Fiji sees uptick in number of earthquakes in 2012

January 31, 2012FIJIThe number of earthquakes that have been recorded in Fiji this year has increased by nine compared to the same period last year. According to the Department of Mineral Resources, only nine earthquakes were recorded in Fiji in January last year. But so far this year, 18 earthquakes have been recorded by the department. The strongest magnitude in January last year was 4.5 which occurred in the southeast of Koro. This year, the strongest magnitude felt was 6.3 on the southwest of Ono-i-Lau on January 24. Of the 18 earthquakes that struck Fiji from the beginning of this year, only one was experienced in Viti Levu, two in Vanua Levu and eight in the Lau region. Two were reported in the Yasawa Group, one in the island of Koro and four in the Fiji region. Eight of the quakes this year occurred on January 12, mostly in areas of the Lau Group, all ranging from 2.4 to 4.5 in magnitude. –Fiji Times
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4 Responses to Fiji sees uptick in number of earthquakes in 2012

  1. King kevin says:

    Not sure if anyone saw the 2.4 quake last night near Chicago? Just so you know I live in this area and this is NOT a typical occurance. I dont know if it’s linked to part of the New Madrid Fault Line, or if it’s some random happening but I’ll guarantee this is not an everyday occurance, if an occurance at all? At least not that I remember has an epicenter of a quake been near Chicago. I remember feeling one maybe four years back but it was centered in southern IL, MO border near the New Madrid. What is your take on this Alvin? Something to keep a close eye on or just another random fracking quake!?


  2. darmp says:

    The core of the earth is sending out low frequency waves. It is well documented in labs in Russia, Indonesia and also other places. These waves take from a few hours to a couple of days to cause minor earthquakes and such. The earth is restless once again, nothing we can do. There is no sense in worrying.


    • nickk0 says:

      SURE, folks are going to worry…… especially if they know a quake is coming, but not *where* it may occur !!

      The ‘low frequency waves’ that have been (recently??) discovered are fascinating – I wonder if they will be able to use these, to “pinpoint” where the quakes may occur, someday.


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