4.1 magnitude earthquake rattles Switzerland

February 13, 2012GENEVAThe Swiss Seismological Service says a moderate earthquake shook Switzerland with the epicentre in the northcentral canton (state) Zug and Lake Zurich area. The Zurich-based service said today the magnitude of 4.2 quake could be felt around much of Switzerland yesterday night, and some minor damage was possible but unlikely. There were no immediate reports of any damage. Switzerland is an area of moderate seismic activity most do not exceed a magnitude of 3 and the last earthquake that caused damage was in 1991 in the southeast canton of Graubuenden. The last earthquake in Switzerland with a magnitude of 6 or higher was in 1946 in the southwestern canton of Valais, home to the Matterhorn. –Times of India
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3 Responses to 4.1 magnitude earthquake rattles Switzerland

  1. Carla Burgers says:

    That’s NOT good ! There are 4 Nuclear facilities within 30 to 60 km from epicentre !


  2. calli says:

    Lots of the felt reports on EMSC described people hearing what they said sounded like explosions from deep within the earth. Is this normal for an earthquake – or was it something different?


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