Ice breakers called in as icy conditions across Europe worsen and deathtoll reaches 400

February 7, 2012EUROPEAuthorities used explosives, icebreakers and tractors Tuesday in the battle to overcome Europe’s big freeze, as dozens more died of hypothermia and tens of thousands remained cut off by snow. Around 400 people have now died from the cold weather in Europe since the cold snap began 11 days ago. While there was some respite for people in Ukraine — where more than 130 deaths have been recorded — the mercury plunged overnight to minus 39.4 degrees Celsius in the Kvilda region of the Czech Republic. More bodies were found either on the streets, in their cars or in their homes in Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Hungary and across the Balkans. Conditions worsened when snow- and rain-swollen rivers burst a Bulgarian dam and killed at least eight, while more homeless people perished on frigid city streets. National radio reported two other people were killed when their car was swept off a bridge. “People are in panic,” regional mayor Mihail Liskov said on national radio. “Ninety percent of the village is under water.” Two larger dams in southern Bulgaria risked spilling over and residents were told to prepare to evacuate. Heavy rains also triggered a landslide that derailed a train near the Turkish border. No injuries were reported. Meanwhile, temperatures in Poland plunged to as low as minus 24 degrees Celsius (minus 11 Fahrenheit), bringing another deadly night for the homeless. As has been the case throughout the 10-day-old cold snap, transients have borne the brunt of the suffering, with frozen victims found in abandoned and unheated homes, fire escapes or makeshift shelters on Europe’s streets. In a bid to save lives, Poland’s homeless shelters have dropped a ban on drunken individuals. Monika Golebiewska, a Warsaw police officer whose beat is a daily patrol bringing food and clothing to the homeless in the city’s hardscrabble Praga district, said she has been unrelentingly busy since the cold snap started. –Terra EarthNational Post
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6 Responses to Ice breakers called in as icy conditions across Europe worsen and deathtoll reaches 400

  1. Thera says:

    * Ice age Europe: How the big freeze, with temperatures as low as MINUS 40, has turned Britain and the continent BLUEHundreds of Eastern European villages cut off as temperatures plummet to -40C
    * Melting snow causes dam wall to break and flood entire village in southern Bulgaria, killing four
    * European crisis commissioner says ‘the worst is yet to come’

    By Lee Moran
    Last updated at 7:15 PM on 7th February 2012

    Read more:


  2. George says:

    Here is an article/paper Discussing the climatic patterns for the past 4000yrs by Dr. Niroma, contains a lot of information.


  3. Columbine says:

    It’s very cold in southern Ukraine. The biggest problem is the wind, though, not the cold temperature yesterday and today. Buildings are not sealed around the windows and doors and the wind comes through every crack, stealing away whatever heat manages to arrive via the government controlled heating systems. I’ve got tape over the cracks to try and block the breeze, and towels at the bottoms of windows and doors, and even over the balcony door and it is still only 59 degrees in the flat. Welcome back to Ukraine! I don’t remember the wind ever being this strong while being this cold (it’s been this cold before, but only a couple of times) in the past 14 years we’ve lived here! Pray for the people on the streets, the homeless dogs and cats, and the elderly even in their flats and houses!!


  4. luisport says:

    Italy runs out of gas against the cold, literally. The reduction, by 18%, the fuel flow that usually comes from Russia and the increase in consumption resulting from the extremely low temperatures across the country have suffered on the emergency light. The Italian government, with the blessing of the European Union is beginning to implement several measures of impact, most notably an increase in imports of Algerian gas, using oil to run power plants and, in a controversial decision, the reduced supply companies for the benefit of individuals. Despite the crisis, Mario Monti prefer a factory to a family stop shivering.


  5. jimmy legaro says:

    I wonder if it’s a result of the Gulf Stream weakening due to the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? That would make Europe hell in the winter.


  6. smbelow says:

    Could this have anything to do with the stalled Gulf Stream that was created by the BP Oil rig?


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