UK town search for source of mysterious radio interferences

February 5, 2012UNITED KINGDOMResidents living near an Army barracks say their village green became a mysterious ‘Bermuda Triangle’ after their remote-control car door locks were jammed by radio interference. Motorists in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, say the locks on their cars refused to work when they parked at the village green. Modern push-button ignitions were also scuppered by the unknown, eerie interference. Some members of the group had to get lifts home and return with manual overrides. The following day the group, including professional scientists, returned with sophisticated monitoring equipment and found ‘ultra-high frequency bands’ was causing the block. Professional scientist Wojciech Piotrowski said the mystery frequency was likely to have been caused by the military, but admitted a faulty TV or fridge could also be to blame. He said: ‘A strong electrical interference source was radiating radio signals in one of the ultra-high frequency bands at the southern end of the Green. ‘The primary user of this band is the military. However, by Sunday, the problem seemed to have gone. ‘It was really weird but being the radio hams that we are, we sort of knew it was an interference of some kind. The amateur radio group believe wireless devices in nearby homes, such as thermostats, remote light dimmers, switches and energy meters will have been affected. An engineer was today investigating the interference after the group reported their findings to communications watchdog, Ofcom. A spokesperson for the Army, which operates Waterbeach Barracks, said: ‘We are not aware of anything happening at Waterbeach that would have caused anything remotely like that.’ This is the first time an English village has experienced mysterious electronics failures. Last month residents of Kingsclere in Hampshire, near the world-famous Watership Down Hill, were baffled when their heating, showers, doorbells and car remote locks refused to work. They spent much of the festive season without heating and lights after the failure of household systems that rely on digital technology. –Daily Mail
contribution Vicky Grover
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15 Responses to UK town search for source of mysterious radio interferences

  1. James says:

    Ha! That is just the testing… Eventually they will control how we buy & sell, when, if or if not we can drive our cars! People need to wake up!


    • Carol says:

      @ James
      Ok, so we’re awake, obviously we’ve all sought out this site.. Let’s say you’re right. What do we do about this? These high frequency waves can reach any part if the earth, we all have electronics, cars.. Is it feasible for us to abandon this life and move to the wilderness? These people actually asked questions & sought out answers, mostly to no avail; but they brought attention… I think we go on with our lives. What I’ve found to be my one truth is that I put all my stock in the hands of Jesus. I change the things I can change and the rest… I just pray about it. We may not be in control of this life, but we can make the choice of having everlasting life. Thanks, Alvin for bringing us these stories & keeping us informed. God bless everyone.


  2. cat says:

    We had a nasty solar flare occur, not long ago that explains the mal-function with all your electrical appliances. Not so odd, these days. The sun has been very active.


  3. Richard says:

    Thanks for the post Alvin.


  4. Leprechaun says:

    Did anyone think to look up, I wonder?


  5. chiller says:

    A tv or fridge? LOL! That’s hilarious! British aren’t known for their path finding breakthroughs in science and technology but this is just plain funny. There is no way possible for a “rogue appliance” to emit any kind of jamming signal for any distance no matter how big or powerful. This was most likely a test of a directional jamming or emp device. What?? You think the army base is going to tell you the truth? You people are not only unaware, you’re gullible as well! I like the Brits but they are sooo naive.


  6. tonic says:

    We can barely forecast our weather two days in advance.
    We cannot communicate with any other species on our planet
    We have no idea what the sun will throw at us tomorrow.

    But, we can sure come up with some diverse ways to monitor ourselves. !!!

    Feels like we missed a trick, somewhere along the way.


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