New study shows Haiti may be entering dangerous new earthquake cycle

January 27, 2012HAITIThe magnitude- 7.0 earthquake that shook Port-au-Prince, Haiti, two years ago nearly demolished the city and took both residents and geologists by surprise. Now, a team of scientists thinks they’ve identified a centuries-long pattern of earthquakes on the island of Hispaniola, which comprises both Haiti and the Dominican Republic, that could portend earthquakes to come. Although past seismic activity can’t be used to predict future quakes, the findings may help residents and those hoping to rebuild Port-au-Prince prepare for the next big one, said William Bakun, a geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, Calif. “People shouldn’t be surprised if, in the decades to come, there are more very damaging earthquakes in the region,” Bakun told OurAmazingPlanet, “and they should plan and build accordingly.”  Most importantly, residents and engineers should rebuild Port-au-Prince with an eye toward future seismic activity, Bakun said. The team’s findings will appear in the February issue of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. –MSNBC
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3 Responses to New study shows Haiti may be entering dangerous new earthquake cycle

  1. Irene C says:

    For the sake of the people in Haiti, I pray that they’re wrong. However, I have seen an increase in seismic activity in that entire area.



  2. Alstradomus says:

    The next Carribean event may be huge according to Paul Mann, University of Texas geologist who published a paper in 2008 predicting the Haiti earthquake. An article in the January 15 2010 magazine, New Scientist, states the major quake in the Carribean will occur near Martinique along the direct subduction zone where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean Plate. Twelve hours before the Haiti earthquake , off shore California had a 6.9 quake. History shows us these quakes on the southern end of the North American plate and the western edge of the North American plate are reoccurances off cross plate energy. 1905 Martinique volcanic eruption, followed by 1906 San Francisco quake, and then the 1907 Kingston Jamacia quake. The Edgar Cayce predictions put the sequence like this; west coast first , Atlantic/ Carribean, then central U.S. See my posts on this website Kermadec Islands and New Madrid to understand more. Thank you for this website. I amjust finishing your book. I entered an 11:11 experience in December 2007 and have been obsessive studying the 2012 event and it’s connection to Christian prophecies.


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