U.S. to begin large-scale emergency perparedness drills for New Madrid fault region

January 28, 2012MISSOURIWashington’s emergency management director is encouraging individuals, businesses, schools and service groups to participate in a regional earthquake preparedness drill. The Great Central U.S. ShakeOut will take place Tuesday, Feb. 7, at 10:15 a.m. As of Friday, more than 1.6 million participants from the region have agreed to take part in the drill in some form. Of those, more than 366,000 are from Missouri so far. Those interested in taking part in the drill can sign up to register at http://shakeout.org/centralus. Bill Halmich, emergency management director, said the city of Washington has registered for the drill. Halmich provided city departments with information about the drill and said each department will participate in a manner that does not disrupt city services that day. A resolution to participate is expected to be brought before the city council Monday, Feb. 6, Halmich said. Unlike other natural disasters, earthquakes can be an unusual challenge to prepare for because there are no advance warnings, he said. Those who register can participate at different levels based on how much time they can allow for the exercise. “It can be as easy as providing information to your staff,” Halmich said, such as emailing employees tips on how to prepare for an earthquake at home and work or hanging banners and signs throughout organizations or workplaces. Another way to participate is hold post-drill discussions to hear what people learned and plan their next steps. Participants also can consider taking part in safety drills, discussing what to expect will happen during the drill and then holding a feedback session after the drill to identify strengths and weaknesses. Registered participants will be asked after the drill to provide information as to what they did to prepare. Then, those individuals or groups will receive a certificate of participation. Halmich is asking once participants receive their certificate to notify him so he can make a list of who in this area took part and how. On April 28, 2011, 486,238 organizations and individuals in Missouri took part in the first Great Central U.S. ShakeOut. –E Missourian
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21 Responses to U.S. to begin large-scale emergency perparedness drills for New Madrid fault region

  1. carolyn says:

    If you are interested in this subject, the book The Rift is about an 8.9 that hits the New Madrid Fault. Not the greatest book ever for characters ( the Christians are almost lunatics) but the science is magnificent. It contains numerous quotes from old letters and articles from the 1811-1812 series of faults that struck the region that are worth the price of the book.



    • Howunkind Ofyou says:

      Carolyn, you can state your opinion without slandering Christians. Who you know will never sue you, nor harm you back in retaliation. This is very hurtful. Try doing the same to Muslims.


  2. Brandon says:

    Could there be a hidden message in this that the Government is trying to convey to us without creating panic???


    • The earth is waking up. It’s readily apparent to anyone willing to see it. The USGS had The Great Shake-out (earthquake) prepreparedness drills in California and the Northwest in 2011 and now, New Madrid this year, covering the country’s most dangerous seismic regions. Enough said…


  3. observer says:

    all a bit suspicious if u ask me………..


    • Elizabeth says:

      Yeah, I am starting to think that faultline is going to go big time, and before too much longer. I know that the experts say they can’t predict earthquakes, but I think the possibility that we have technology to make them happen is pretty high. I’m sure you have heard the term ‘Disaster Capitalism’? Just imagine how much money the companies contracted to clean it all up would make. Who knows, it could be a natural occurance or a manufactured one, but either way, I think it’s going happen soon and the people in the know are aware of it.


      • annje says:

        I agree Elizabeth…very suspicious. with all the water dumped in that area creating pressure, softening earth and lubricating those faults, it would be easy to trigger… the several nuke plants in the area are of great concern also. why are they not being shut down and dismantled? yes, those in the know, know.


      • rickstarr says:

        I also wonder if we (united states) have the technology to use sound wave energy to cause land mass movement ,like i suspect.and we are using it strategicly in an effort to place ourselfs in position of NWO,its only a matter of time before a counter attack!


      • Michael says:

        If you really want to know if the government is aware of it. Check to see if any Fema Camps have been built around the areas where this megaquake is going to strike. Then you’ll have your answer.


  4. Tony Hille says:

    let the “fear” campaign begin…why do this now why not 5-10 years ago??? SUSPICIOUS alright.


    • annje says:

      without a fairly broad background in research in these areas, I imagine its hard to take seriously. frankly I hope you are right….but I’m not ready to assume so given all the other information


  5. Tudie says:

    Sounds like maybe they know something that we don’t know. Hmmmmm. I’d be a bit leary….


  6. TheWalrus says:

    Better to be prepared than not.


  7. Me says:

    interesting. but if you have a two week emergency supply you ‘may’ be a terrorist. 😦


  8. Dennis E. says:

    Speaking about Earthquakes……In Lenoir County NC last wednesday, there was a loud boom and many people called the 911 sevice, emergency management. It is true we are located 35 miles from a major US Air Force Base and have a local airport with at least a 9,000 foot runway that can handle the Air Forces’ largest Transport, to include the very large Russian Transport. Some thought it was a sonic boom or a loud booming noise. We have military flyovers all the time and often F-15’s use the local runway for touch and go’s. We had an earth event and not a man made event. That is what I believe…….


  9. PAT2 says:

    To be suspicious is the right frame of mine. And now they are “finding” bacteria resistance “sh**” as if the ocean said come and find me. OK.


  10. Linda Czyzewski says:

    Keep me informed on updates to this topic, tyvm


  11. Michael in Ky says:

    Every heard of HARRP. It is a fact that they can create earthquakes, change the weather, and who knows what else. Just another weapon.


  12. Eddie says:

    In the Bible there’s a passage that says…In the last days everything that CAN be shaken WILL be shaken. Earthquakes have always played a significant roll in the story of mankind. The Madrid Fault is responsible for the creation of the Mississippi River. And to be sure it is capable of erupting again. There is no way to truly prepare for an earthquake. Try a hurricane, they are tons of fun. An earthquake last only a few seconds…hurricanes last for hours and hours.


    • SciFiChick says:

      Eddie, the problem with your thoughts on hurricane’s is that you can prepare AND leave the area in the event of a hurricane. Plenty of advance notice. Not so with earthquakes. The best we can do is to be prepared for disasters before they happen.


  13. Guest says:

    3.1 Earthquake rumbles 15 minutes after “Shakeout”


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