Italy crippled by winter storm; snow in Naples

February 5, 2012ROMEA winter storm battered much of Italy, bringing arctic temperatures to the north and snow as far south as Naples, disrupting transport and commerce across the country. Rome got between six and eight inches of snow, the most in more than a quarter century, downing trees, snarling traffic and leaving shops shuttered. Some vehicles were trapped for 10 hours on the ring road that surrounds the capital and trucks were forced to pull off highways in much of the center and north of the country, SKYTG24 reported. Temperatures at Malpensa Airport outside Milan dropped to minus 18 Celsius (0.4 degree Fahrenheit). The average low for February is 2 Celsius with a high of 8 degrees, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. “Grab a shovel and let’s liberate the city together,” Rome’s Mayor Gianni Alemanno said. Civil protection authorities distributed 2,000 shovels in piazzas in the city center to Romans willing to help with the cleanup. Alemanno had ordered schools closed yesterday in anticipation of the snow, which began falling heavily by midday and continued through the night. The storm also brought some rail lines to a halt with one train trapped with more than 100 passengers on board near the town of Carsoli, SKYTG24 reported. –Bloomberg
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4 Responses to Italy crippled by winter storm; snow in Naples

  1. Svenn Erik says:

    That people freeze to death outside is one thing, but the problem is in eastern europe, china, russia and the states is that they freez inside in there house.. I live in Norway and have visited so of the coldest places on earth and know from experiens that is easy to survive the -20-30 c*.. no harm in thinking before you go out:)


  2. K says:

    Scary! I’ve never experienced extreme cold like that since I live in the South. I wouldn’t survive it for a long time unless I stayed in a steam room. So sad to know people are freezing to death. It is just horrible. Praying for them.


  3. luisport says:

    Photos from inside the deadly European cold snap that’s killed at least 368

    Temperatures touched new lows in parts of Europe, including Switzerland, which reported the mercury dipping to minus 35.1 Celsius overnight in the eastern Graubuenden canton, and the Czech Republic, where the town of Kvilda recorded a winter low of minus 39.4 Celsius.

    Crews were also struggling to restore power to about 60,000 homes across the country, especially in the Tuscan cities of Siena and Arezzo.


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