27 Responses to Is New York’s mysterious ‘twitching’ neurological condition spreading?

  1. I was thought to have psychosomatic illness when young, to explain my neurological symptoms.
    Later I got an MS dx when my eye symptoms became serious. Then the MS dx morphed into another neuro illness dx. Today I have “twitching” under pretty good control via the use of magnesium, calcium, B1 and E complex. But I know lots of others who have similar disorders. What are they due to? Well, all of the things listed–genetics, environmental pollution, and harmful prescription drugs, also substandard food with additives. These girls just have a more extreme manifestation. In addition to environmental causes I suspect some injections such as Gardasil and/or flu shots with thimerisol. Not a popular position.


    • Allen says:

      How do you think that is associated with the “verbal outbursts” the kids are experiencing?


      • PENNY says:



    • A. Bernardo says:

      Mariel, you are right on about the “flu shots.” My six year old recently had an adverse reaction to his flu shot, which prompted me to do some research about vaccines and I was horrified to learn about the use of mercury in vacc/flu shots as a preservative. I’ve learned a lot of other horrifying facts too…no more vaccines/flu shots for my family!! Also, I can’t say enough to warn about Monsanto’s tentacles in our food supply and Chem. Trails in the sky. People must wake up to all of this…ignorance is not bliss!


    • radiogirl says:

      Hi Mariel,good to hear your story and that you are doing better.I hope they discover the cause of this and that these young ladies will find relief.Take Care


  2. genomega1 says:

    That’s just the arrogance of these people, we have no idea whats going on so you must be crazy.


  3. 50 miles from Buffalo…is that near Love Canal? I makes me laugh when doctors come up with stupid explanations for what they can’t figure out themselves.


  4. SeriousSneep says:

    Could this be a sign of the worlds higher frequency change? Accesion is a conpirital word but I tell you what, look around… does everyone you see these days seem to not have it emotionally together. You never know, though I never knew phycological conditions to be contagious.


  5. Paulie says:

    Don’t drink the water.


  6. Mary says:

    I agree with you- I have read about Gardasil – saw today on one of the news site – it will be given to boys also. I did not read all the article. Don’t think flu shots should be given – A homeopathic will do great if you get the flu and for other ailments too.


  7. tellthetruth1 says:

    It comes to something when mass hysteria is renamed ‘conversion disorder’. First of all, is anyone supposed to know what conversion disorder means? Conversion from what, exactly? We all know what mass hysteria means! There was none of that when I saw a grown woman on camera speaking to a reporter. There was nothing ‘put on’ about her symptoms. The poor soul couldn’t speak properly at times. If she was having hysterics, the reporter would have been having them as well.


  8. kenn says:

    I suspect GMO foods, these often cause neurological reactions.


  9. debrashaub says:

    why have they checked on vactains the one they are give these young girls at this age i havent heard a thing about it if they was given the shots nothen and what are these girls wareing hair shampoo dies and nail pollish you have so but a girl put on i rember tamons caused something years back some what like this


  10. StXenia says:


    Have you seen this about Erin Brockovich and her thoughts on this issue. VERY interesting! http://www.whec.com/news/stories/s2473055.shtml?cat=565


  11. Lance says:

    Nano particles bypass the blood brain barrier and enter the brain. Ordinary diagnostic testing procedures cannot detect these nano particles. Nano particles are used in many products today, including sunscreen and cosmetics. There are some articles on the Internet that speak of the dangers of this unseen technology, but little has been done to educate the public, and you can bet that the nanotech corporations and the governments who’ve backed the development of this technology aren’t going to do it either.


  12. Lance says:

    “Conversion disorder”? How convenient! What a load of bull poop! The establishment medical community, especially the psychos in the psychological community, always have the answers, don’t they! They proscribe mind altering drugs with known harmful side effects that cause “suicidal thoughts”, yet people trust them? Thats insanity!


  13. SLK says:

    No, it’s not a popular position but I agree 100% with you. It would be interesting to see if your doctor would even run a blood test on you to test for heavy metal poisoning. If you watch What in the World Are They Spraying? on YouTube, it is very eye-opening. Also, I personally believe anything lab-created and ESPECIALLY approved by the FDA to be put into our mouths is another culprit. Aspartame, in particular, is a known poison that causes the same symptoms that lead to a misdiagnosis of MS, Type II Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, and a whole slew of other stuff that most of us can say we have suffered or do suffer from. You are in my prayers that JESUS heals you completely! 🙂


  14. Kate says:

    Has anyone considered the immunisations that are being given to the children, with each new immunisation added to the schedule the risk of side affects increase. Have there been any new ones being distributed lately.


  15. Amy says:

    As a mother this infuriates me!! I am not sure what I would do if they tried to tell me my child’s symptoms in this case were “mass hysteria”. What a bunch of BS! They need to shut this school until they find the source and NOT sleep until they do! My first thought was gardisil and wondered if they had a health clinic on campus. They say it is a response to a traumatic event. that many kids are NOT going to have the same response to different truaumatic events!! Grrrrrr!! This makes me so angry!!


  16. Amy says:

    A couple of months ago most of the members of a high school band collapsed during a performance outside in Houston. I never did hear if they found out what caused it. What are they doing to our children??


  17. Gen says:

    Nodding syndrome in Uganda text.

    Alvin, Prince Harry video is coming up instead of Uganda.

    Nancy Lamwaka is twelve years old, and suffers from a mysterious disease known as nodding syndrome. Her father must tie her to a tree outside their grass hut in northern Uganda for her own protection. The disease gives Nancy seizures and has diminished her mental capacity – she has lost the ability to talk and often wanders off, once getting lost in the bush for three days. (SOUNDBITE) (Luo) MICHAEL ODONGKARA, LAMWAKA’S FATHER SAYING: “It hurts me so much. In our tradition it is a taboo, it is not something heard of that you would tie someone to a tree but because I want to save her life, I don’t want her to go to the bush and get burnt, I don’t want her to go and drown in the river nearby and I don’t want her to fall in fire. As you have seen, the wounds on her fingers are from falling in fire.” Nodding syndrome – named for the seizure-like episodes of head-nodding it causes – is a disease of unknown origins and no known cure. The World Health Organisation says thousands of children in northern Uganda and southern Sudan are suffering from the condition. Nancy’s father has watched her slowly deteriorate since she contracted the disease in 2004, and says that if no cure is found, his daughter is as good as dead. A WHO official said victims find it difficult to eat because of the seizures – which are often brought on by food – and become mentally and physically stunted. (SOUNDBITE) (English) WHO HEAD OF DISEASE CONTROL FOR NORTHERN UGANDA, DR EMMANUEL TENYWA SAYING: “There is a general effect in their neurological system to the extent that some can be impaired in vision, in eating even mere recognition of their immediate environment.” Most of the fatalities attributed to the disease are the result of secondary causes, with sufferers prone to accidents such as drowning. While the effects of the disease – first documented in Tanzania in the 60’s – are well known, researchers are still confounded by nodding syndrome, and the search both for its origins and a cure continue. Nick Rowlands, Reuters.


  18. Irene Cruces says:

    My toddler is only 3yrs old and started with this exact neurological twitching. I take him to the neurologist an they can not figure it out. It started at 2yrs old. I believe it was shots given. It’s heart breaking and it’s getting worse. It went in this order; hands & feet, later the arms and legs added on, then whole body, now I am seeing it in his face. His eyes are twitching now too. Some one help please!!!! He is just a baby!!!


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