Carp invasion threatens North American fish industry

February 1, 2012Environmentalists in North America are looking at options to control an invasive species of fish, the Asian carp, which threatens to squeeze out other species if its numbers continue to grow. Imported as a farmed species in the 1970s, Bighead and Silver carp from China were first seen as a way to produce cheap food, but floodwaters overwhelmed the fish farms, spreading the fish throughout the U.S. Midwest. The threat from the species is so grave that authorities could end up spending billions of dollars and physically separating two river basins. –Al Jazeera
contribution Mahati
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4 Responses to Carp invasion threatens North American fish industry

  1. Margaret says:

    The courts have said ‘tough rocks’ and give no support to any efforts to control this ‘franken-fish’.


  2. Irene C says:

    Once again, man thinks he knows better and messes with the natural order of things. I have words to describe these people, but the Lord would not like me writing what I am thinking.



  3. Bone Idle. says:

    Carp are already a blight in Australia’s fresh waters.
    Extensive government programs have been taken out to try and eliminate this menace. Sometimes the cure is drastic. Damming creeks and rivers so they run dry manually cleaning out the beds, reintroducing the water flow and then restocking the rivers with native species.

    My father (a keen fisherman) would when ever catching a carp, completely burn it and then bury the ashes at least 50 metres away from a water stream.


  4. darmp says:

    This has been a problem for several years. The carp “jumping” can be seen on several programs. They are so populated that its nothing to see several hundred jumping out of our southern rivers. It has become a real problem. The same can be said of the Boa’s in the everglades of Florida. They are in a race to take control of the area. Even the gator population cant control them.


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