Large blast at Russian power plant stops motorists in their tracks

February 9, 2012RUSSIAAn accident at power station in Russia lights up the sky above a busy highway and knocks out electricity in south St Petersburg. A video recorded on the dashboard camera of a car has captured at the moment an apocalyptic flash of light filled the Moscow sky. Cars are seen hitting the brakes on Vitebsk Avenue as the dazzling light fills the horizon and knocks out street lights. The blast, which happened at 9am on Monday, was also captured on CCTV in the area. According to the Russian news website, the explosion was caused by an equipment failure at a power station. The local fire brigade was called to the area by residents and is still battling to put out a fire caused by the blast. Lenenergo, the Russian electricity firm, said their technicians are working to restore power to the area. –Telegraph
contribution by Mahati
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12 Responses to Large blast at Russian power plant stops motorists in their tracks

  1. nuclear blast? Alvin what is the real story


  2. SammySTH says:

    Thats a massive burst of light/energy for an equipment failure…


  3. Tim says:

    MOSCOW, Feb 5 (Reuters) – A fire broke out on Sunday at a Moscow nuclear research centre that houses a non-operational 60-year-old atomic reactor,


  4. Education says:

    This is rumoured to be a substation equipment failure just to the south of the Leningrad facility.
    The reactor is of the RBMK type
    So far what I’ve read nothing points to a nuclear accident.


  5. that flash sure was ultra bright

    Clare in Tassie


  6. Diane M. says:



  7. radiogirl says:



  8. SeriousSneep says:

    Its possible that I may just be more are of it now but I find it curious that we had 2 facilities is California that just had problem and before that the Midwest and Eastcoast. Obviously Fukashima was a natural issue but now one in Russia. Like I said it could be just because I am more aware now but what’s the deal here? Up until recently you never heard about these kinds of issues and personally aging infrastructure doesnt really seem to fly with me.


  9. Landon says:

    Hard to believe an explosion that big from just a electrical explosion…


  10. Jennifer says:

    Energy from the Cosmos may very well enter our Atmosphere in more ways than one. I keep saying I am going to invest in candles… and still… I have not a one.


  11. Larry Fairall says:

    Looks like a large transformer explosion. large electrical transformers can explode and give off huge bright light display, especially at night from many miles away and sometimes to far to hear, maybe a small rumble many seconds after the blast occurs. :
    Maybe ???


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