6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Oregon

February 15, 2012 OREGON –  A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Oregon at the shallow depth of 10 km (6.2 miles) and was about 256 km (159 miles) off the coast of Oregon’s closest point, which is Coos Bay, Oregon. The earthquake comes after a volley of moderate earthquakes rippled up the U.S. west coast radiating towards an area of seismic tension along the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate which we identified several days ago when tremors shook Washington State and the seafloor near Vancouver Island. The stress on the Pacific Plate continues and we should expect more stress eruptions along Nazca, in South America and in the South Pacific along the Ring of Fire. The U.S. Hawaii Pacific Naval observation center said no tsunami was expected from today’s earthquake based on the previous seismic history of the region.  –The Extinction Protocol
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31 Responses to 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Oregon

  1. K says:

    When was the last big one to hit that fault zone? Was it the 1700 earthquake? And didn’t they say last year sometime that Oregon was due one 300 years and it is now 350 years so they are passed due.


  2. Tim says:

    2/09/12 – Say Hello to CalVO: USGS California Volcano Observatory Opens

    “More than 500 volcanic vents have been identified in the State of California. At least 76 of these vents have erupted, some repeatedly, during the last 10,000 years. … Sooner or later, volcanoes in California will erupt again, and they could have serious impacts on the health and safety of the State’s citizens as well as on its economy.”

    “MENLO PARK, Calif. — The U.S. Geological Survey announces the establishment of the USGS California Volcano Observatory, or CalVO, headquartered within existing USGS facilities in Menlo Park, Calif. Establishing CalVO will increase awareness of and resiliency to the volcano threats in California, many of which pose significant threats to the economy and well being of the state and its inhabitants.”

    2/13/2012 – Southwest USA – Four Different dormant volcanic earthquake swarms

    2/13/12 – Northern California – 5.6 Magnitude Quake

    2/14/12 – Baja California – 4.9 Magnitude Quake

    2/14/12 – Oregon Coast – 6.0 Magnitude Quake

    SINCDUTCH – http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/


  3. Wonder how that underwater Volcano is doing?? they had a live feed on it but now it’s down


  4. Wiseguy says:

    It’s so hard to work and have a social life when we know (people on alternative sites) that something major is about to happen. Soon we’ll see quakes worldwide getting stronger and stronger.

    Alvin, you were right…


  5. now is the time to focus…..intently!


  6. im just waiting the big one….


  7. Bundy says:

    Things certainly seem to be heating up alright.


  8. Pierre Terrail says:

    Not bad at all!… Shakes all around the world in sequences!…


  9. k-80 says:

    Alvin, do you see this as another sign of the planet’s destabilization?


    • We’re accustomed to have earthquakes, but now earthquakes are coming in more clusters and unsettling other tectonic plates in the process. It’s systemic seismic disturbances…So yes, in a way it is mounting tension that is leading to an increasingly unstable system that could recoil one day with a catastrophic series of 9.0 mega-thrust earthquakes in quick succession and then this whole discussion of earthchanges will move to another level.


  10. Lauren says:

    There was a 5.6 magnitude quake in northern California on Sunday, a 5.1 magnitude quake in Baja, California on Monday, and now a 6.0 magnitude quake off the coast of Oregon Tuesday. These quakes are all on the U.S. west coast. The stress is building.


  11. dennis hunter says:

    I am very interested in the tectonic activities of this area


  12. radiogirl says:

    This of course is looking increasingly unstable for the west coast.Thank you again for your updates.R


  13. Nameless says:

    The SUN has been “quiet”. You see they are misdirecting attentions to the Sun now. The Sun is not the cause of this “whole thing”. But it is an important part of it. “As more and more seismographs are installed in the world, more earthquakes can be and have been located. However, the number of large earthquakes (magnitude 6.0 and greater) has stayed relatively constant.” -USGS.

    Nobody has been able to counter that point. They control all the satellites and the FEEDS. But it won’t matter. They can’t make sense out of crop circles. They have dug a lot of holes. That tells me they have more clues than the zombies controlled by them. But, they are still clueless. It won’t matter. There is nothing wrong with the Bible or Jesus. It is the interpretation that sucks, by the churches. They still don’t know what to do with the “Dead Sea Scrolls”. “How can “we” insert that to the King James “sacred” book?” Should Sumerians charge a copyright fee to the Romans, the English, and the Spanish conquistadors?!


  14. katie says:

    could we get a link to that lovely canada natural resources map and website.

    i’d like to start checking that site.
    thanks, Alvin.


  15. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:


    I thought that in the past several years, I read that if large earthquakes start happening off the coast of Oregon then it was a bad sign for the West coast of the USA. Is this true?


    • Part of the reason, I’ve started posting earthquakes on these large maps so we can get an idea of the Earth as a system. It helps to understand that the planet is made up not only made up of interlocking tectonic plates which either slide under or are pulled from each other- seismic waves can also destabilize regions of adjoining plates. There has been a growing number of earthquakes along Eureka, N. California as well as large volcanic eruption off the coast of the Oregon, followed by 5 and 6 magnitude earthquakes, as well as mounting unrest along Vancouver Island- all clear indications that the region is growing more agitated. We see the signs the region is now kinetic and is subject to large seismic stress releases at anytime.

      See these warning signs from October of 2011:


      • Lucie Sinclair says:

        We had another earthquake last night off Vancouver Island, this the local news saw fit to mention the Oregon earthquake and growing unrest in our region as it pertains to the Jaun de Fuca plate.


      • I saw that. Several in northern Calf, SF Bay region, and Alaska also. The entire corridor is stirred. It’s nice they mentioned the JDF plate. Please keep me posted,



  16. mmichelle says:

    Hey sheeple – did you hear about the strange metallic boxes being deposited up and down the west coast last week – now an earthquake?? Wake up people – see Bray’s Point Orgeon


  17. Shellee says:

    I’m thinking the “BIG ONE” is about to hit the west coast very soon. God be with the people.


  18. Irene C says:

    I saw this before I went to sleep last night. I know people who are moving out of California, but I’m not sure where it will be safe anymore. I live in Ohio, but if Madrid goes, it will affect us. Plus there is all the activity up in the Youngstown area. I pray for all of the people living in these areas.



  19. Rozee young says:

    Oregon has a tunneling seamount, M2, about 19 miles off its coast. Article at OurAmazingPlanet, Feb 17, 2012, “Can Diving Mountains Stop or Start Quakes?”, Anne Trehu. Namaste.


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