Increased activity reported at Colombia’s Cerro Machin volcano

January 18, 2012COLOMBIAAn increase in seismic activity has been observed at Colombia’s Cerro Machin volcano. This was confirmed by the Colombian Geological Survey, which indicated that in the last week, Cerro Machin volcanic tremors, which is associated with rock fracturing within the volcanic edifice, was noted at the. It features a slight increase in seismic activity on January 15 between 3:30 and 4:30 local time. These seismic events were located in the main dome and the south-east of it, at depths ranging between 2 and 12 km. The earthquake of greatest magnitude during the week was 0.73 on the Richter scale, which corresponds to an event recorded on 15 January at 3:21 pm (Local Time). Other parameters are being monitored, as volcanic deformation and geochemistry have not undergone significant changes. The Colombian Geological Survey continues monitoring the evolution of volcanic phenomena in a timely manner and report changes that may occur. About 20,000 people live within the vicinity of the volcano. –La Tarde,  translated
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1 Response to Increased activity reported at Colombia’s Cerro Machin volcano

  1. robert cook says:

    i dont remember a time when there was so much sismic activity wrld wide places where they normaly have earthquakes. more volcanic activity the earth must be heating up from the inside out more than normal.the bible says hell hath enlareged itself.


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