Scientists mystified by largest dolphin stranding in northeast U.S. in 20 years

February 6, 2012MASSACHUSETTSNearly 130 dolphins have beached themselves on Cape Cod in the last three weeks, with 92 dying in what’s become “the single largest stranding” in at least two decades in the Northeast, the International Fund for Animal Welfare reported Monday. On Sunday, four more dolphins were stranded along Cape Cod’s hook-shaped peninsula and were quickly helped back to sea. The Massachusetts peninsula sees many dolphin strandings each year, but the 129 since Jan. 12 is typically about what rescuers see over an entire year, based on records that go back to 1999, IFAW marine mammal rescue manager Katie Moore told “This event started on the 12th and is still continuing,” she added at a press conference on Monday, noting that rescuers from IFAW and other stranding networks were deployed in “anticipation of more dolphins coming in this afternoon.” Most of the dolphins have appeared to be in good health, adding to the mystery of why so many have come ashore. Dolphins are known to strand in groups due to their tight social structure, but given the large numbers this year, other factors such as weather and tides are being investigated. “I don’t know,” Moore said when asked about causes. “It pains me to say those three words.” Asked if climate change might be a factor, Moore said she couldn’t rule that out or in. As for the possibility of sonar or other human-made sounds disrupting the dolphins, she said no known sources existed inside Cape Cod. Initial results of studies on nine of the dead dolphins “do not indicate any pattern,” she noted. This stranding “is not only out of the ordinary,” she said, “but it takes a huge toll on our resources. It’s hard labor.” –MSNBC
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71 Responses to Scientists mystified by largest dolphin stranding in northeast U.S. in 20 years

  1. (RET)SFC Connie Jackson says:

    The BP oil leak in the gulf is not sealed. its still leaking and killing plant and marine life.


  2. Irene C says:

    Seismic activity? Now that’s a frightening though for our East Coast.



  3. anon4iD says:

    so long, and thanks for all the fish…


  4. Franky says:

    They are smart animals. what ever scared them out of the water must be serious because they are smart enough to know being out of the water will kill them and there ok with that? I smell earth quake of 9 or so comin or what could scare a dolphin out of the water in these numbers?


  5. MalachiYAH says:

    Could it be that dolphins as well as other sea creatures base their sense of direction off the megnetic field lines of the earth in the same way that most birds do? Well, ergo… the megnetics of the earth are shifting and changing as the poles shift. Due to the shifting magnetic field lines this inturn is confusing them because they are accustomed to navigating using the magnetic field lines they know. So now as they navigate using this method they find theselves landing in places that end up being not what they expected…? Does anyone agree that this is a plausable explanation for not only these landings/beachings but also the many others that are occuring across the globe?


    • MF

      The recent acceleration of the magnetic north pole’s migration towards Siberia from 15 km per year to 55 km per year, since the late 1990’s, is creating a compendium of unforeseen problems for the planet including disorientation to true magnetic north for migratory animals and birds. Perhaps, even more unsettling is the possibility that the slippage of the magnetic north pole towards Siberia is also dragging the jet stream down further into Russia and across Eastern Europe. If this is what indeed is happening, we have a problem, because we’re now in a period where the planet’s polarity reversal has suddenly accelerated for reasons unknown and the effect would be climatic extremities traumatizing Europe and parts of Asia as would now appear to be the case with a lopsided jetstream, centered mostly over Russia and Europe, which would inundate Alaska and northwestern Canada with record lows and snowfall while sparing most of North America of harsh winter conditions while putting Europe through hellish winters and partial glaciations. Aside, from a pole-shift, this would be the sole determinant factor that would account for periods of progressive glacial Ice Ages in the planet’s geological past.


    • Miilla de Villiers says:

      I think the question about magnetic fields certainly deserves serious investigation. Birds, as mentioned, use it for navigation. I also wonder about underwater seismic activity- small frequent tremors or quakes- this is known to affect the dolphins. There is of course also seismic activity if any drilling for oil research is being done. The area where you find the sonar or seismic activity can be very far from the beaching sites, so one would have to investigate a huge radius. It could also be a Combination of different factors which affect them, rather than one isolated cause. But it the beachings have rapidly escalated over the past 50 years: what has changed during that time in the environment? Perhaps tinvestigting that could help with the answers?


