NASA snaps picture of growing crack in Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier

February 4, 2012ANTARTICAAntarctica is so vast that the pictures give you no sense of scale. The pencil-thin line across the satellite image of Pine Island Glacier (above) is actually more than 18 miles long, 800 feet across in places, and 180 feet deep. And it’s growing. In the next few months, scientists expect the glacier to create an iceberg about 350 square miles in area. It will probably float northward, melting as it goes. “Pine Island Glacier is losing ice very quickly, about six meters per year,” said Michael Studinger of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, which sent an expedition called Operation IceBridge to Antarctica in October in an old DC-8 jetliner, modified for scientific operations. It spotted the break in the ice. Earth-observing satellites have been watching it since. “These things happen on a semi-regular basis in both the Arctic and Antarctic, but it’s still a fairly large event,” said John Sonntag, Instrument Team Lead for Operation IceBridge, in video recorded on the plane. “So we wanted to make sure we captured as much of that process as we could. “A lot of times when you’re in science, you don’t get to capture the big stories as they happen, because you’re not there at the right place at the right time,” he said, “but this time we were.” To scientists, this is more than a vast spectacle. Both polar caps are losing ice, and researchers studying the world’s climate say they want to understand the process. –Yahoo News
contribution by Tim
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18 Responses to NASA snaps picture of growing crack in Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier

  1. Joseph t. Repas says:

    It’s not the atmospheric climate. It’s the churning of the Earth UNDER the ground and sea. The weather has been as cold as ever in the northern polar region. Are there not northern region people that use heat from below the Earth to heat their homes and water ? Look at how many volcanoes are redeveloping. Perhaps we can get scientists to take measurements of temperature below some of these ice packs and see how close that heat is to the ice.


  2. Mark says:

    I think this is a great website and enjoy the broad coverage it has. I have however been struck by the titles of articles which are sometimes over the top and the loss of factual reporting. In this article it is suggested that both poles are losing ice. This is incorrect. The Antarctic has been gaining ice extent steadily for some time, and the Arctic losing ice extent. This is clearly shown at this site reference: It would also be worthwhile to have a look at some of the other reference pages while browsing there. It can also be seen that sea level is not and has not been rising for several years, global ocean heat content is not rising, ocean temperature may be falling, global temperature has been almost stable or slightly declining for several years and the frequency of cyclones or hurricanes is not increasing but quite low by comparison to previous years. It is important that the facts are considered and not just the sensational side of weather reporting. There are currently more cold weather records being broken than warm records ~ but this is mainly as a result of weather events not climate. So although this is a great site, it is important to look beyond the sensational titles and it would be great if the articles could be compared to actual data sources to ensure the context is shown. Many visitors to this site probably are aware of the danger of reading just small passages of text without understanding the context of the whole book. A great site this is and I visit daily, here is hoping that the broader context will be sought and that people will recognise when factually incorrect statements are made. Thanks for the efforts that are made to collect all the news stories.


    • You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

      Climate: “Climate encompasses the statistics of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, rainfall, atmospheric particle count and other meteorological elemental measurements in a given region over long periods. Climate can be contrasted to weather, which is the present condition of these elements and their variations over shorter periods. A region’s climate is generated by the climate system, which has five components: atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, land surface, and biosphere.” –Wikipedia

      As I’ve said repeatedly, I’m not here to support anyone Ice Age agenda because I don’t see this as what’s happening to the planet. The data shows extremes on all levels, rising temperatures, falling temperatures, increased drought in Africa, Hawaii (traditionally, one of the wettest places on Earth- containing a tropical rainforest in Waiʻaleʻale), Central and South America – followed by recording flooding in Colombia and alteration of Monsoon rains in Brazil, Cambodia, India, Pakistan and the Tropics, and increased snowfall and exacerbated El Nino conditions and La Nino conditions brought on by extreme fluctuations in the Pacific Oscillation and Thermohaline Circulation. There are also unexplained changes in ocean temperature, salinity and acidity- is this because of an Ice Age? If this was an Ice Age, explain why Canada and most of North America has no snow and snow is inundating the Balkans, Greece and Turkey which is further from the North Pole?

