Dead fish wash up on Montaque Ramp in Bahamas

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7 Responses to Dead fish wash up on Montaque Ramp in Bahamas

  1. Steganosv says:

    The video reports various aquatic life of “all shapes and sizes” were affected, but the video footage also shows very little was washed ashore which to me doesn’t illustrate the enormity and or urgency of this aquatic die-off in the Bahamas.

    Past fish/aquatic die-off show a single species (in some cases not all) in the thousands that usually pool-up in a confined area. As we know, these aquatic die-offs have reached shorelines throughout the world and have been reported as being exposed to the following:

    Man-made chemicals
    Oxygen deprivation
    Climate change

    I have yet to find an in-depth study (coupled with common sense) that provides an honest answer in search of the truth. Please feel free to add to the aforementioned list with what you think could be causing global aquatic die-off.

    Upward and onward . . .


  2. Theresa says:

    they need to check for sulfur posioning, as in volcanic or crustal activity.


  3. Lucas says:

    The bible says the animals will be removed from the earth. Hosea 4:1-3


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