5 Responses to Russia warns West it risks war over Syria, Iran

  1. P.P. says:

    I came across this and thought, hmm…. interesting 3, count them 3 aircraft carriers in the Arabian Sea…… Article is an interesting read and leaves one to wonder….. how soon does WW3 start?
    Thanks for this great site and keeping us all informed as to what the REAL news is in this ever changing world we live in.


  2. Blessed says:

    We all knew that Russia was never really a democratic nation. Satan is alive and well in Russia.


    • stef says:

      And how to name what’s happening in USA ?! Democracy is dying under sionist pressure and all kind of abuses becomes something normal – Russia’s position is necesary for an equilibrium state


  3. Philippino Bob says:

    Hello P.P.
    You asked:
    “…how soon does WW3 start?…”

    You should perhaps reformulate and ask:
    How soon are we all going to die?

    There will be no survivors this time!


  4. Cerey E. Runyon says:

    This is serious, ugly and terrifying! This is all too real. These situations are hard for me to get my head around. There is nearly nothing in the mainstream media about these world tensions.
    The “Extinction Protocol 2012” website is incredible. I have been subscribed for about six months and get most of my news through this site and You-tube.
    I wonder how much “real news” will be available when the government gets there foot in the door to control and regulate the Internet?
    So many people are no longer are “in the dark”
    I just keep wondering; what insanity is motivating “The Elite” to not only allow a world thermo-nuclear war to supervene but to proliferate it? B.R.B…
    … Forgive me, I had to just go throw up. I probably only have ten or fifteen years left on this planet. I am not worried about me. I am horrified at what our children will face and I fear for all of humanity.


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