50 Responses to A war with Iran will turn Middle East into a firestorm warns U.S. veteran

  1. K80 says:

    Why send a carrier that is due to be decommissioned to this location? One wrong move by Israel, Iran, or the US and trouble will come. Something will happen.


  2. Mike K says:

    A mighty one sided piece you posted


  3. strangly slanted and seems anti semetic


    • I didn’t realize anti-war is anti-semetic. There will never be any peace on this planet until all sides lay down their arms and nations and tribes abandon the insane notion of trying to annhilate each other. War has no victors; no matter who starts it or who retaliates from it. The planet has seen enough bloodshed, violence and death and if we don’t end it- the planet will end us.


      • Mike K says:

        You said: “The planet has seen enough bloodshed, violence and death and if we don’t end it- the planet will end us.”

        I feel totally confident in predicting we will not change from the path we’re on of destruction – it’ll probably get worse. Gee, maybe that’s why the Lord comes back when he does. 🙂


      • Chloe says:

        The most depressing thing about all this is that human history shows that we have always been a self destructive species. It’s as if humans are genetically hardwired to annihilate one another. It also seems the individuals behind all this current insanity won’t be happy and satisfied until their madness leads to nuclear war and the whole planet and its inhabitants are destroyed by nuclear firestorms and radiation poisoning which will be suffered by the “lucky” few survivors, (if any). I really hope it doesn’t reach this point, as we will all lose and possibly result in our (and all species’) extinction. 😦


      • You’re right. Humans have a natural predilection for conflict and have relationship issue in general (look at the skyrocketing divorce rates across the planet)- War is merely the most extreme condition of this social neurosis. Unfortunately, we live in a world where it’s easier to craft a club from a tree than it is to articulate a kind word.


    • Ian says:

      I didn’t see any anti-semitic remarks in the article. If you are refering to any comments in the article, that might indicate Israel as being perhaps the aggressor in it’s constant calls for the rest of us to go attack Iran, then those too are not anti semitic, but the truth.
      The anti semitism card has been overplayed so much over the years to stifle debate and well earned criticism, that it’s effect has dwindled to the point where people are no longer afraid to speak up about Israeli crimes.
      Simply hiding behind a once offensive term will no longer deter people from asking what must be asked, and pointing the finger of blame where it clearly belongs.


    • Elizabeth says:

      Why is it that anytime someone criticizes Isreal, they are labelled anti-semetic? Is Isreal somehow exempt from all criticism just because it’s a jewish nation? Isreal is currently run by a war-mongering madman and not all the Isrealis agree with him. Besides, they were totally in the wrong by killing the people on that flotilla, and I’m sick of the apologist attitude toward the country in general. They could single handedly start WW3 and everyone would just sit back and say, “Oh, those poor jewish people have been thru so much, we shouldn’t criticize”. I say NO MORE, I don’t care what race or religion you are, if you are a war mongering psycopath than you deserve to be called out for it. No one is saying it’s because they are jewish, they are saying that Netenyahu (I think I spelled that wrong) is a really horrible person, not because of his religion, but because he’s just crazy. Please, stop with the Isreali apologist crap, and call a spade a spade. We are all going to suffer if Isreal and Iran don’t back down from this rhetoric.


  4. observer says:

    I don’t know what you specific beliefs are, but it sounds like the war of Gog and Magog or perhaps even a precursor to Armegeddon is setting up. That would certianly be in line with all the major earth changes we are seeing now. Maybe it’s just time for it all. As for Israel, prophecies say only a remnant of her people will be left by God. He does all the sorting out, and I’m begining to see why that has to happen. As for the nations around Israel, I’m more concerned about their persecution of Christians going on now, which, btw, is also fitting into the End Times…


  5. nanoduck says:

    Enough is enough. Whenever someone posts an article that says that Israel is being hostile or criticism of the Jewish people, the alarms of “anti-semitic” or “Nazi” goes off and people complain. While the Bible came from Jewish people, be aware that it was written from their point of their view, and historically, people wrote their own history favoring their point of view. Jesus the Christ was Jewish; however he was killed because they rejected him. The Jews are not exclusively “God’s people”….the truth is that we all are. Alvin is simply trying to say that we all are really one people, and it doesn’t matter if Jew, Christian, or Muslim…we all have to lay down our arms and try to get along otherwise we will destroy ourselves. I am not anti-semitic, just that I am tired of people trying to protect a group of people just because they are of certain race or religion and ignoring their human errors.


