NASA image and documented video provide first glimpse of new island formed in the Red Sea

January 18, 2012RED SEANASA has released two stunning images of the world’s newest, and as yet unnamed, island. Located about 60 miles from the coast of Yemen the new island began forming by volcanic activity in mid-December 2011.  After nearly a month long eruption NASA believes that the volcano has now stopped: creating this peanut shaped island. The satellite images show the new island among neighboring islands and clearly show the cinder cone at the island’s centre. The new island is only a few meters from Rugged Island and Haycock Island in the Red Sea and now forms the 11th island in the Zubair Islands group located between Yemen and Eritrea. It measures 530 by 710 meters (1,700 by 2,300 feet) across and has surprised many scientists who didn’t expect the eruption from the Red Sea volcano to form any long lasting land mass. Eruptions such as this usually form short lived islands but NASA expects that this one will remain a permanent feature on the map. Below, the eruption in the Red Sea is captured on video. The scale of the eruption and how little press attention it received is both equally surprising. –Sociable
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8 Responses to NASA image and documented video provide first glimpse of new island formed in the Red Sea

  1. Phyllis says:

    our media wouldnt care or report it if a planet or comet slammed head on into us,they have been completely bought out to be a tool.


  2. Xavier says:

    Hi Alvin,

    News FYI. Two new ‘Tatooine’ planets with two suns discovered



  3. SeriousSneep says:

    I don’t know much about the creation of islands outside of the basics, is it comon for islands to appear so fast?


    • IMG

      This is a remarkable event that’s part of a process few have ever lived to see …not only for the scale of the eruptive event but by the fact that it may be the beginning of major geological change in the region, as the horn of Africa is tearing in two. It began in earnest in 2011 with quake swarms around the Gulf of Aden and Rea Sea, a historical eruption of the volcano in Eritrea and now this island in the Rea Sea. More changes are expected in this region as we can see- Earthchanges fall succinctly under the catastrophic model, where the planet’s surface can be rearranged in a manner of days or weeks, not eons or millions of year. This is exactly the type of changes, the legendary myths in history testify about concerning the shifting of Earth Ages and the undoing of cultures.


  4. streams13 says:

    Isn’t God amazing?

    The birth of a new island! How exciting! It is sad that our media is so concerned with finances and politics and elections that they cannot deem fantastic geologic events as news worthy.

    Technology is advancing at unbelievable rates. From my computer screen in the USA, I can watch the birth of an island in the Red Sea, thousands of miles away. Wow!


  5. tellthetruth1 says:

    Oh boy! Why am I thinking Revelation 8:8? We’ll have to see if anything else happens around there…


  6. Richard Queener says:

    Which country will lay claim to this new island? Will Yemen or Eritrea claim it?


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