5 Responses to Sum of all fears: Is Iran already in possession of a bomb?

  1. Maverick says:

    Aw, gimme a break. Uncle Sam used the Bomb in anger, has been handing out tactical nukes to its NATO allies, and let France create its own civil and military nuclear programs. Now Iran wants it too. Israel already has it. So what ? I’d like to remind everybody that Bin Laden was Sunni, and his family’s wealth came from the Beardies in Saudi Arabia and was also invested in Carlyle, Inc.
    The guys in Tehran may be un-cool, but let me tell you, here in Europe the Saudi dudes are financing a lot of “cultural” stuff you’d find hair-rising.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Yes, I believe that they might had obtained at least one from North Korea. The reason why they
    have not used it or them has been perhaps an effective means of delivery or they haven’t recived permission form THEIR puppet masters.

    Just an opinion……………


  3. mike says:

    Keep in mind reuters is owned by the rothchilds. all this talk of war and drama has been planned for quite some time.


  4. Bywaternet says:

    Well, if I were leading a country trying to build a nuclear bomb, I would be sowing disinformation like crazy about where I was up to with my programme. And I wouldn’t even test one until I had 8-10 of the things in my grubby little mitts. And I would do the testing right on a fault line so it would look more like an earthquake (probably setting off more) and it would be less likely to be investigated by drone that way. Especially given the fault line running through my country has been seismically active recently. And I would buy at least one from an ally; several probably, in exchange for some oil guarantees.

    Given Russia is in situ to protect Iran at the moment, it may be they have bought one from Russia. It would make sense for Russia to protect it’s nuclear and oil interests, and for it not to get out until it’s too late that they provided the nuke/s.


  5. Mr Sparks says:

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-16995727 – Doesn’t sound good!! I wait with baited breath!!


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