    • Karen says:

      I think its VERY plausible! Im no scientist, but Im sure it has something to do with their sonar!!


    • Mukesh Kumar says:

      I agree with you. it’s magnetic field lines which help to navigate them which is now changing.
      thank you.


    • lachie says:

      i also agree malachi. iv also wondered if this is the same reason honey bees have stopped returning to there hives the world over!


    • Cindy says:

      Yes I was just thinking about that.


  6. Sue S. Montgomery says:

    Check the electromagnetic field in the area. It is likely that there was/is an anomoly, since the dolphin relies on the earth’s electromagnetic field to navigate. If the field goes weak, they get disoriented. Also, if the field goes weak, it indicates the conditions are right for a seismic shift. This, combined with full moon…..I’m just sayin’……


  7. Michael S Harrell says:

    Could the groundings be caused by the Dolphins ( or Whales ) following the Earth’s magnetic lines that use to travel through the ocean waters and now are shifting to travel through land?


  8. Robyn Havis says:

    Have you found a correlation between these marine life strandings and the potentality for large earthquakes?


    • They navigate by magnetic north. If you were swimming in the ocean at night and following a lighthouse that suddenly moved…what would be your first reaction? find the closest shoreline or floating thing available and swim to it.

      Aside from the obvious beaching and dying of these marine animals; white-nose syndrome is wiping out bats. Bats represent 1/4 of all mammals on the planet. The whales are dying, also mammals, humans are mammals and may be the next link in the chain to either destroy themselves or follow the trail of extinction which is now assaulting the top of the food-chain.


  9. Jenn says:

    Wow, This is amazing.. Beached Wales in New Zealand i think it was, and now this… So many in one period of time. Obviously Cannot read into this much but perhaps some form of sign like when you see birds fly away from an impending natural disaster coming… Fact is world is mostly ocean yet we only know approximately 10% of whats under the seas.. Could it be a coincidence or sign of something soon to come?


    • It’s a sign of what’s happening now to the planet.


      • mike says:

        Alvin, have you heard about or noticed the moon shift? If this is real….which from my observations in the Seattle area is true. This may be a part of the massive fish die off, and sea mammals stranding themselves like this. Your thoughts? Thanks again for all you brother.


      • I have heard about it in bits and pieces, but I would have to see more data on it to understand the premise. The moon is locked in a sychronous orbit to Earth and the side, and the view hasn’t changed in living memory to my knowledge.


  10. Larry says:

    ..:: “On a recent trip to the U.S. University of Southern Maine in Portland, Dr John Wise shared his new research into the way toxic industrial contaminants from the chemical industry are entering into dolphins and whales worldwide.

    He explained how industrial waste chemicals, like PCBs, mercury and chromium, just a few of the deadly carcinogens, which induce lung cancers in humans, are routinely released from chemical processing plants around the world.

    While the whales are traveling on their migratory routes, which pass near by industrial plants on the coast, and whales even inhale and absorb the industrial chemicals from the air because they breathe so deeply at the Ocean’s surface.

    The result is causing many devastating changes to the immune system, fertility, damaging the DNA, and creating a multitude of birth defects among whales, similar to autism and Down’s syndrome in humans.

    In another recent and tragic case, a group of seven sperm whales stranded themselves on a Mediterranean beach. There they were unable to feed on squid. And since whales get their liquid from their food, they began to dehydrate.

    As their starving bodies began to break down the stored fat — unleashing a deadly toxic effect. The pollutants absorbed from the industrial waste dumped into rivers/oceans for decades has been deposited in the whale’s fat, and the toxic chemicals were released back into the whales blood circulation with even more toxic effects.

    These industrial chemicals include heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium, and organochlorines like PCBs and DDTs, even fire-retardants used on modern carpets, clothes, plastics and household furnishings.

    In effect, the dolphins, whales (and humans) are being poisoned by our time saving modern industrial practice of dumping of chemicals into rivers worldwide (instead of recycling). When it’s all too late, and the whales have become fatally weakened, they often beach themselves together on the shore, demonstrating their human-like loyalty to each other, for which their species is renowned.

    Read more:

    Also see:


  11. David says:

    Time will tell.


