Strange hail of blue sphere balls fall on Dorset resident in freak storm

February 4, 2012ENGLANDA man in Dorset has been left mystified after tiny blue spheres fell from the sky into his garden. Steve Hornsby from Bournemouth said the 3cm diameter balls came raining down late on Thursday afternoon during a hail storm on January 26, 2012. He found about a dozen of the balls in his garden. He said: “[They’re] difficult to pick up, I had to get a spoon and flick them into a jam jar.” The Met Office said the jelly-like substance was “not meteorological.” Mr. Hornsby, a former aircraft engineer, said: “The sky went a really dark yellow color. As I walked outside to go to the garage, there was an instant hail storm for a few seconds and I thought, what’s that in the grass?” Mr. Hornsby said he was keeping the balls in his fridge while he tried to find out what they were. Walking around his garden he found many more blue spheres were scattered across the grass. He said: “The have an exterior shell with a softer inner but have no smell, aren’t sticky and do not melt.” Mr. Hornsby said he was keeping the balls in his fridge while he tried to find out what they were. Josie Pegg, an applied science research assistant at Bournemouth University, speculated that the apparently strange phenomena might be ‘marine invertebrate eggs.’ These have been implicated in previous ‘strange goo’ incidents,” she said. “I’d have thought it’s a little early for spawning but I suppose we’ve had a very mild winter.” –BBC
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18 Responses to Strange hail of blue sphere balls fall on Dorset resident in freak storm

  1. Larry Fairall says:

    Just a guess. There has been a product on the market for many years that landscapers and sod people use on new plantings. It is a granullar produst when placed in the landscape and watered it absorbs the water and swells to marble sized clear gel globs and releases the water into the ground over several day period of time to water the landscape. I have not seen it in blue however i haven’t used any in many years and it may be a different type. It is slippery and it does not melt and it would probably last in a frig for a long time.

    Just a thought ??


    • Wise Owl says:

      I too thought the same thing. In Australia, I have purchased for about $2 these crystals in different colours for vases. They come in a pack of about 200 tiny balls and when dry are only a 1mm in diametre. The crystals are pre dyed and if you soak the crystals for about 8hrs in water they soak up the water and expand to resemble what is shown in the picture. They are very slippery and can be fragile if squeezed or pierced. My guess would be maybe someone was playing a trick on this guy and threw the crystals into his backyard?


  2. Don’t the chemical toilets in air planes give off blue liquid? And, what ‘marine invertebrate eggs spawn from the air? that’s big news.


  3. Johor says:

    Rather blue balls of goo than red balls of fire! Wonder is it is a product of the stuff being spewed out in those chemtrails and water vapour.


  4. K says:

    Weird. Very weird. Also does anyone live near Washington DC? Because about 40 minutes ago nbcwashington said reports of strange light seen over DC. Maybe Meteor? Anyone hear or see anything please do share.


    • pagan66 says:

      I’m not in washington but Australia. Early this morning at about 2am my partner out on the boat doing night shift rang me & said look at the sky, see if you can see all the strange lights. I didnt see anything but he said it was very pronounced – like a meteor shower.


  5. elix says:

    An ocean funnel simpy scooped up the eggs&deposited them inland. Do a lab test 4 Gawd’s sake!


    • Bobi becker says:

      I agree with you, do lab testing to find their content….Surely that would be the thing to do for the answer… Perhaps we could take them to the Wizard of OZ??? Oh boy, we’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ…. Doesn’t take much brain power to have them analyzed, good grief…


    • RainMan says:

      Blue Whale eggs obviously.


  6. Candace says:

    I’m with DJRD, and the blue stuff in the toilets from airplanes.
    When is the chemical report coming out?


  7. Josie says:

    documentary movie
    ***What in the world are they spraying***


  8. Tim says:

    ~ Have scientists finally solved the mystery of the blue balls of Bournemouth?
    The mysterious blue balls which ‘rained’ down on a Dorset garden were merely a common substance found in nappies (diapers), scientists have claimed.

    Research assistant Josie Pegg confirmed the substance was sodium polyacrylate, sometimes used in gardening or agriculture to improve soil, as well as being used in nappies.
    ‘Having examined the balls under a high-powered microscope, we can discount living material.’

    Although it is still not known how the substance made its way into Mr Hornsby’s garden in Bournemouth, Pegg added ‘Perhaps someone was having a clear-out and chucked them over the fence.


  9. vb says:

    Combined with the instant hail storm and yellow sky is curious. The balls could be this and that…except they fell out of something connected to that hail storm…In Boise, Idaho a week ago we had snow all over everywhere that looked like bean bags broke open in the sky. It was cold and smashed down to regular snow when stepped on. The next day we got some real snow, flakes and it was normal snow….


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