    • They’ll come to their senses soon enough…


      • Chris LeBlanc says:

        As much as everybody wants it to happen, there’s no way that a world with so many arms and warheads will ever decide to lay down arms and spread peace. Ever since the dawn of our species there has always been war and always will be. You in lala land if you think that a world of 7 billion people will all of a sudden be like “no war, we need peace”, it just won’t happen in our lifetime.

        And to be honest, I’d be surprised if God or the Lord or whoever you may choose to call him would even come back. I mean to be honest, if I were God, i’d be damn pissed at everybody on the planet right now, and definitely wouldn’t bother trying to save our planet’s horrible species.

        Its our problem, we created it, and now we have to deal with it, and we’re the only ones who can change it.

        If anything, we will probably have some sort of natural cataclysmic event that will wipe out nearly our entire species as it has done in the recent past to our ancestors. Those would be the powers of the universe at work anyways.


      • We have to still push for peace and conflict resolution. ‘All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.’

        The world will reap what it has sown. There are also many innocent good-hearted people here who don’t deserved to be consumed in a conflagration of someone else’s chosing. I think the survivablility rate on this planet for what’s coming is zero without some type of an intervention.


    • Moco says:

      “God’s people”….the truth is that we all are.

      Problem we have people killing people proving their points on both sides.
      I have chosen to be an equal opportunity hater.
      Any race or country that thinks they are “god’s gift”, suck in equal fashion.
      Hint.. hint, the pope isn’t special either.


      • CC says:

        Moco you are right, there are hyper-sensitive people who recoil when someone ANYONE points out that “their GOD” may NOT be THE ONLY ONE. People seem to pick their religion that is in line with their genetic past and future, Israel has a right to exisit but so do their neighbors.


    • SC says:

      I wish I could “like” this because I would. So well said nanoduck. Blessing to you and everyone who reads.


  6. Bobby Rite says:

    if the arab nation lays their weapons down, so will the Israeli nation. That is a one sides article. You neglected to mention that the inspection of the flotilla was peacful until the Israeli inspection team was attacked. You forgot to mention that the newly elected government of Turkey has also a huge gulf between our country and Obama as well as Israel. Too convenient for you to leave off such important information. I did not know you were anti-semitic. I enjoyed your site until now.


    • If you think I’m going to bang the war drums for either side in this insanity; you have indeed checked into the wrong place.


      • alexe says:

        People can’t believe it when you are not for one side but only for peace : that’s the root for war . Thanks for all your articles .


      • We have some very painful lessons to learn and they will be gleaned beyond the horrors of a nuclear holocaust. Only when this planet is reduced to ruins by the very forces that carved it into being will the footnotes of history of human failures be blatantly obvious for all to see.

        You’re welcome


      • Elizabeth says:

        ‘If you think I’m going to bang the war drums for either side in this insanity; you have indeed checked into the wrong place.’

        WELL SAID! Most of us know you are not one sided, and that you believe in peace all around. Too many people think that Isreal is exempt from ANY criticism, and that person apparently doesn’t know you very well, or your site, for all they ‘enjoyed it until now’. All sides are escalating this future war; Isreal, Iran, the US, and the allies of all 3. All of our countries are guilty if we end up in another world war (or any war). I truly hope it doesn’t come to that, but every day that goes by, the rhetoric is getting more and more heated. I fear for our future. All of our current leaders are banging those drums like teenager in a rock band, and it’s getting louder.


    • Not that I think this site needs my help in defending it, but note the source, not this site. I agree that it is slanted. The great news is, if we believe the Bible, we already know the outcome.


    • Kaos says:

      What is on the horizon for humankind should be your primary concern atm, not picking a side, being racial, anti-semitic and/or arguing with a post publicised by someone else. (The clue is in the end)

      This website is a torch or light in the dark, it is information collected and colated from trusted sources & unlike mainstream media…Relevant and without it’s Sugar Coating.

