Large fishkill reported in Perth’s Swan River

January 24, 2012AUSTRALIALow oxygen levels and hot weather are believed to have killed thousands of fish in Perth’s Swan River. About 5,000 dead fish were discovered between the Middle Swan Bridge and the Ellen Brook in the upper reaches of the river. Swan River Trust spokesman Mark Cugley says recent rain and hot weather have decreased oxygen levels in the waterway and that particular area is outside the reach of the river’s oxygenation plants. “Sudden rainfall often drags nutrient-rich organic matter into the river and this typically causes oxygen levels to rapidly drop below levels suitable for fish and other aquatic fauna,” he said. “It is something that is of a concern, and although we believe the cause was low oxygen levels in the water column, we are monitoring the water quality and sending off samples of those fish for that to be clarified.” Mr Cugley says most of the fish appear to be juvenile black bream with the remainder being trumpeter. –ABC
contribution by Vicky
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8 Responses to Large fishkill reported in Perth’s Swan River

  1. louie says:

    Maybe it has something to do with the thunder and lightening storms.


  2. Serioussneep says:

    Since we know that marine wildlife die offs are occurring in extraordinary numbers and we know that 70% of the world volcanos are underwater is it plausible that these two events are linked. When thinking about the heat generated by these underwater volcanos and the high number of pollutants being introduced in way larger numbers than normal, this could be an indication of why oxygen depletion and unnatural migratory patterns are occurring. If the heat and pollutants don’t kill them then migrating to environments which is unnatural for each species very much could. With that said though the heart of the issue seems to always lead back to why is this volcanism increasing? One must also take into concideration that volcanos on the sea floor are the least understood and least investigated volcanos to date, many still remain undiscovered. This example is brought to light by new articles by geologist identifying newly discovered underwater volcano ranges everyday. A perfect example is the range just discovered off the shore of the west coast of America running in parallel to the Cascadia fault. This new range isn’t even a deep sea range which compounds the difficulty to even detect it.


    • I
      Planet in crisis

      They are linked, in the oceans, at least, where the vast majority of volcanoes exist. The ecosystem crashes in tributaries are even more alarming because they prehaps are an omen of just how unbalanced the ecology has become and how quickly it is unraveling. They are a microcosm. In these rivers, we have too many fish and too little oxygen. On the Earth, we have 7 billion people and less than 11% of the planet’s surface is arable. Any major natural disaster to strike the planet and we could be facing a very similar scenario as these tributary fishkills with millions of people dying by the hour.

      We have to develop holistic new methods of organic ecology that takes into account the planet we inhabit is undergoing rapid changes.


  3. Phyllis says:

    I think its all in the Bible.


  4. Helen Parks says:

    Testing for a combination of a particular undisclosed toxin used at Mexico Gulf oil spill?
    Testing for radiation from Japan?


  5. v. says:

    As I write, it is 4.45am in the morning here in Perth, and the current temperature is 31C, sticky and very humid. For the next couple of weeks Perth can expect very high temperatures, possibly as high as 41C, or higher. I think that the current heat wave might have something to do with the fish die off. We also occasionally have a problem with green algae in parts of the river, and of course there may be a pollutant. Generally, though, the river is clean and in good health.


  6. Tim says:

    I spoke with my friend who lives in Australia who pointed out the only fish that died in the Swan River were:
    (1.) Black Bream
    (2.) Trumpeter Fish

    “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”
    The six trumpets in Revelation


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