It has begun: UFO reports skyrocket in first weeks of 2012

January 12, 2012WORLDDuring the first week of 2012, UFO reports streamed in from around the world as numerous eyewitnesses described and videotaped strange things in the sky. Whether they were balloons, conventional aircraft or misidentified astronomical objects, the new year of UFO sightings is off and running as the worldwide proliferation of digital video cameras and phone cams makes it easier than ever to photograph unusual sights in the sky above us. The Colorado-based Mutual UFO Network, the largest UFO investigative organization in the world, received many reports of UFOs during the first week of the year from eyewitnesses in 36 out of 50 states. The 14 states that haven’t reported in so far are Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming — but the year is young. ‘For the entire month of January 2011, MUFON recorded around 500 reports, and we’re already up to 233 after just the first week of 2012,’ said MUFON international director Clifford Clift. ‘For December, we had 810, compared to about 500 in December 2010,’ Clift told The Huffington Post. Last year, we averaged over 6,000 total sightings, and if it continues at this pace, we’ll be up 50 percent, with about 10 percent of those reports ending up as unexplained after our investigation,” he said. According to New Zealand’s, in the first 24 hours of the New Year, it received “almost 80 reports and they’re still flooding in at about 10 an hour. Many people around the world have been outside celebrating the New Year. In the U.S., where most of the sightings came from, conditions were fairly mild and dry in many areas, so more people were outside to see things,” weather analyst Philip Duncan said in a statement. –Huffington Post
“Even him, whose coming if after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders.” -2 Thess. 2:9
“The increasing number of appearances of these unidentified sun chariots of Lucifer is an omen of more troubling things emerging on the horizon. Each paranormal UFO event is pushing the world closer to what some are calling full disclosure from government agencies or worst, a broadcasted UFO public event that will be seen by billions.” The Extinction Protocol, page 427
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38 Responses to It has begun: UFO reports skyrocket in first weeks of 2012

  1. Jake says:

    I think you are right on with this; a great deception is being set up.


  2. Chris says:

    ” unidentified sun chariots of Lucifer “… people shouldn’t be saying that. You don’t see them invading our planet and enslaving our people. And really, if they wanted to do it, they’d have already done it. There’s always been a lot of UFO reports as well, it’s just because almost everybody has a phone with a camera now that we are getting more and more reports.


    • The invasion is the mind and body…and it’s already begun. It’s called demonic possession.

      The Bible says “Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth and of the sea! the devil is come down unto you having great wrath because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” Reveation 12:12

      This game has even started yet…this world doesn’t know what a real zombie is. It’s not what you see on tv. That’s a person taken over by an entity and under the complete control of an inhabitated alien or demonic being that commits unspeakable acts of evil.


      • Emmeleia says:

        I have read a few articles on this sight and enjoyed them….Our governments and the redeemer complex based religions are what have made us Zombies.. Now is a time for a cleansing. A wonderful rebirth. The watchers have been waiting for this for a long time I think. We are the big show, the human evolution is something to wonder at. The powers that rule our major civilizations have indeed known they have had a short time. They have been squeezing tighter and tighter holds, trying to keep us looking down at our computers, phones, and all the products we just have to have that keep us outside of our own spirituality and oneness with everything and everyone. I personally can not wait,
        I have hope for the future of humanity and we are all part of this wonderful process and have been, and will be forever. 2012 is just a number.


    • Not Deceived says:

      If our government wasn’t so willing to use these evil entities for there own agenda, and ancient (advanced)technology. Don’t you think they would have already come out with everything they know? And you will be one of the primed sheeple so willing to believe the deception that is coming on the planet. Woe to you.


    • Vindi says:

      They’re simply biding their time. DOn’t you worry, they’ll be here soon enough. It’s all part of the Luciferian Agenda.


  3. Heather says:

    Wow. It’s incredibly heartening to hear your thoughts on this, Alvin, as I’ve been thinking along these same lines myself for a while now. I told my family after the massive declassification of gov’t “UFO files” a few years back that I suspected we were in for a massive con job, & the subsequent flurry of UFO-related media has only reinforced that belief. Looks like 2012 really is shaping up to be one heck of a year – and it’s only January.


    • Some of this is clandestine technology, some are holograms, the contacts, mutilations, and abductions are satanic. The detailed accounts are all the same. By Whitley Strieber on accounts, author of Communion, of his abduction, he said himself he was in the presence of what he precieved as ‘demonic entities.’ The veil between what’s invisible and what’s visible is being lifted as iniquity increases on Earth and God’s Spirit is simultaneous withdrawn.


