Strange metal boxes washing up on U.S. coastlines?

February 14, 2012As of late afternoon Feb. 8, Bill Hanshumaker, a public marine specialist and (Ph.D) doctor of marine science at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in nearby Newport, told Huliq in an interview that, “I don’t know what they are.” In turn, Doctor Hanshumaker said he’s advised “surf monitoring” about these strange metal boxes that suddenly appeared along local beaches Feb. 6, and now seem to be multiplying like Star Trek “Tribbles.” The photograph that accompanies this report – taken during the afternoon of Feb. 8 near Bray’s Point — of yet another strange metal box stuck in the surf up is one of a possible group of a dozen or more that have been sited up and down West Coast beaches. Meanwhile, the British government also photographed similar huge metal boxes on beaches in Sri Lanka in the late 1990’s and in early 2004 and 2005. The discovery of the boxes is detailed in updated previously classified reports from the British government that document sightings of unidentified flying objects by both the military and the general public dating back to the 1950s. Thus, within these British government UFO files, available via the Internet, are the Sri Lanka beach boxes that are similar in both size, coloring and shape; with locals all along Sri Lanka’s beaches – located in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal – stating in the recently released British UFO documents that “the strange metal boxes appeared suddenly, and after numerous reported UFO sightings.”
 In turn, the metal boxes along Oregon, Washington State and Northern California beaches are now being photographed, documented and examined by local experts. Also, due to recent storms out in the Pacific Ocean, the “boxes” are being more or less ignored; with passing comments in local coastal newspaper,” state Errol, a Bray’s Point local and a member of the Oregon UFO “watchers” group that gathers both here and at nearby Stonefield Beach to scan the sky for flying objects in much the same way bird lovers use binoculars for birth watching. Errol notes that it’s always a sort of “communication breakdown” that always seems to go the same way; be it a UFO sighting or even something like “these humming metal boxes.” However, Errol said it’s a good thing “when something like this becomes interesting to the Oregon State University Research Agenda.” For instance, Doctor Hanshumaker works for this OSU research enterprise at the nearby Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. Whenever there’s some dead sea life – such as a beach whale or other something along the lines of massive dead sea birds – the experts at the Hatfield are called in to investigate. When asked if he’s ever heard of anything like these huge metal boxes, with no opening or seam, Doctor Hanshumaker would not comment or speculate on the record. Instead, this marine science expert has for photos of the boxes and size and coloring details. In turn, Doctor Hanshumaker would not speculate about various rumors regarding the boxes; but said that an alert has gone out and the boxes are being investigated. Of course, Huliq will continue to monitor this breaking story that has local coastal residents and visitors scratching their heads about the boxes. –Huliq
contribution Deb
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33 Responses to Strange metal boxes washing up on U.S. coastlines?

  1. flameofjudah says:

    This is a total hoax. If these boxes washed up on the shore I guarantee you, especially if there was a whining sound coming from it, someone would find a way to open it.


  2. F Gregg Meagher says:

    Seems like someone used the Oceans to get rid of something extremely toxic or lethal and seemed it into boxes probably enclosed in a barge or ship that was sunk believing that centuries would pass before ever being discovered. Due to the extreme weather changes, earthquakes, etc. it seems that the vessel, which probably served as a security vault for these boxes broke apart and the boxes began to surface and float onto coastal shores. Scary part is. That is they floated onto the beaches that means there is air within these containers. And that could mean that we are dealing with toxic or lethal airborne elements = ???


  3. Whatchagonnado says:

    Someone or agency has surely opened one. Wonder what they found


  4. Henry says:

    Why has no one provided a proper video of these boxes on the beach? Video showing the boxes in detail, with sand dug away from the sides to see the bottom of the box, or showing someone whacking it with a sledge hammer to hear if it sounds hollow or solid and to see if the material it’s made from can be marked, chipped, or dented. Why has no one taken an angle grinder or a drill or a blow torch to these boxes to cut one open and see what’s inside? Why has no one recorded the strange wailing sound these boxes are reported to make? Is this a hoax or what?


    • Part of the scientific process involves inquiry and investigation. That’s why we put it out there to see if it holds up to the rigors of the scientific process, eyewitness accounts, similar recorded incidents, vice-versa. If we find it to be a hoax, we’ve done our homework.


