Pestilence Watch: Bird Flu outbreak concerns rattle nerves across the globe

January 12, 2012INDIANA – The days of medical masks at airports and widespread panic may be coming back—that’s because at least 12 humans are believed to have been infected with a new strain of swine flu that’s not covered by this season’s vaccine. The new swine flu strain, H3N2v, has shown at least some potential for human-to-human transmission in those 12 individuals, which makes it especially dangerous. Between 2009 and mid-2010, more than 17,000 people died worldwide from the highly contagious H1N1 swine flu strain, leading the World Health Organization to call the strain a pandemic. The 12 people with the new swine flu strain live in Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Officials for the Centers for Disease Control say the sample size of H3N2 infections is too small to know whether it will pose a threat to the population at large. “It’s a very small sample and it’s geographically spread, which makes it more difficult to get a handle on it,” says Jeffrey Dimond, a CDC spokesman. “Most of the cases have come through direct contact with the animals, through the 4H Club and that sort of thing.” In order to have a true threat of causing an epidemic or pandemic, Dimond says the virus needs to spread easily between humans. “If you’re in close contact with someone who’s ill, that’s one thing,” he says. “To make it like the pandemic flu of a few years ago, it has to be highly contagious from human to human.” H3N2v or another new flu strain could disrupt what CDC officials expected to be a relatively quiet flu season. Each year’s flu vaccine protects against specific strains of the virus that researchers expect to circulate. In October, Joe Bresee, chief of CDC’s influenza epidemiology and prevention branch, said he was confident this year’s vaccine would protect against the most dangerous flu strains. –U.S. News 
Indonesia tallies 3rd victim of H5N1 in 90 days: Jakarta, Indonesia – A 24-year-old man has died from the bird flu in Jakarta, becoming the third Indonesian victim of the virus in three months. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, head of the Health Ministry’s communicable diseases department, confirmed the death and said tests showed that the man was infected with the H5N1 avian influenza virus from birds living around his house. “We have taken samples from birds around his home and are waiting for lab results to determine if they were infected with the virus,” he said. The World Health Organization reports that Indonesia experienced 150 deaths from bird flu between 2003 and 2011. –Gant Daily 
H5N1 bird outbreak declared in district of India: Meghalaya government Wednesday confirmed that the samples of dead birds sent to Bhopal tested positive of bird-flu. “The government sent samples of birds died on the government-run farm at Williamnagar, to the Bhopal-High Security Animal Disease Laboratory have tested positive of H5N1,” Prashant Naik, principal secretary of Animal and Husbandry department told Nagaland Post. As soon as the laboratory informed about the reports, Wednesday evening, Meghalaya government alerted all district authorities. More than 3,000 poultry birds have died in the past few weeks on a farm in Williamnagar, the district headquarters of East Garo Hills district. We have asked the district administration to monitor health of all the birds and the movement of birds from the affected area has also been stopped,” Naik said. District administrations in the western part of Meghalaya, meanwhile, have imposed Section 144 CrPC banning movement and selling of poultry and poultry products after the confirmation of bird flu. “It has been decided to immediately commence the culling of birds and destruction of eggs and feed material to control further spread of the disease. The virus has been contained in the affected area,” Praveen Bakshi, district magistrate of East Garo Hills said. “The culling will start from tomorrow (Thursday) within a radius of three kilometres of the infected area,” Bakshi said, adding that movement of farm personnel, restricting access to wild and stray birds and stopping access to infected premises has been banned. In addition, surveillance has been ordered in surrounding areas up to 10 km. –Nagaland Post
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4 Responses to Pestilence Watch: Bird Flu outbreak concerns rattle nerves across the globe

  1. Most people don’t know or don’t want to know that there is De-Population Program running (since the beginning of the 20 th Centruy.
    Vaccinations are promoted, Viruses are spread out, Cures are suppressed, the Soil is more and more polluted, Food is less and less nutritious … other Foods are made toxic etc. etc. and last not least HAARP is doing its work!
    We are all in danger, when we don’t start to awaken … and are realizing WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON!


  2. pierre says:

    There is a revolution ahead. The utilization of hydrogen peroxide. You ended a lot of sicknesses with that stuff. So much it is about ninety five percent of the modern drugs that goes to the trash can. Since the 1912 the pharmacists had done anything to get us away from the utilization of hydrogen peroxide. For some nations it is already the standard. There is no side-effect with it, it is water, oxygenated water. It may become to say that the pharmacists had been, are criminals. They proved that democracy do not exist when you have the cash. The big persons of yours, they are the results of the utilization of their drugs by the females. Eventually they will cease to produce viable offspring. Probably they are at the root of the battle against Pot. But at first, the original crisis, it was not against Pot, it was hemp. Then it is oil they are afraid, hemp or pot oil. Always for cash, democracy is corrupted. And the planet is doing badly. If it was only a Global Warming but it is a theory… false, while the Cosmos will continue to remain cold and empty.


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