6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes offshore near Chiapas Mexico

January 21, 2012MEXICOA 6.2 magnitude earthquake has struck offshore near Chiapas Mexico. The earthquake was relatively deep at 66 km (41 miles) and generated no tsunami concerns. The epicenter of the earthquake was 91 km from Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico and was 281 miles from Guatemala City, Guatemala. –The Extinction Protocol
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5 Responses to 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes offshore near Chiapas Mexico

  1. luisport says:

    Jan 19th CME Arriving Now! Just a short post here. We are now seeing small signs in the ACT data, and on the NICT Magnetosphere Simulation, that the front of the expected Jan 19th CME may be arriving.
    The Density is now climbing. Going from 5.9 to 14. 5
    Now it is a waiting game to see if the bulk of the CME is directed north of earth, and will only give us a glancing blow, or will have more of a direct impact.
    We will update if we notice any sharp jumps in the ACE data


  2. this one felt like the end-o-the world.
    love this site…
    all singing; all dancing; all disasters!!!


  3. luisport says:

    BreakingNewsBreaking News
    Update: Official says quake in southern Mexico caused panic; no early reports of major damage, injuries – @AP http://apne.ws/rOISiQ

    há 15 minutos


  4. K says:

    Saw an article not sure if it’s a reliable news site but it said mega quake warning for CaliMexico Pacific coast the next 7 days because of this one. I have friends and family going to Mexico and Cali in next few days should I tell them to be careful. Oh heck I just will the world is unpredictable as it is. God Bless. Also 5.0 Hawaii.


    • JerseyCynic says:

      K – I’m deciding whether or not I deliberately try to get my hubby out of a business trip (sorry honey, I must not have cooked that all the way? — sorry honey, I didn’t mean to drop that on your foot and break your toe…?) cause he’s heading to Tijuana next week. I usually try to stay away from the computer when he travels, and retreat to my “happy place” until he comes home (which he ALWAYS does)

      Is this the article you might be referring to? — Not sure about this one, either….

      I’m thinking it’s probably not wise for me to get worked up over this — I have enough sleeping issues already

      I’m just going to go pull ALL my hair out right now…


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