      • Larry Fairall says:

        Over many many years we have heard of numerous odd events as we are hearing now. It reminds me of a childrens fable, The Sky Is Falling, as Henny Penny or Chicken Little ran to tell the King. A prophecy of doom. Over time they heard it so much that they didn’t believe it and closed their minds(most of the world). However some did believe and seperated the truth from the hoax and continue to watch,discern and evaluate these anomalies. We must be good stewards of our knowledge, we must report all so all can interpret, not as the ” Main Line News does picking what they feel is news worthy”. Perhaps Chicken Little which has been around from the 19th century is not so much of a fable, but a warning. Hoax’s are there to disguise the true dangers. Most will not even take the time to report, check and research. They won’t be fooled again, as the Who sang.
        However as Watchmen we must report, research and divide truth from fiction. Sometimes no matter how silly it may seem.
        In God we ask for wisdom

        God Bless All


    • Chris says:

      Why don’t people pick up snakes they can’t identify , why don’t people pick up spiders they can’t identify , Why don’t crooks blow safes apart? Think about it?


  5. At the beginning of the WWII United States war with Japan, there were unidentified glass floats appearing on the beaches of Washington State. I don’t know if these were identified. Some thought they were to buoy fishing nets, but iI don’t think they appeared on Washington beaches at any other time. I was a child in Seattle then, and my dad worked for the paper, and brought home lots of photographs of these unidentified floating objects.


  6. Chris says:

    Apparently, the guy who posted this story in the first place has been known for hoaxes. Seems like this one is just another one to add to his collection. Mostly local news has no reports of this, not to mention that the government doesn’t seem to acknowledge these things exist. If they truly were unidentified boxes, the military would be all over that.

    I don’t know for sure, but from what I’ve read so far on the story, seems pretty fake.


  7. MalachiYAH says:

    What i want to know is if these things are showing up around the world and at different times then perhaps they have some buoyancy to them and are carried along with the ocean currents which we now know travel the entire globe…. So perhaps they originate in one location and are transfered around through the natural process of currents?


  8. Irene C says:

    I wonder if it’s part of the flotsam, debris from the Japan earthquake and tsunami? I read today where there was a flotsam heading towards the West Coast and there is a lot of junk floating out there. And I wonder if anyone has decided to see what’s inside the box? Fascinating.



  9. Ben says:

    This is most likely a hoax, read through the comments in the longer Huliq article that this is from, several people are saying they live right in the area where these are supposed to be and they haven’t seen anything. Some have even tried to get in contact with the writer of the article and he will not respond. Since these boxes supposedly started appearing around Feb 6th, I think we would have heard more about this than just this one article.

    This article should probably be removed.


  10. Joseph t. Repas says:

    So like do they float? Are they heavy? Where they planted there and will not move with tide? Are they special bombs that are scheduled to go off if war starts? any sign of radio activity with them?


  11. Get the geiger counter out and test them for Fukushima radiation. They are probably from the tsunami.


    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      It won’t be nuclear waste, as nuclear wastes are very heavy and would not float to shore. They could be something else contaminated by radiation due to close proximity of Japan. Even then, why would Japan have seamed metal boxes with no apparent opening, it is economically costly, unless as previously stated by another user, that they are non nuclear toxins.


  12. Qins says:

    should be a hoax, otherwise why wouldn’t there be more pictures of them.. thanks for reporting tho


  13. Lisa says:

    Doesn’t the picture look old ?


  14. Mark Jones says:

    This is a hoax. There is no other info available and the person posting the info is unreliable. It is easy to see that this person likes to spread misinformation. Hope we all don’t succumb to the typical, and the typical is the exact reason why we are f’ing ourselves. Outside the box people.


  15. Teddy says:

    Is there any industry in the world that can manufacture such boxes? If none, call the Fringe Department guys to investigate further……


  16. robert says:

    Have you seen what Bray’s Point Oregon looks like? It’s a 30 foot drop to jagged rocks, and wind-swept strong waves crashing the shore and rocks. A place where you can’t get a any vehicle down. Perhaps an amphioxus craft, but even very dangerous for one, given the terrain. Anyone climbing down the rocks would have a slim chance of taking a fleeting picture against the wind-swept strong waves. It’s likely that if the box did washed ashore, then it would have most likely washed back out again. There are no pictures, and certainly, by the time anyone has gotten out there to investigate the box was gone. If the law enforcements were involved, and they’re Mum about it, then it’s likely, if it did exist, that it was confiscated & classified (if it were of a significant finding). I did a preliminary research on scientific or classified buoy having the dimension of 5x5x20″, and none fit the description. If a box did washed ashore, how did the person get the dimensions? It’s likely this was a false flag, and the story should never have been published without some verification or substantiation, i.e., picture or testimony by people there. Locals are a bit superstitious, and the original author, well, I’ll withhold comment.


