rods but it did not reach deal to extend the trade deal.
    But in a report last year the International Atomic Energy Agency, which reports to the United Nations, said that Iran was fixated on producing a nuclear bomb and was closer than ever to succeeding.
    Iran has refused to suspend its nuclear research, heightening tensions in the region.
    On Tuesday the USS Abraham Lincoln sailed through the Strait of Hormuz in what it said was a routine mission, shadowed at all times by Iranian patrol boats.
    The United States and the EU have both imposed sanctions on the Iranian government. The EU has banned oil imports from the country and lobbied other nations and trading blocs to follow suit.


    • Mr. Chopsticks says:

      “For the first time, fuel rods produced by Iranian scientists will be installed in the presence of the Islamic Republic’s president in Tehran’s research reactor.”
      Iran says it has made the 20% enriched uranium because it wanted to make isotopes to treat cancer.

      Didn’t I read somewhere that Israel is that cancer that they want to get rid off? This is all for your good Israel….?


  3. Larry says:

    Hello Alvin,surely if and when this event happens it will be headline news everywhere.The Iranians seem quite good at playing mind games so one must be cautious to a point.I follow the French news as well nowadays but there is nothing as yet of a serious threat.Surely UNCLE SAM will be espousing anything that is imminent.However, I must concede that little will be found in our UK gutter press.

    Greetings from Larry UK


  4. dannrivera says:

    You choke me, I choke you back.


  5. Shellee says:

    Does anyone really listen to these idiots. He says one thing one day then changes his mind the next….He’s nuts! A very scary man


    • news says:

      What do you mean the western idiots, of course not friend the western media is a propaganda machine for the evil.
      We cannot support lies especially in the 21st century.
      What I will tell you though do not stick your noise in other peoples affairs other wise you will be labelled a bastard.
      Iran hasn’t attacked any country in 100 years so they would appear to be practising Christian principles in that matter more so than a fallen from grace westerners who case only for their wealth.
      When you speak against a sovereign country who is earnestly trying to protect itself from attackers you them show yourself to be at enmity to God and have become an idolater.
      So you really are protecting your assets similar to the criminal syndicate of the western imperial powers who want every everybodies gold and silver.


      • Larry Fairall says:

        Iran revolutionaries attacked the Shah in 1979 and attacked the U.S. at the same time by taking over 100 american hostages on an air airplane and held the U.S. hostage for over a year. Would this not be considered an attack? Much as the Arab Spring they over through a western backed Gov. and made it better for the people. No Way! Look at the people or Iran during the reign of the Shah as compared to now. It has only gotten worse as it did for Cuba and will for Egypt,lybia and all other current Arab spring revolts. If you are a warrior, male,young and Moslem you will fit right in with the new regimes however females and children will suffer, Moslem or not. If you are any other religon you will be assimilated or destroyed.
        Gold, funny you should mention that, this is what the Iranians have asked India for in payment for their oil….MMMMMM
        Syndicate, Before there was a syndicate in the West it came from the East, Asia,Asia Minor,Middle East,Europe and then West, America. Why is America the first thing to roll off someones lips as evil, not that we don’t have our share.You show me another country that is not as Evil. Evil is everywhere, however it often depends on your perspective. I try to look through the eyes of Christ, and have a real hard time finding good anywhere. Give it a try your perspective will change.
        Love in Christ Jesus


  6. dan says:

    i personally wouldnt listen to any news at the moment….its all false.


  7. James Gideon says:

    when someone threatens to wipe another unprovoked country off the face of the earth, i would say that’s not christ like at all. They believe in the 12th Iman and the coming messiah/war with Israel.


  8. -oi!gracias says:

    so our mind is being programmed to accept what they intend to do in the near future?


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