7 Responses to UK ready to send more warships into Gulf in ‘clear signal’ to Tehran

  1. John Durango says:

    Ready for world war 3! Necessary to bail out the worldwide financial collapse…..


  2. Irene C says:

    It appears that another chess piece has moved. Now I wonder who will blink first.



    • Ian says:

      I wouldn’t even class this as global chess moves any more. It’s gone way beyond that and is now just blatant provocation and bullying. Another sovereign state that is a holdout to the private central bank form of debt slavery, and just happens to sit on large natural resource reserves. Yep, it’s ripe for “Regime Change”!
      It’s gonna be Iraq and Libya all over again, but bloodier I feel. Our western humanitarian intervention will once again cost the lives of thousands, just for political or, more importantly to some, financial control.
      If anything, Iran has shown restraint so far. What would the UK, France or the US do if someone else suddenly announced they were freezing (stealing) all their overseas financial assets, and parked huge amounts of military hardware off their shores and borders? I’m sure the rockets would have flown well before now!
      All the sanctions seem to have done thus far is see the Iranians signing new oil contracts with China and now India. Will the US, UK and France try to block foreign tankers carrying oil from Iran to China or India?
      They just don’t seem to have though this through (do they ever) and it’s another case of damn the consequences, as long as we get the oil and debt enslavement. After all, those pushing this agenda are never the ones fighting and dying.


  3. Bob Ubanks says:

    The comment from Iran is irrational. They deploy warships to potentially block oil, i.e. money and think the world isn’t going to respond. Give me a break. Their own actions to deploy warships should be thrown right back at them. This isn’t WW3 this is kids not playing nicely with each other when we live in a world where we should focus on improving together versus fighting over.


  4. Gary says:

    Madness! Israel has 300 nukes and Iran is years away from making one. We just have to go to war…Look for another false flag operation to give us an excuse to murder more people.


  5. azee says:

    War is Upon us……..


  6. Ian says:

    I wish the West would put as much effort into reducing the debt crisis, and dependance on middle east oil … the sooner the better


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