10 Responses to Iran and Israeli conflict escalating beyond tirade of words

  1. Bill Kalivas says:

    We know who did it. Who ever stands the most to gain. Sounds suspiciously like the same crap we heard when we started an unprovoked war with Iraq. And Afghanistan. And Libya. And on and on. Again, Israel and it’s servant state America started these wars. And they’ll start another war with Iran. Another country that did nothing, nothing to provoke it.


    • Mr. Chopsticks says:

      A threaten from Iran wanting to annihilate Israel is not consider a provercation?
      I never heard Israeli wanting to annihilate any of their neighboring countries because of their religious belief, but not so of the Islamic faith, they all call for death to Israel.

      Yeah, since 9/11, Israelis had carried out almost 2,000 suicide bombings, right?
      Israeli only goal is to keep themselves from being annihilated from the face of this earth. But not so with the Islamic people, they want to conquer the world for Allah.

      What is the chance of Israeli winning the war with 7 million Jews against a billion Muslims?
      But they will win this war regardless of the ratio. One will chase a thousand and two ten thousand.

      Bless be the God of Israel


      • Bill Kalivas says:

        So the answer is to poison the entire region with depleted uranium? Everyone including the Israelis get radiation. We killed over a million people in Iraq. For what? They posed no threat to America, or Israel. Remember who has hundreds of nuclear weapons? It wasn’t Iraq.

        As far as Iran wanting to annihilate Israel, Look at this….

        I grieve that so many on both sides are caught up in this. I can’t imagine the despair that drives a suicide bomber. Could it be that it’s the only act of defiance against the government that stole their land?

        Getting back to Iran. They have no atomic weapons. They pose no threat to America or Israel. Iran does have resources like Iraq and Afghanistan do.


  2. peter benton says:

    This is just one more false flag operation of the Israeli’s. This is part of the standard operating procedure of both the US and Israel. Always has been and always will be, no doubt. This is the way you document the file for the history books, and for justification for destroying countries that you do not or cannot control. It’s all a matter of record, so this isn’t just idle speculation. I don’t think they even care whether anyone believes them or not.


  3. Winston says:

    Bill and Peter: It never amazes me the naivety of Westerners pontificating on things they know very little about, from their nice lounge chair, in a democratic country with human rights, freedom of speech etc.

    “And they’ll start another war with Iran. Another country that did nothing, nothing to provoke it” – can you even fathom how stupid this remark is? Would you be saying the same thing if you were living as a citizen within that Islamic regime? Worse, what if you were a woman, or a minority in such an oppressive environment? You people are all just talk, not speaking from any real experience or grounded perspective.

    Yes, I feel for the Persian people who are suffering. But the power brokers in Iran – poor, innocent, – I think not! If you were in a position of real power and responsibility, would you really do NOTHING in the midst of a country making a threat to wipe another sovereign country (Israel) off the map? Or would you do nothing when a regime who spouts forth threats to others has the potential to create nuclear weapons?

    Peter, if the US is such a bad country, why don’t you emigrate? Why don’t you go and live in Northern Nigeria, or Sudan, or Saudi Arabia, or Afghanistan? Why don’t you exchange places with a poor refugee who would give their right arm to be in your country? You wouldn’t would you? Stop your griping and be thankful for all the freedoms and luxuries that you have.


  4. Sally says:

    I have a few observations on this thread:

    Mr Chopsticks
    “I never heard Israeli wanting to annihilate any of their neighboring countries because of their religious belief” – that may well be true but Israel has a large cache of nuclear weapons of its own; against UN sanctions I might add, so they are being just a little hypocritical I think.

    As for 2,000 suicide bombings – yes I sympathise as I’m from the UK and have lived through similar outrages by the IRA and yes, the British Army weren’t squeaky clean in their dealings with that group. However, I’ve also lived in Israel and I know how fanatical some of them are (and I’m referring to the people, not the religion) – there are fanatics on both sides in this particular situation. As to the Muslim comment – I currently live in Indonesia and I have also lived in Libya and I can assure you that the majority of Muslims believe as strongly in their faith as any other Christian, Buddhist etc. but they do not see it something that should be forced on others. Fanatics voices again, I’m afraid and perhaps a biased media?

    Winston – before you start criticising others, perhaps you could explain your own experience with these particular countries? Peter – As someone who has lived in various countries, I do sincerely appreciate how lucky I am as a ‘westerner’ but I’m not so blinkered as to believe that it’s as simple as you portray it to be.


    • Winston says:

      I do apologise, it should never get personal. I have been to several countries, but I guess the ones with harsher living conditions include Burma, Cambodia, Sri Lanka… I do also have several years experience working with refugee communities in Australia, including minors who have lost their parents due to conflict in their homelands. Every one of them were very glad to be in Australia, where they can enjoy so many freedoms and rights they were denied in their countries of origin.

      I just reacted that way because I’m so tired of people making purely intellectual comments based on their biases, mainstream/alternative media, conspiracy theories, and let’s face it……blatant or veiled anti-Semitism.

      And as for Israel being ‘hypocritical’ because they possess nuclear weapons??? Would we even be having this conversation if they didn’t? Would there even be an Israel? Is there another country that is more surrounded than their enemies, with potential attacks from all sides? Sally, would you have lived in Israel if it wasn’t so well protected?

      Sally, in regards to your comments about Muslims. Yes, I see where you are coming from, having been brought up in Malaysia – a country like Indonesia, which is democratically governed (somewhat), without the imposition of Sharia Law. Our concern is not with these countries, that are not currently governed by radical elements. Unfortunately, especially in the Middle East, the radical elements are gaining traction, for example with Muslim Brotherhood taking power in Egypt, as well as other countries affected by the ‘Arab Spring’.

      In regards to sharing their faith with others, the Buddhists…really don’t to any extent, the Christians (if they are really Biblical) would ‘shake the dust of their feet’ in response to those who don’t listen to them, and the Muslims…..let’s just say technically there is one SURE way to enter paradise.


      • Winston says:

        Oh, and by the way, a side note. I was talking to an Egyptian Coptic Christian the other day and he said that the situation for their minority group over there is currently ‘hell on earth’ at the moment. When Mubarak was in power at least there was some form of order and desire to keep the peace with all groups – right now, if you’re non-Muslim, watch out!


    • Chris from Melbourne says:

      I too have travelled extensively, spent time living in USA, Europe, Egypt & Asia, and this is very true of my experiences also. Very well put. Whilst the extremists on both sides dominate media spotlight & the fear mongering, the vast majority just want what we all want, a fair go, to be able to look after their families & live decent lives according to their own culture & beliefs. I haven’t met of any nationality or religion who seem to want to take over the world by force, it’s only the Gov’s of the world & the minority loonies who are pushing us into conflicts to kill one another. Unfortunately it’s probably not even that clear cut though & whilst there are psychopaths on all sides of the conflict, let’s not forget the many good people all over the world who will hopefully start to find their voice & who can help put this crap to end. That’s my hope anyway. Good luck all!!


  5. Stefan says:

    Iran has never attacked any country without being attacked first ! That goes for the last about 300 years. All people in the world know Israel is a war-monger as well as USA. This is a false flag attack by Israel/USA so they can go ahead with their attack against Iran, a peaceful country, and also the last country in that area that USA still doesn’t control.


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