  17. Ces A. says:

    reminds me of Stanley Kubrick’s movie — 2001: A Space Odyssey where humans found a “shrieking monolith”. the metal boxes look like the monolith. they also allegedly emit sounds.


    • Jeffinoz says:

      You go to the bonus round!

      Sick to death of all the other posts saying it is anything from the Avon Lady to washed up shipping containers.
      All of you do yourselves a favor and go to other web sites and verify other considered opinions by reading the entire story, posted by witnesses on the scene, before posting your comments.

      Oregon UFO watchers is a great place to start seeing how this is where they are ‘currently’ turning up………………….Read comments from credible people of the area, read that the boxes, hum, have no seams, and have been found before by the British.
      Yesterday there was a 6.0 earthquake in this area as well, so the post saying maybe it is some sort of stabilizing technology has an air of possibility to it.

      Or you know, you could just go back to sleep……………..


  18. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Interesting though that this story appears as earthquakes are shaking the NW coast.


  19. Lori Leigh says:

    They were prob put there by our government to detect the amount of radiation coming ashore from Japan…or to detect when the Japan debris washes up on the beach OR to detect when that fault line is getting ready to go…that is overlapping and bulging about to blow at any time….


  20. The Zeta website tries to give them credibility, stating thay are placed by aliens. The Zeta is lying. Its a hoax simply not true. Use your common sense. If there really where any hunmming boxes. They would be decended upon by bomb squads, Haz Mat, teams ,the army, the media and a host of ordinariry everyday people. locally We had a sinkhole swallow up a well drillers truck. Hundreds of folks went to gwak at the spectacle . Wheres to tape the officials use to secure the area. dont be so gullible.


  21. kesha says:

    I tried to research this futher and there is no other information out there except the original article by huliq. No other pictures, no other news reports, no other interviews from wittness. If there were actually boxes out there im sure they have already been taken away, but still very unlikley they were there!


    • Shawn says:

      This is for everyone who thinks this is a hoax! All i can tell you is that my wife and i live here in newport or. And we have not seen thease boxes however, this is as real as it gets the day this happend i remember sitting in my chair and hearing a loud noise outside! Looked out the window and people were looking in the sky, there was 4 millitary hellicopters, and one big cargo hellicopter, you no the big ones that hold tanks and stuff. They were headed to florence! And on the same day there was a lots of millitary hummers driving around! Was all this fake no its real! Think about it do you realy think the government is going to tell us whats going on? Of corse this was not in the paper this is something big going on here! And also yesterday we had a earth quake rite! Well guess what yesterday we saw a lot of undercover rigs headed to florence! And some people also said they saw a hellicopter drop a box out in the ocean close to where are tak tonic plates are! And rite now its 6:40 pm and i just saw 4 coast guard hellicopters and one millitary hellicopter head to florence! I have a bad feeling the government is up to no good! I do not think its ufos or aliens, and yes i beleave in ufos and aliens, but This is something bad that our government is expiermenting with! Sorry if some words are miss spelled! Im a bad speller. Lol just wanted to let some of you no that this is real!


  22. izaana says:

    HOAX!!! people have gone to said beaches and this is a hoax


  23. Luciano says:

    Have the inside of the boxes been examined to see where they may be coming from? Are they a newfangled Trojan horses? Just because they seem innocous they must be looked into.


  24. brian says:

    Just because the story MENTIONS a scientist by name doesn’t give any credibility to the existence of said boxes. The scientist only said he didn’t know what they might be. so what? It was a phone interview. He never even saw any boxes.This story came from a known hoaxer who, by the way, has been unavailable sine he wrote the story. No one took any photos of the alleged helicopters descending on the boxes? no one took any video of the boxes? What are we supposed to believe? Did the government spirit these things away without anyone getting a photo or video? impossible! Did these super heavy boxes ‘float’ away before anyone other than the hoaxer saw them? If they were so heavy, they would just slowly sink into the sand with each passing tide.


  25. Engineer baby. says:

    My dad is an engineer and many times when they are putting up huge towers or pipelines sometimes it requires seeing whats inside. And guess what. You can X-ray just about any thickness of metal with machines built for industrial purposes. So if it’s true you may not want to open it but rather X-ray and see what’s inside.


  26. ren says:

    probly some fool dumping waste, happens all the time, we need to make sure nothing is in them that is bad.


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