8 Responses to U.S. naval carrier group positioned closer to Iran

  1. Dann Rivera says:

    Anytime soon World War IV will start.


  2. Joseph t. Repas says:

    China and Russia want Iranian oil…They will do anything to get it…In the meantime speculators get mega rich jacking up the price of crude so the working class can go totally broke all the while stirring up chants of salute our soldiers America….For what? Is it plausible that the whole sanctions part of this mess is to purposely break the backs of the poor working class? and in the meantime put the risk of war on the front burner, and China will attack from the west as we think we are making peace in the east. Jesus have mercy on us!


  3. kenny stacy says:

    Ezekiel chapter 38


  4. manny says:

    war is messy and disruptive. pray it won’t happen.


  5. Shellee says:

    WW3….Get ready for Christs return soon! When we attack Iran all nations will go against Israel.


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