5 killed by first tropical storm to hit southern Mozambique since 1984

January 21, 2012MOZAMBIQUEFive people died and thousands were affected in the first tropical storm to hit southern Mozambique since 1984, an official said Thursday. Tropical Storm Dando hit the southern African country from Sunday to Tuesday with gusts of up to 120 kilometers (75 miles) per hour and rainfall of over 200 millimeters (7.8 inches). It has since dissipated, leaving behind destruction and flooding. “In total the deaths amounted to five people,” said Dulce Chilundo, head of the National Emergency Operations Centre. Three people died in Gaza province and two in neighboring Maputo province. “Three people were electrocuted, one person died when a tree fell on their house. Another was swept away when they tried to cross a river,” Chilundo told AFP. In Gaza, Dando flooded 3,766 houses, while 247 were inundated in the capital Maputo. In three southern provinces 287 classrooms were left without rooftops. “We are also warning those in flood-prone areas to leave these places in order to avert the repeat of the cataclysmic scenario of 2000,” Chilundo said. Twelve years ago 700 people died and half a million were displaced in the worst floods in the impoverished country’s history. Heavy rains this week have pounded the northern part of neighboring South Africa, causing a down flow into Mozambique that pushed the Komati, Magude and Goba rivers above alert levels, according to the National Water Directorate. Since Tuesday Mozambique’s southern dam Massingir has pushed discharges from 25 cubic meters per second to 5,200 cubic meters per second on Thursday. –Terra Earth
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2 Responses to 5 killed by first tropical storm to hit southern Mozambique since 1984

  1. luisport says:

    Major Tornado Outbreak Possible Sunday Afternoon thru Sunday Night

    NOTE: *Concern continues to increase on potential major tornado outbreak Sunday night into Monday*


    • luisport says:

      SPC is forecasting a negative tilt trough with strong mid-level jet.

      Target area: lower MS Valley thrugh GA.

      Stayed tuned for updates.


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