  12. Suzanne says:

    I listened to an interview the other night on some web site….obviously I didn’t give much credence to it….however seeing this article triggered the memory of what this theorist said…He said something to this effect…. because of the astronimical alignment and hence the pull on our magnetic field, we would begin to see an increased number of earthquakes etc this year in particular…didn’t come to much surprise…he did say though that he felt the east coast was going to see something signifcant (i.e. earthquake or tsunami) on Feb 8 – 9th. What say you?
    I never pay much mind to “predictions”…I have always appreciated your site and regarded your imput as factual and important. The point is, this article in relation to what this man said is concrning to me.
    thank you,
    God Bless….


  13. Moco says:

    The alarm bells are going off, but for what?
    By the time we figure out the riddle, it will mystery in motion, until the truth.


  14. “If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth
    befalls the sons of the Earth.” ~Chief Seattle.

    Our Dolphin and the Whales.. Help to Keep the vibrational frequencies around our Earth with their clicks, and songs.. We are witnessing their departure as they decide to exit our planet. ,, As will Mankind shortly if we do not alter our ways! . This is so very sad.. As Mankind is pumping all manner of poisons into our Ocean. ~Sue Dreamwalker


    • Debra says:

      Beautiful, touching and true words. Thank you.


    • olivia says:

      You speak a wise and very beautiful language Sue. I am touched and never realised our so close relation with the animals of this planet. Loneliness of spirit, the positve and harmonious frequencies these species reproduce to our surrounding ! My God these words strike deep inside me. Thank you Sue


      • @Olivia, We are all of us connected to our Animal Kingdom and Earth Mother Olivia, Each breath you breathe in is created for you by our Forests.. and yet mankind still cuts them down thousands of them, destroying the Rain Forests and many of its species.. Our Whales and Dolphin have been helping to keep Earth within its balance.. our Dolphin are far more intelligent than Man.. Man has systematically hunted the Whale almost to a point of extinction …It will be man now who finds himself on that very point in the very near future.. Thank you for taking the trouble to comment to my relpy to this excellent Blog ..

        ~My thanks to Extinction Protocol 2012 and beyond for this excellent informative Blog which brings us so much upto date information.. Many thanks to you here EP-2012 and beyond! Sue Dreamwalker


      • We may have a different perspective on the implications of some of the change but we both are in agreement the information is vital and portends great change is underway.

        peace and blessings Sue,


    • Hello Sue,
      I find these words to be extremely moving, I am not of Chief Seattles people, but I am of the Mvscogee Nation in Oklahoma. Back in November of 2011, I experienced an event that “shook me up.” Well, I started having dreams and “sensations” i guess you could call them that…of a great many of us dying because of the waters being polluted, the grounds and waters turned black and I saw deer falling over, just collapsing, and i’m standing in the middle of it all, balling my eyes out and yelling, Well I awoke and i immediately had the feeling and urge to start writing about the situation i felt and saw, The following weeks i was just extremely emotional and sensitive to certain feelings, I started seeking answers and of course still am, but i started searching for books and websites, doctors opinions, to give me some insight on what was going on with me, because I have noticed this change in me, my thoughts, actions, awareness..seeing signs, at first i thought i was going crazy, lol, (the ruling is still out on that one) but i’ve read things like Chakras and vibrations, and how the cleansing process has begun and purification. Well, at first none of this stuff meant anything to me, until i started scanning headlines and world news, and i was stunned by all the world, i realize that I too am going through the same thing, AMAZING feelings that i’ve been having, and spiritual movements, and such, but These words have been echoing in my head the past few days…I see now the urgency of altering our ways and going back to the old ways of living, (Hard, yes! but necessary!) these ways of draining the Grandmother, and scaring her face are not the ways of the people, Thank you sister for the words of wisdom! Now in conclusion to all these ramblings, i’ve been learning old ways, “animal medicine” Our ancestors used animals to learn about the Grandmother and to live a healthy balanced life with all things, one thing that stuck out in this headline was the woman being quoted on how the dolphins are a “tight social structure” and how they all are ending up the same way and I immediately read this as a warning (another sign) that we are doing the same thing, As humans we too are doing the same thing, running ashore, so to speak, and living beyond our means and taking the entire village with us when we wreck, Now these dolphins are warning us on the impending damages that lay ahead of us, and i totally agree with you on the “altering our ways”!! much love sister, AHO and MVTO! My heart isn’t afraid anymore, but i’m ready for this change! even if that means no more internet..


