7 Responses to Russia narrowly averted nuclear catastrophe with damaged submarine

  1. justMEInT says:

    So if this is an accurate report it once again goes to show you cannot trust any report a government gives to the public…. it was not carrying anything dangerous – it was carrying lots of things that were exceedingly dangerous….. I suppose the rational for not telling the truth / facts was not to scare the public….. or not to let foreign nations know how close to catastrophe they really were. One must not allow others to see one’s vulnerabilities and hang the consequences!


  2. rick says:

    This article states that Chernobyl was the worst nuclear accident, which is wrong. Fukushima is many times worse and still is in hot meltdown today, nearly 1 year after the earthquake/tsunami.


  3. nickk0 says:

    For amateur historians and military / navy buffs….. Try reading the appendix in the back of the book, “K-19: the widowmaker : the secret story of the Soviet nuclear submarine” (Author Peter A. Huchthausen.)
    The listings of all the [*known* details] Soviet nuclear submarine accidents and disasters, will blow your mind.
    It is a very interesting book to read, as well.

    – Nick


  4. dan says:

    yeah and just imagine the world after all the reactors blow up……..i think we all know “something”big is gonna happen,and those reactors will most likely destroy any hopes of rebuilding after a major catastophe….but hey…what do i know.


    • stgecko says:

      Dan, what do you know, indeed? Typical uninformed public death to the world reaction. Is this accident a bad thing, yes it is. Is it an earth ending accident. Absolutely not. I’ve been in the nuclear business since 1986 and I have yet to see the end of the world scenario. Grant it the Japanese accident is terrible and they will be cleaning it up for years to come. I hope not too many of my nuclear brothers got hurt or killed.


  5. K Joansen says:

    Well then consider all the retired Russian nuclear subs rusting away in a fjord up north…
    All with nice little plutonium cores intact in their bellies.


    • stgecko says:

      Are the Russian reactors using plutonium for fuel instead of Uranium? I wouldn’t mind seeing some data or numbers for this Pu fed reactor.


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