  4. /SleepingVillage/ says:

    So, are you basically saying UFOs are piloted by Lucifer? It’s just as possible that they’re piloted by your “God”…. In fact, there’s more evidence of the latter, if you look at ancient history with a dogma filter firmly in place.


    • 1950’s alleged UFO sighting

      Present day UFO sighting appearing as electromagnetic orbs

      1974 photograph of demonic entity haunting Doris Bither in the shape of EM orb

      The flying orbs or winged discs of Egypt and the snake (Lucifer)

      Why would God need a machine? His Spirit moved [Hebrew: me·ra·che·fet ] hoovered on the waters in Genesis. Genesis 1:2 If you follow the history of these appearances, they have become more sophisticated in appearance as man’s technology has changed and as Sci-fi movies have progressed on the big screen. Go from the 50’s to the present day.

      Wake-up, you’re being played…


      • sophie says:

        I had a wonderful conversation w/ my hubby this AM concerning this very topic. We are made in the image of GOD and are the only species capable of carrying his spark, (holy spirit): as such, we are hated by the fallen ones who, though magnificent and powerful, will never be able to contain the spirit of GOD. They, (the fallen ones), have taken some of the secrets of heaven as stated in the books of Enoch but, not all of the secrets. Hence the use of the Lucferian carriages. The CREATOR of the universe is more than capable of using his spark to do whatever he chooses. The enemy has a plan for destruction of mankind; our HOLY GOD has a plan of redemption of all he created and no matter how awful it appears her on terra firma his plan will succeed!


  5. Fernalea says:

    I thank God continually for all of your hard work, Alvin. I am in awe that you can continue to keep up with all of the current events of this day and time, and pray for you that you can continue even as the pace of these events continues to increase. I know you are busy, but this article does bring up a couple of questions, please. You mention “sun chariots of Lucifer”. Is this your reference to UFO’s? Am I to interpret that all UFO’s and “alien” references are of Satanic origin? I’ve not heard this theory and am interested in learning more, specifically from a Biblical standpoint. God bless you as as much as we are blessed in having you run the gauntlet for us, keeping us all informed.


    • I think the interpretation of these events is left up to the individual but what I know is intelligent beings are not visiting Earth from worlds afar. I wrote in my book these events would increase as we approached 2012 and they are…Return of Queztacoatl, (Lucifer), the Year of the Dragon (Lucifer), the double transit of Venus, Lucifer’s name to the ancients. This is a year where Luciferism takes center stage and we’re going to see many strange events in the coming days we thought we would never see. Including the appearances of apparitions, spirits and otherworldly creatures.

      In all honest, I think if most of us had such a craft on Earth…(before we all kill ourselves) we’ld be the first to leave this planet and never look back. Myself included…


  6. Brian Dakin says:

    Sun chariot from Lucifer…:) I did not know Religion was so hot in here 🙂

    Much Love


  7. Javi says:

    I used to think, and even believe, that maybe we were not alone in the universe. But when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, it’s as if my eyes were opened to this UFO deception. I no longer see these things as other species in the universe but species in the same line as demons and devils.


  8. nickk0 says:

    I wonder how many of these ‘U.F.O.’s, are “real”. Doubtless, most of them are just Identifiable Flying Objects.
    But, we’ll always wonder, about the few, that are truly, “UNidentified”.


  9. IMG

    The unidentified sun chariots of Lucifer. The winged disc of the Sun and the snake were spotted as orbs of lights since the earliest antiquity. If anybody really believe intelligent space travelers from a distant galaxy are visting a planet as screwed up as Earth, where nearly 1/3 of inhabitants are suffering some form of mental illness and the majority of powerful nation states are hell-bent on war and destroying the planet when there is supposed to be 100 billion planets in the Milky Way along- in my opinion, they need their head examined.


    • Chris says:

      Whatever is “visiting” us, has appeared many times before in human history that is for sure. So these things in the sky must have reason to be here… or at least visiting on daily basis..


      • The Bible tells us exactly what they are: demons. And I’m not the only one saying it. There is a grand deception behind these things and woe unto all those who don’t head the warning. This is beyond Egyptology, this is beyond the paranormal. This involves the convergence of a One world government, Luciferianism, the occult, demonoloy, elements in the Vatican, world leaders and a coming war of annhilation. This is bigger than anyone knows it is and if anyone thinks they’ve got the corner on this because they’ve had an experience with an ET, or they are involved in the occult, or the New Age- they’re in for the shock of their lives.