      • @ Michel Laudermilk , Thank you for that reply I see you are connecting and opening now to the energies of our New Earth, We are ALL one, and the Animal Kingdom are very sensitive to the alteration of Earth’s Frequencies.. We have seen the Birds fall from our skies,.. Man is tampering with the grid, And at the same time Earths own frequencies are altering along with Solar Flares which are having a profound effect on Humans as well as the Animal Kingdom..
        Several years ago I sat in trance and A Native Chief, came to give our group some insights as to the future of our Earth, He told us that when we saw the Whale and the Dolphin start to exit, the time of our Earth Changes were upon us.. Although this has been in the process for a very long time..
        Man has to stop destroying his environment and each other.. “The End Times” are when Mankind will have to rethink and start again, and learn to live from his heart once more instead of Ego, and stop and put People first rather than his possessions.. This is the change.. as we see our structure of our Banking systems fail and we see the Mass Consciousness around the world start to join together as one voice to bring about their freedoms from Tyrants around our globe..
        Many thanks for your most insightful reply.. you can find more on my WordPress Post on “Are you feeling the Changes of 2012?”.


      • Late Night Lisa says:

        Don’t fall 4 the New Age lies ~ they tie in well w/the Native American spiritual perspectives. (of which I’m also related) This global “shift” is real but the only true perspective is found in The Word of God-Bible. God already has told us the end from the beginning. He will show you too if you really want a relationship w/Him on His terms.


    • Attacus Atlas says:

      its scary easy to make a direct link between all the solar flare and earth quake activity and mass deaths of animals world wide. actually if you research almost all the animals being affected are scientifically proven to rely on some sort of navigation system to get from a to b. you notice its not normal animals that use other means to migrate that are dying off in mass situations so we really can’t point the finger at humans for this one. it is actually not our fault..for once.

      what actually worry’s me is not that there’s so many dying so often due to these flares and earth quakes, its that there may not be enough animals to sustain such large loss’s since we have no idea how long this whole thing is going to last and just how severe the mass deaths can become. Earth isn’t overflowing with animals as is anything like this en mass could be catastrophic to certain species. Not to mention everything else that is killing them in the meantime it just adds so much more pressure to already struggling animal populations.


  15. Kindred Spirit says:

    I totally believe that the Earth’s affected magnetosphere is consequently affecting so many different species of animals, worldwide, who are governed by the magnetosphere (particularly marine mammals, fish, birds and, insects).
    This is just another significant sign of things yet to come!
    Hosea 4:3
    Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.


  16. zarar999 says:

    Time is slipping away.As far as disease,could be but most of these mammals have no known cause for them dying as stated in the above artice,so disease is not the problem in this case anyway.I feel its the shifting of the magnetic field lines..


  17. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Not only the polar shift but also in combination with occasional solar electromagnetic storms to make the change even more erratic? Just wondering.


  18. Donna says:

    Rev 8:9
    …a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

    Is there even going to be many left? 😦


  19. Chynna says:

    -gulf of Mexico really isn’t that far away
    -pre quake harmonics would be pretty loud under water, so would military sonic blasts.
    -the ocean is turning into a pretty toxic place. What with oil spills, tankers spills, and Fukushima radiation. I’d vacate too if I were them! What else can they do? That’s the only way they can communicate with us. Only we can save them and their waters…


  20. Mary Lamb says:

    My heart bleeds seeing this
    Were they running from a chemical spill? manmade?
    There’s enough sea for them to move if it was geological.
    As a scientist, all I can see is a chem spill that pushed them to shore, the chems washing around them so fast they had nowhere to go – not nav problems
    Human beings are despicable – I am ashamed to be one


  21. J.M. says:

    It has been written for thousands of years, don’t be so shocked that it is all coming true.

    4 And Jesus answered and said to them, “See to it that no one misleads you. 5 For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the [c]Christ,’ and will mislead many. 6 You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. 7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. 8 But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. Matthew 24:4-8


  22. Qins says:

    I’m confused.. “It pains me to say those three words.” What three words?
    Thanks, and as always, love your site 🙂




    • Tom says:

      I believe it is only just begun. Though things like this might be shocking, to get our attention, this is still not the full force and effect of the actual Tribulation, not yet. It is only the start, is how I am seeing it.


