5 Responses to Time to bailout the bailouter? IMF seeks $600 billion in new funding to cope with crisis

  1. Bill K says:

    Where’s this “money” coming from? The Fed’s printing press?


  2. RainMan says:

    I thought time was of the essence, the last comment in this article by the IMF spokesman sums it up, ‘exploring options’….’necessary consultations’………can kicking.


  3. Bone Idle says:

    The U.S., Russia and the U.K. will not be stumping up funds for the I.M.F.
    I.M.F. seeks 600billion is a pipe dream.


  4. Philippino Bob says:

    We better pray for the ‘kick-the-can’ effect to keep on going, because we are not going to like it if/when it stops…. no kidding here!


  5. cat says:

    Don’t you people have any pride? Aren’t you even, just a little bit ashamed of yourselves? Why should they loan you any of their money, knowing you will never pay it back. Just let it die,already!


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