Isolated winter: Western Canada struggling with record snow-fall as rest of country goes dry

February 2, 2012CANADASnowfall and snow levels are reaching record levels in Alberta and British Columbia in Western Canada. While many other parts of North America are still struggling to fully open all their lifts and runs for winter2011-12 during an unusually dry winter, the West of Canada has been deluged fairly consistently since last autumn. “This month goes down as one of the snowiest January’s on record. There is unbelievable snow conditions at both Fernie and Kicking Horse with total snowfall at both over 19 feet now. Today alone, Fernie has seen over a foot overnight!!” said an excited Matt Mosteller of Resorts of the Canadian Rockies which runs the two centres. Meanwhile a little to the east and north, over the border in Alberta, with over three months left to go in the ski season, Marmot Basin near Jasper has already received over 12 feet (372 cm) of snowfall which is 93% of its annual average. If the next three months produce even typical amounts of snowfall, Marmot Basin will exceed its all time snowfall record of 529 cm set way back in 1965. Regardless of the numbers, skiers and snowboarders have been absolutely thrilled with snow conditions at Marmot Basin and, to some, it has come as a bit of a surprise, says the resort’s Brian Rode. “There is very little snow on the ground in Edmonton and when some people get to the mountain they are really surprised at how much snow we have. Marmot’s base elevation is very high so the rain that has fallen at lower elevations this winter has been all snow at Marmot,” added Rode. –Fast Track Ski 
Where’s the snow? Snow has been missing in action for much of the U.S. the last couple months. But it’s not just snow. It’s practically the season that’s gone AWOL. “What winter?” asked Mike Halpert, deputy director of the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center. For the Lower 48, January was the third-least snowy on record, according to the Global Snow Lab at Rutgers University. Records for the amount of ground covered by snow go back to 1967. Last year, more than half the nation was covered in snow as a Groundhog Day blizzard barreled across the country, killing 36 people and causing $1.8 billion in damage. This year, less than a fifth of the country outside of Alaska has snow on the ground. Bismarck, N.D., has had one-fifth its normal snow, Boston a third. Buffalo is three feet below normal for snowfall this year. Midland, Texas, has had more snow this season than Minneapolis or Chicago. Forget snow. For much of the country there’s not even a nip in the air. On Tuesday, the last day in January, all but a handful of states had temperatures in the 50s or higher. In the nation’s capital, where temperatures flirted with the 70s, some cherry trees are already budding — weeks early. For the Northeast it’s one of the warmest and least snowy winters on record, with most of the region’s temperatures the last couple months averaging 5 degrees warmer than normal, according to the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University. –Yahoo News
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8 Responses to Isolated winter: Western Canada struggling with record snow-fall as rest of country goes dry

  1. Chris says:

    Crazy, we live in Saskatchewan, Canada and we barely have any snow, not to mention our 0C to -10C weather we’ve been getting. Hottest winter I’ve seen in a long time and barely any snow, yet seems the places near the oceans are getting massive snowfalls.


  2. T Lindemann says:

    I can’t speak for BC people, but here in Alberta, with the exception of the mountains, this winter has been rather dry and warmer than usual. Last year was unusual, too.

    Some of us has noticed that the high winds occurring in the extreme SW of the province are happening farther north.


  3. Chanterelle19 says:

    I live on Vancouver Island. Record snowfalls in mountains. Lower levels–we’ve been very mild & no snow.


  4. Irene C says:

    And here in Ohio, which is in the snow belt, I’m looking at green grass and temperatures in the 40’s (F). I’m not complaining about the mild winter, but this is weird. I’m just concerned about a hot, dry summer.



  5. juliette says:

    I Live on the North coast of british columbia , we have had lot of sno this year live in kiitmat we hadso much snow you couldnt see out the living room window, but it has warmed up and now it has warmed up and the rain haas melted alot of snow . Looking forward to spring


  6. Mark says:

    Here in NFLD we have about 60cm on the ground are expected another 40 cm by the end of the weekend. It’s unreal. Just a week ago it was green out.


  7. Damon says:

    As I live in Alberta, this is horse sh*+. In the mountains we have snow, but in the plains we have grass. It was 65F today.


  8. Thera says:

    Hi Alvin
    (I just found this article this morning – did not know of anyother place to post it except but thought you would like to know.)

    By Daily Mail Reporter

    Last updated at 1:27 PM on 3rd February 2012

    *The article states:

    Snow falls in Rome for the first time in 26 YEARS as -36c temperatures across eastern Europe send death toll to 150

    Capital of Italy usually has moderate temperatures but Colosseum is closed over ice fears
    Over 11,000 villagers in Serbia remain trapped by heavy snow and blizzards
    Temperatures across eastern Europe plummet to -30c amid fears of more deaths
    Death toll in Ukraine now stands at 101, with 38 people being killed by cold last nigh

    Snow fell in Rome today for the first time in 26 years as freezing temperatures took the death toll across Europe to more than 150.
    The Italian capital is usually blessed by a moderate climate but the snowfall prompted authorities stop visitors from entering the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, the former home of Rome’s ancient emperors.

    The last substantial snowfalls in Rome were in 1985 and 1986, though there have been other cases of lighter snow since then, including in 2010. The director of the Colosseum, Rossella Rea, said the sites were closed out of fears that visitors could slip on ice..

    Snow began falling in the late morning Friday, leaving a light dusting on trees and cars and forming slush on the roads. It wasn’t clear if there would be any significant accumulation on the ground.


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