      As far as the South Pole, please read the quote from my book: “The Arctic Ice sheet’s albedo ratio diminishes as the size of the Arctic ice cap shrinks. The whole runaway process compromises the system further. At the other end of the pole; nearly the opposite effect occurs. Plunging temperatures increase the density of the Antarctica ice shelf- and the danger rises not from sublimation but from massive fracturing and seismic slippage of large ice sheets as sub-glacial volcanism intensifies.” –The Extinction Protocol, page 126

      If you’re going to come on here and insult the blog for being overly sensational and the fact that readers are not smart enough to research the facts as they see them and not as you interpret them- then at least please do your research.


      • Larry Fairall says:

        I love all the devotion and time you have put into maintaining this site, all of your articles are important, maybe not to everybody, however a good watchman must fill the needs of all. I looked back 3 months worth of articles and titles. I think all the titles pretty much described the articles well. As for the articles, they were written by credible sources or professionals from their fields of study as in this article written by Yahoo news interviews of NASA scientists in this field of study.Posting these article gives us a chance to research further if we so desire or pick other posters brains for their opinion and best of all you jump in when true guidence is needed. The work you are doing as a watchman keeps me comming back 3-4 times per day for the last 18 months. Your posters seem to be a very good group of watchers. I love reading all their comments. However some times they get so full of themselves they have no room for others opinions,ideas or the real truth and feel they must strike out saying things when they should discuss and understand. I have only just started to reply on this site, it seems just lately there has been a few hostile or unloving remarks and i needed to put my 2 cents worth in.

        I pray you will have the strength and time to keep such a good thing going.
        God Bless


      • thanks, Larry….your prayers are needed and appreciated. Keep them coming and I’ll do the same for you. Thanks for the support and glad you’re made us one of your sources for Earth change news and events.

        God bless,


      • Mark says:

        With all due respect, I compliment your site as well as its readers. Readers who are probably seeking more information is hardly an insult. The original article claims both poles are losing ice, my response pointing to the data on ice extent, is that claim is probably not supported. The data I point to is exactly the same position as yours, Antarctic increase and Arctic decrease, hardly an ice age agenda, especially when I point to both warm and cold records being broken. Thank you for the definition of climate and weather, exactly as I understand them, and that was the point of my writing the note. My thought was that it would be great if some of the weather events reported could be compared to longer term statistical climate records so that the broader context of comparative data could be seen. In terms of my research and the materials I read, my comprehension thereof and my ability to communicate regarding it, is somewhat different to what you suggest. My points are simply: a great site and a request for more climate statistical data so that the context of variation can be clearly appreciated. Again, as stated twice in my original note, thank you for your great site and efforts. My apologies that anything said could have been read as an insult, entirely the opposite was intended.


      • Understood and forgotten. I was simply stating the fact the article was not written by me nor did it reflect any of my data or research. These posts don’t always reflect everything.


    • Val says:

      Carterets Island in Papua New Guinea
      The following is a paragraph I copied and pasted from the web site that follows:

      The island they call home will be completely underwater by 2015. This story first broke a couple years ago, when it was first suggested that these islanders could become climate change refugees. But now that it’s actually happening–seems no one’s paying attention.

      sounds like water is rising to me, maybe you would like to investigate and tell us who is telling the facts. I don’t know, maybe that story is made up. I would really like to know. Is the ocean rising or not?? I live nowhere near it, so I have no clue. As for the poles, who goes there? Government people, and we all know they never tell untruths. Personally, I think Alvin has been doing his homework. My opinion is ‘some’ are trying to melt the ice so they can drill for oil. Aren’t they all up there?


  3. Alstradomus says:

    According to NASA earth observatory website the twice daily tides can lift the ice sheets of Antarctica several feet. The Moon and its position once again is a major contributor to possible geologcal events on Earth. Notice the USGS quake off the coast of Oregon 4.4 was 5 minutes 12 seconds after the Samar Phillipines 5.4 across the ring of fire Pacific plate?