      Leave your prejudice where you reside and try to think before making accusations or slanderous remarks.

      Keep up the good work alvin.

      I beleive your somewhat right when you said – “They’ll come to their senses soon enough…”

      Sadly not all will 😦



  7. Mary says:

    Thank you for the lively discussion. You obviously exposed a nerve which the comments show, which is good work. It really shows how the feelings/thoughts/reflections around Israel incite people one way or another. Will we ever “lay down our arms” our own arms of judgements and harshness. I am slowly learning, day by day, to create peace inside with watching how easily I take up arms against innocent bystanders, friends, family all in the name of being right. As the famous quote from Chief Joseph, a Nez Perce Indian said, “I will fight no more, forever.” We have to start somewhere, how about us?


  8. They make a fatal assumption that Iran is rational, and that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons.


  9. Irene C says:

    For those of you who have been reading the articles that Alvin posts for any amount of time, you will see that he posts both sides of any argument. My personal beliefs aside on this particular issue, any war, no matter who the instigator, really has no winners, especially if it becomes nuclear.

    This truly sounds like a precurser to the Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38. My belief is that God is in control and what He has prophesied, will come to pass. Although I pray that He will tarry and that rational minds will prevail, we need to be prepared for whatever will come.

    Alvin, although I may not agree with some of the articles you post, or some of the comments others post, I appreciate the postings. We were given minds to discern the truth.



  10. brenda says:

    We just have to stop playing their game…..see the agenda…. see the big picture… its all connected… for hundreds of years… we just need to WAKE UP


  11. Philippino Bob says:

    Don’t worry, it won’t be nuclear.
    They are starting to dismantle all nuclear plants, all over the world.
    And it is not because some people are suddenly rational.

    Something BIG is cooking.


  12. Strange how the article says it is Israel that is banging the war drum when It was amadejhad who threatened to wipe Israel from the face of the earth, Isrel just says that Iran won’t be allowed to aquire a nuke….Iran right now is pining for the 12fth Imam, and recent statements by The ahatolah have suggested that they will do anything to make it happen, including excuting any citizens who are suspected of being in any way opposed to the regime…


  13. Steve says:

    What do u think it is then phillippino bob?

    From Kent, uk


  14. Mike says:

    This is a very one sided article, seems as if the author is baming Israel for everything. Just remeber it takes two to tango, or in this case 3.
    By the way my fridge blew up yesterday, should i blame the Israelies for that as well.


  15. Sue says:

    Even the people of Iran want to overthrow their government. Ahmadinejad is crazy and has often spoken of annihilating Israel and refers to the USA as the great satan and Israel the little satan. All the while these Islamic extremists want to cause world conflict to usher in what they believe to be their savior or mahdi. Israel is and has been our only true ally in the whole region. And yes Christians are martyred daily. Where is the justice there?? Yes although I do enjoy reading your website, this article certainly does sound one sided.


  16. Mike says:

    If the sun hits us with a strong enough emp ( from the solar maximus this year ) while the earth defenses are down cause of the pole flip ( the sun and earth also ) thier isn’t enough fuel in the world to keep all the plants across the world running on back up generators. Besides the riots, cause people will have no power .Their is going to be fallouts everywhere. Notice that the fema camps are nowhere near nuclear power plants. ppl can’t handle going from hi tec to the stone age over night. Or the old way of living how the hopi say it. ( in balance with nature, only take and eat what is needed, not over indulge like most do everyday ) . Just a thought .


  17. Rozee young says:

    If i agree with everything i read, then how will i grow my perspective and learn? Namaste, Alvin. Thank you.


  18. SophiaH. says:

    Thanks you for posting this
    My own words dont make much impression on friends and acquaintances so sharing this article will give a boost to the awakening of some who need to slowo down and smell the white phosaporous bombs As fot it being anti semitic thats just a label used by some who cant debate but want to shut up those who make good points.
    The phrase has no value any more as its been outed as a censoring device.
    Mass knowledge is our only hope to avoid a hellacious future.
    The Hundredeth Monkey is nbot a silly old tale from a past time
    Its very real and is the key to peaceful change.
    Lets all THINK peace as it IS contagious.


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