7 Responses to U.S. increases aircraft carrier presence in tense Gulf region

  1. Martalien says:

    Geez this is becoming more and more towards WW3 with iranian scientist death i begin to connect the dots, this will be biggest war ever when you count all the ships of different country from around the world involved who will blink and fire 1st?????


  2. radiogirl says:

    know who is in control….hold fast to what is right…understand what drives the enemy.


  3. Philippino Bob says:

    Diversion, diversion, diversion!!!
    Keep the masses unaware of the real domestic problems.
    The financial Armageddon is just a few years from now.

    Those of you who are old enough may remember how the Argentinian junta used the diversion by creating the Falkland Islands War with the British with the hope that they may kick the can (domestic problems) for very long time.
    They made a terrible mistake, the British were not interested in a long war and the domestic (Argentinian) financial Armageddon inevitably followed.


    • Bully says:

      Financial Armageddon is here, The Banks are merely shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic, whilst it is going down. It’s only a matter of weeks or months. The .gov’s of the world know this, and only have one last stunt / trick to pull off, WW3.

      That would buy them a couple more years max.


  4. Philippino Bob says:

    This is the real threat!:…. This is our Armageddon!!!
    Just try to understand some of the numbers, especially the one called US Unfunded liabilities! It is in the right lower corner.
    We have just crossed the 100% ratio, US debt/GDP.
    Think about it!


  5. Fillade says:

    Who has consistantly announced a course of action, a program, a policy direction and has consistantly proceeded 180 degrees in the opposite direction thru executive order or total ignorance of the legeslative process.
    That same person is now detailing a fast track streamlining of all major federal agencies, to save taxpayer funds to help the nation he has worked overtime to destroy.
    This plan is following his statement, “I Promise You, Things Will Change”.
    The near agenda of the Progressives is to reduce the economic level of ths nation to that of the EU or lower. This will supress the resistance to their NWO electronic curency control,SDR.
    The enormous covert funding of the police state monster is standing in the next room, waiting.
    This move solidifies the varrious levers into one, when he pulls the martial law trigger, all will be in order, efficiently. There will be no one to blame and no place to go.



  6. prepppin pawpaw says:

    Just seen this and figured I’d pass it along…….things seem to be heating ul….


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