  4. Luisport says:

    Magnitude 5.7 (Preliminary magnitude — update expected within 15 minutes)

    Saturday, February 04, 2012 at 20:05:32 UTC
    Saturday, February 04, 2012 at 12:05:32 PM at epicenter

    Location 48.932°N, 127.766°W
    Depth 12 km (7.5 miles) set by location program

    196 km (122 miles) S (186°) from Port Hardy, BC, Canada
    218 km (135 miles) WSW (238°) from Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada
    240 km (149 miles) WNW (286°) from Neah Bay, WA
    325 km (202 miles) W (280°) from Saanich, British Columbia, Canada
    340 km (211 miles) W (265°) from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


  5. Mukesh Kumar says:

    hello sir don’t comment much. but i am compelled to comment today on >>Marks << Comment.
    I am not agree with What he saying. I am not a scientist i am a just a curious person. So i collect news and data from various sources to understand the scenario of today earth. I must say we are experiencing Climate changes all over world. Why it happening… there are existing many cycles In nature. Sun has having its one cycle. Earth is having its one cycle. Our Galaxy is having one
    cycle. and all are connected with each other. During this journey some time ride becomes rough and bumpy.


  6. Lisa varley says:

    I second that….


  7. Amanda says:

    This is a great website and i visit this site for my news information before tv news. It gives good REAL information that is important especially in the times of today, and not watered down information to make it seem less important. Could not care for sport and celebrity news it bores me. Keep up the good work! This is the place to be if you want up to date news that matters.


  8. Philippino Bob says:

    The whole issue of global climate change has become one huge fiasco.
    Before, it used to be only the alternative media asking questions about climate. Today, even the mainstream like The Wall Street Journal, is asking questions!
    There is absolutely no credible source left to claim anything as being the true cause of global climate change.
    Total confusion is everywhere!
    In my opinion, the answers will come by themselves, but we will have to be patient and wait another 5 to 10 years.


  9. JoeR says:

    There is no better site than this to find out what is actually going on with this planet than this one. PERIOD!!! I check this site dailey and have a general idea of what is happening around the world before I leave for work. The tireless efforts by this man and the comments and references made by a lot of people here are a BIG help to me! God Bless you all!
    Sir, I have said it before, the work done here is wonderful!!! and so needed. Keep up the great work and may God Bless you and keep you safe.


  10. MalachiYAH says:

    Okay dear sheeple, lets evaluate this…. That giant iceberg brakes of… Thats a massive amount of “free-moving” weight that will move towards the equatorial region due to the centrifugal force exerted on it because of the rotation of the earth spinning upon it’s axis. Well if you add that much weight to a certain area that is not used to it, then it creates a global wobble effect, which in turn causes the already destabilizing tectonic plates to readjust in order to compensate for the extra weight mass. Oh and not to mention re-readjustment after it melts. Okay sheeple… what is this readjustment called? EARTHQUAKES THE LIKES OF WHICH WE HAVE NEVER BEFORE SEEN! So along with this… our already shifting poles will be further shifted extremely fast and that in turn will lead to further massive extreme climate changes such as the frozen north pole being in eastern europe/southern russia region and the south pole being an ice bridge linking the southern portion of South America to Antarctica. So that being said… the climates adjust acordingly. i.e. the new equator runs through the southern portion of Australia through Madagascar and through Africa then in the US from Maine to Northern California ( check this site out: ). Okay, so now we can see why the climate is going to dramtically change in the next couple years… Thank You Yahweh for Salvation in Messiah Yeshua!


    • Shadow says:

      I have a problem with excepting your theory that an iceberg,”will move towards the equatorial region due to the centrifugal force exerted on it” To my understanding,it will travel along the oceanic currents as it melts.And as to it creating a wobble because of its mass…if you drop a hundred pound block of ice into the center of a swimming pool,does the spot right below the ice weight any more then the edges of the pool ? There are more forces at work here which we don’t fully understand at the present.As an experiment,put an ice cube into a pot of water and stir to create centrifugal force and you will see the ice cube move to the center of the pot of water.


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