Increased activity at volcanoes in Guatemala

January 20, 2012GUATEMALA Fuego volcano produced explosions observed on 11-13 and on 16 January, which produced ash plumes rising 400-1000 m above the crater. Shock waves and rumbling sounds accompanied the explosions and rattled windows and roofs in nearby villages. Rock avalanches traveled SW into the Ceniza drainage and on the W, S, and SW flanks. At night on 13 and 16 January incandescence was visible from the crater. –Volcano Discovery
Santa Maria Volcano activity: The lava dome growth of Santiaguito continues at moderate levels. Sporadic explosions produce ash clouds that rise up to 600-800 m above the lava dome and mostly drift SW. A viscous lava flow is active on the SE flank. Block avalanches are generated from the front of the lava flow and on the SW flank, accompanied by rumbling noises. –Volcano Discovery
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  1. tasmeen says:

    This is bad.


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