  24. Maverick says:

    What beats me, is that dolphins are supposed to be pretty smart and sociable. So it’s a reasonable assumption to say they know they don’t belong on the beach. So : are they suicidal, or has something scared the brains out of them (and if it’s not man-made, maybe we ought to be scared too) ??


    • PAT2 says:

      Agree Maverick – when I read the article, I said something scared these beautiful creatures to come on land. Sadly, it’s not just the Cape where this is happening. Reading most of these comments on here makes me somewhat scared but they speak the truth. What did man think would happen after years of destroying earth? Now it’s time for earth to kick back and it won’t be pretty. More people need to wake up because I personally feel something is about to happen what with all these events/signs taking place on earth. Some said possible earthquake(s) on the east coast may be about to happen, this could be true, but I fear the midwest as well. Peace to you all, and this site is the BEST ever.


  25. Nick Mayorga says:

    Maybe the dolphins and whales are wise enough to know that sacrifice is necessary to make sure there is enough food for the rest of their kinds. It unfortunately can only be left to conjecture since not everyone is psychic, but it makes sense to me. Why wouldn’t they be just as aware of the changes in Mother Earth as we are? Would anyone argue that animals are much closer to nature than most of us can claim to be? It confounds people because it is not a logical decision, it was one based in rationale and emotion, much like many of us would behave in order to protect our own families.


  26. Jdubb says:

    The truth is usually in the middle 10 percent of people are good 10 percent are evil the other 80 are easily fooled our jobs as good people of this world is to fool the 80 percent to the good evil is winning as of now and they aint going down without war


  27. Guide Fleury says:

    Its good those people are helping. We need more people like them. The animals and seasons will become confused the Elder told everyone. Soon the warriors of the rainbow will come to save the animals. You will see animals in the city soon. People are even trying to talk to them-the animals, the last time animals spoke was when the apple was taken from the Tree. I am sad when I see animals crash through department stores windows and the news woman laughs, she’s laughing at that animal like its their fault. The wilderness is being destroyed by progress and the animals have become homeless. If this scares you, you haven’e seen nothing yet. I was told you have to watch for the birds, the crows, when they gather in the millions the time will be soon. The Earth people, native people know how to save the Earth. We will celebrate this summer with our ancient ceremonies, the EArth will see that we still honour her with our celebrations. We will be alright, all the native people will be ok through all of this except those who have walked away from the sweetgrass and smudge.


  28. Noreen says:

    I happen to be from this area in Ma. I grew up on Cape Cod and believe me I’m not trying to belittle anything that has been said here since I have my own opinion but this has been happening since I can remember. I think we’ve only started hearing about it because there was no animal (sealife) rescue a long time ago and animal rights made it possible for these things to be national news. Dolphins use echo location and sonar to find their way and since the bay on the Cape is shaped like a horse shoe I believe this might be intentional. The dolphins could easily find their way out (it’s a huge opening) but they beach themselves, I think the good samaritans may be doing more harm than good when they try to get them back into the water. G-d works in mysterious ways and if He has to sacrifice a few dolphins to get us to pay attention to other signs well that might be the case. But it is heartbreaking to see these creatures on the sand:(


  29. The Navy was carrying a sonar exercise when this happened. Open your eyes people!! The Navy is killing cetaceans with sonar! They were testing when this happened. We live in a country in fear of the military!!


  30. Miilla de Villiers says:

    I think we should consider dolphin strandings in comparison to each other, noting commonalities & differences between as so as not to treat each case in isolation: there will be factors particular to each case, but it is. What they have in common that is really important. Herewith an illustration using the recent Peruvian strandings as example: Note that although the tremor was measured in Northern Peru at 4.8 it could arguably have been felt elsewhere within a 1,000 km radius & could even have been stronger there but not measured. Unmeasured tremors far away could have also even started days before..Also note that there were drilling explorations in the arctic at the time of the strandings, so the boats were in the area (with sonar), and apparently some of the sardines were perhaps poisonous..We start to suspect what really happened with the dolphin strandings, don’t we?


