Death-toll from frigid weather over Eastern Europe tops 220

February 4, 2012EUROPETemperatures plunged to new lows in Europe where a week-long cold snap has now claimed more than 220 lives and forecasters warned Friday that the big freeze would tighten its grip over the weekend. A total of 223 people have died from the cold weather in the last seven days according to an AFP tally, with Ukraine suffering the heaviest toll. People have been found dead on the streets in some countries, while thousands have been trapped in mountain villages in Serbia. In Italy, Venice’s canals started freezing over and even Rome was dusted in snow. The lowest temperatures recorded in Europe overnight were in the southwest of the Czech Republic, where the mercury dropped as low as minus 38.1 degrees Celsius (minus 36.5 Fahrenheit) overnight. The EU executive said vital Russian gas deliveries had dropped in nine countries, with Russian giant Gazprom invoking flexibility clauses as it also braves a cold snap. Supplies fell 30 percent in Austria and 24 percent in Italy. Ukraine’s emergencies ministry raised its death toll to 101 since the cold snap took hold, 64 of whom died on the streets. Almost 1,600 people have sought medical attention for frostbite and hypothermia and thousands have flocked to temporary shelters. The chilling temperatures killed eight more people over the last 24 hours in Poland, bringing the death toll to 37 since the deep freeze began a week ago, police said. Temperatures plunged to minus 35 Celsius in some areas of Poland. –Terra Daily
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8 Responses to Death-toll from frigid weather over Eastern Europe tops 220

  1. Stefan says:

    In Sweden last night we had -42 C (about -43 F) as the lowest temp. This weekend will be colder. Even here in souther Sweden we have very low temps.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    What happened to global warming?


  3. Dan s says:

    the guy in that picture is not too smart is he?


  4. Penny says:

    Sounds more and more like “the little ice age”


  5. The trembling cold Europe suddenly gets less gas from its main supplier Russia. That said Marlene Holzner, spokeswoman for EU Energy Commissioner Günter Oettinger, in Brussels. Thus, countries such as Austria, a reduction of 30 percent would complain, Italy 24 percent, eight percent of Poland. Five more states such as Hungary, Greece and Romania would record a supply shortage.Germany also gets only about 30 percent now. Gas prices will move high. –Already the sanctions against Iran moved oil prices up. This makes about ten Euro cent per litre at my local petrol station now.
    Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) — Austrian natural gas jumped by more than a third this week as Russian flows declined and freezing weather left about 250 people dead across Eastern Europe.
    Gas for delivery Monday at Austria’s Central European Gas Hub in Baumgarten leapt 39 percent, while German prices gained 33 percent. The country yesterday reported a 30 percent drop in flows from Russia, which supplies a quarter of Europe’s gas. Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Italy have also been affected. The death toll in Eastern Europe climbed as a Siberian freeze and heavy snowfall struck the region.


    “There are 35,000 people in those camps in the middle of Kabul, with no heat or electricity in the middle of winter; that’s a humanitarian crisis,” said Michael Keating, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Afghanistan. “I just don’t think the humanitarian story is sufficiently understood here. You’ve got a lot of people who really are in dire straits.”
    All of the 22 children known to have died were under 5.
    Normally, Kabul’s winters are mild for a city in a mountainous country, but not this year. It was the coldest January in 20 years, according to Mohammad Aslam Fayaz, deputy director of the national disaster office. Most nights, temperatures have been dropping below 20 degrees. “There is no clear strategy to help these people,” said Mohammad Yousef, the director general of Aschiana, a well-respected Afghan aid group that provides education and other services in 13 of the camps. “They don’t have access to anything — health, education, food, sanitation, water. They don’t even have an opportunity for survival.”


  7. pagan66 says:

    How awful to die from cold. Praying for all.


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