Winter returns with a vengeance: Seattle to be hit with biggest snow storm in decades

January 18, 2012SEATTLEThe snow into Thursday could end up being one of Seattle’s biggest snowstorms on record. The storm and its heavy snowfall have the potential to close passes in the Cascades, clog streets at sea level with tons of snow and slush and force flight delays and cancellations. Near the coast, the snow will be heavy, wet and difficult to shovel. The combination of heavy, wet snow with gusty winds in some areas will down trees, taking power lines with them. In the mountains, a yard or more of snow will fall in the high country. The combination of the excessive snow now and rising temperatures late in the week will increase the risk of avalanches. The heaviest rate of snow will hit Seattle Wednesday, when the snow could come down at an inch-per-hour pace for a time. –Accuweather
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6 Responses to Winter returns with a vengeance: Seattle to be hit with biggest snow storm in decades

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I wish I would get a massive snowstorm. This is the first winter since I have lived in the NC mountains that we didn’t already have multiple 2ft blizzards by this time of year, it’s weird and it bothers me. I’m all ready for it too, by November I had stocked up on firewood, food, charcoal, water, pet food, candles and batteries. All we have gotten is a few dustings. It’s ridiculous, but it’s also worriesome, as it’s a bad sign for our climate. I would have thought that our winter would be snowy and cold because of all of the volcanoes this past year, but I guess the sun activity canceled them out, as it’s been really warm, although rainy. I look forward to winter all year (I hate hot weather, I’m a winter girl!) and I’ve been gipped out of it. I guess there is still time for it to turn.

    I hope the people of Seattle will be okay, it’s much worse to have this kind of weather in a large city then out here in the country. It also sounds like it’s going to be a different kind of snow then we get, wet and heavy rather than dry and fluffy, I guess because of the coast. Good luck, friends! Stay warm and safe.


    • Debbie says:

      I use to live in Seattle. The hills are numerous and steep. Snow is a time to relax in that city and just have fun sledding down the side streets and golf courses.


  2. Warren says:

    Well Here in Seattle and on the news they are telling people stay home and be safe. Me I am getting my winter gear on and going to make a few snow angels and load up on snowballs to have fun with the neighbors. Alvin, I hope you had a Happy New Year and God Bless You.



  3. Phyllis says:

    I live in SC,and we hardly ever have snow anymore,I remeber having good snows when I was little,every winter,but now,like i said,we are lucky if we get to see about 3 inches once a year,this year I am betting we will not see any.


  4. Steve Forbes says:

    Any indications that this weather is going to cross the pond to us here in the UK?


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