Europe continues to suffer through its coldest February in 26 years

February 10, 2012ROMANIAEurope’s record freezing temperatures have claimed hundreds of lives, snarled traffic and trapped tens of thousands of residents in remote villages across Serbia and Romania. It is the worst cold snap to happen in February in 26 years, Georg Mueller, a forecaster at Point Carbon told Reuters. “It was in 1986 when we had the last similarly severe cold weather (in February),” he said. “In this instance this big blocking of cold air . . . seemed to influence the way the winds behaved rather than the other way around,” he said. “We didn’t expect the cold block to become so persistent and then move westward.” In many European capitals, authorities have set up extra shelters for the homeless to help them survive the cold snap that has seen temperatures sink as low as minus 36 C. The majority of the cold-related deaths have been of the homeless. Meteorologists predict the frigid temperatures will last until the end of February. “We do have higher confidence in a change by mid-February, but not to milder weather,” Leon Brown, a meteorologist at The Weather Channel in Britain, told Reuters. “February will probably remain a cold month right to the end.” –The Star
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3 Responses to Europe continues to suffer through its coldest February in 26 years

  1. Noreen says:

    Amazing, I live in Ma. and we’ve had a spring-like winter with barely any snow. I was living in Europe in 1986 and I remember how cold it was and an ancient bridge collapsing in Paris because of the cold:(


  2. Apple IIGS says:

    Same story here further up north, in Montreal, Canada. I wouldn’t say we escaped winter this year, but it’s been unusually mild with relatively little snow. Yesterday I was out biking and it felt like a spring day.

    Certainly this isn’t merely El Nino or any of the other typical excuses people come up with. Something is obviously wrong with the planet and this is just one of the symptoms. What exactly, and how it will turn out is anyone’s guess though…


  3. Noreen says:

    I heard on the news last night that our record snow fall for this winter is 7.8 inches?!?!? It was beautiful here yesterday as well. I did hear that tomorrow will be close to zero but there seems to be no in between, it’s spring like or arctic lolol.


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