  31. Miilla de Villiers says:

    SONAR??? Methinks YES! The Similarities Between Two Common Dolphins’ Mass Stranding Events: Cornwall, UK (2008) and Cape Cod, USA (2012)

    As the unusual mass stranding of common dolphins at Cape Cod continues, it is perhaps pertinent to revisit another, quite similar mass stranding of common dolphins in Cornwall, UK in 2008.

    The UK event was as unusual as the Cape Cod one because it involved scores of dolphins stranded in a short period of time compared to average stranding numbers during other months of the same year. 26 dolphins died in that event, while during other months the numbers of stranded dolphins ranged from 1 to 4. Luckily the Cornwall event was very thoroughly investigated.

    As far as numbers go, here is a part of report `In total, approximately 40 common dolphins stranded or attempted to strand alive at various locations: Porth Creek (24 dead, one stranded/euthanized, approximately seven refloated), Gillan Creek (five to seven refloated), Place (one refloated) and Trelissick (one stranded/euthanized). Over the course of the day, over 70 animals are believed to have been guided out to sea by rescuers. One additional dead dolphin was reported on 11th June, although the species was unconfirmed and the body was not recovered.`

    Dolphins were also seen milling close to shore prior to the onset of the mass stranding event.

    In Cornwall event it was very quickly established that the Royal Navy was doing a whole bunch of activities in the area, including Medium Range sonar, submarine activities, aircraft activities, explosions, etc. The report on Cornwall event concluded that “The link to the naval exercise, while not proven, seemed the most plausible explanation for the adverse behaviour of the dolphins and is the most likely trigger for the mass stranding event.”

    So what are the similarities (and differences) between the Cape Cod event and Cornwall event?


    1. Both events involved common dolphins.

    2. Both events were highly unusual in regard to overall stranding numbers in the area over the year.

    3. Dolphins did not strand at once altogether in the same area, but were found in various areas.

    4. Dolphins were seemingly in good shape, although detailed necropsy data is pending to compare both events in detail.

    5. Some animals were found alive, while other were found dead.

    6. Some animals were successfully rescued, refloated and released.

    7. Some animals refused to leave and restranded.


    1. Number of dolphins, bigger mass stranding in Cape Cod.

    2. Duration of the event, Cape Cod event has been ongoing over 28 days

    3. Dolphins in Cornwell stranded in river and a creek.

    The Navy Connection

    1. In Cornwall event the Navy connection was well established, but not proven 100 %

    2. In Cape Cod event nobody connects the Navy to the event even though it is known that Naval exercises COMPTUEX have been and possibly still ongoing somewhere in Atlantic Ocean.

    What needs to happen:

    1. Just like in case of Cornwall event, rescues, animal activism groups, NOAA, NMFS should request the information from the Navy in regard to their activities in immediate and surrounding areas prior, during and after Jan. 12, 2012. We cannot ignore similarities between Cornwall event and Cape Cod event. The Navy should be required to disclose all exercises types including sonar, submarines, explosives, aircraft, etc.

    2. NOAA/ NMFS needs to put temporarily hold on giving the Navy new authorization to test sonar all over the world that is currently pending, until Cape Cod event is thoroughly investigated.

    EDIT (02/10): Just got new information that in addition to Comptuex, there is also the “biggest in 10 years” exercise is ongoing called “Bold Alligator”. Maps show Navy’s vessels in the area. The older map is here, vessels were actually even closer to the Cape Cod. Info about the Bold Alligator is here and the recent article about 11 more common dolphins stranded yesterday (02/09) is here.


    1. Report on the mass stranding and rescue of common dolphins in Porth Creek, the Percuil River, Falmouth, SW England, June 2008

    2. Investigation of the common dolphin mass stranding event in Cornwall, 9th June 2008

    3. Cornwall dolphin stranding: the military connection

    11 hours ago · 


  32. richfish30 says:

    Sure dolphins, mammals, and birds use magentic fields to travel or migrate which might explain the mass animal deaths due to the sudden movements, but what about the crustaceas such as clams, jellyfish, crabs and starfish that are also dying in mass nuumbers around te world.. how are they dying. becuase i dont remeber them using magnetic fields..are the oceans giving off deadly chemicals or heat on the sea floor due to extreme volcanism lately that we arent seeing or detecting!! also jellyfish have been rising in mass numbers and taking over oceans since 2007!!


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