        “Aliens and demons manipulating the world towards a War”

        “And I saw three unclean spirits (demons) like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of teh earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty.” Revelation 16:13, 14

        Frogs, have large heads and frog-like fingers just like the aliens- the unclean spirits, or demons appearing to many as aliens in UFO’s. The Iranian president has already said he has been in contact with a being claiming to be the Mahdi and he is to be apart of the final war and George Bush said the whole reason for the Gulf War was because “Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East…” and that he was apart of a plan fulfilling Bible prophecies, according to the GQ magazine interview that was noted in Mother Jones, August 6, 2009.

        Even the Vatican says it’s okay to believe in aliens, setting up its own observatory in Arizona searching for signs from these creatures:

        If these world leaders are already being influenced by beings appearing to them as messengers of light nudging them towards a war, or one world religion to avoid the coming chastisment, 3 days of darkness, and sign in the Sky…we’re heading for a civilization breakdown and an apocalyptic war.

        Folks, it’s time to get wise before the storm blows.


    • alexe says:

      Well said !


    • W

      Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabitants of earth, and of the sea, for the devil is come down unto you having great wrath because he knoweth he hath a short time.” Revelation 12:12

      The Book of Revelation was written almost 2,000 years ago and yet it clearly says there are people living in the heavens before modern man knew what a telescope even was.* They are intelligent beings, humans, like us…on too many planets to count but unlike this wretched little Earth- they are unfallen.They never sinned by transgression as did Adam and Eve. They are not reptiles, demons, greys, incorporeal beings of light- they are humans just like us. God created many worlds…Earth is the only one in the creation that fell by transgression and sin. There is no contact with these worlds nor will there be until Satan and those who follow him are destroyed in the lake of fire, which the Bible calls the 2nd great death. Rev. 20:14 – and then Earth will be reconciled back into the creation family and will be united with the family of the infinite universe. Earth is now quarantined by sin…and they will be no contact with these unfallen worlds. What is visiting Earth is inter-dimensions beings, not from afar, but from an interdimension connected with our own- hence the sudden appearance and disappearance of them and their craft, just like spirts and ghosts. The Bible calls these creatures unclean spirits or fallen angels, which we know as demons. You can read about what UFOs really are on the PDF link JM provided.

      Again, as I have said before…if these beings were really interested in human welfare, why didn’t they warn the world of what was coming before the great flood of Noah or any of the 4 world catastrophes of the Hopis. The only reason they are showing up in mass now is because as like the Bible says, Satan knows his time is almost up and they are here to decieve the world. And apparently it’s working…

      *The telescope was invented in the 1600’s


  10. kittymamma says:

    I do know we are not alone…..but what are people gonna do with 5th & 6th trumpet when it happens?! When an “alien” locust torments us for exactly 5 months and the 4 angels bound @ Euphrates are released to kill 1/3 of mankind?! You only need to read scripture to get an idea of what all these different “celestial” creatures are and Wow do I get excited reading about how God travels(Ezekiel 1:4-28) They will be aliens to us…the good and the evil ones both…even they have a purpose to serve under God…all for His will=)


  11. J.M. says:

    I don`t know if this will get posted but Alvin is right, those UFOs are no other alien species, they are entities of otherworld indeed however unlike what we have been taught, they are most likely not from this universe. Check this out for some info about why they are demonic in nature, from a scientific point of view:


    • nickk0 says:

      J.M. – THANK you for posting that link.

      Very interesting, indeed….. Especially since they are citing quotes from ‘noted’ UFO ‘experts’.


    • It can only be considered extreme if the standard is in your mind to judge all others by. I don’t recall you being born with such a task. I’m not here to prove anything to anyone and I don’t care if you agree with me or disagree- it’s what the Bible says. You asked a point adressed to me specifically; I answered it. I resent your insinuation of calling me blinded by anything because that biblical point happens to differ from you and is not what you want to hear. Please get over yourself.


  12. Dear Alvin,
    since you mentioned the term “Orbs” in your reply,s I would like to ask, what kind of energy forms are the orbs, which we see on pictures made with flash light? I have no fixed concept about this.
    I agree that UFo,s and the like are under the spell of luciferian forces. I know some friends who are under the spell of it and wait desperately for some more messages and getting a lift up to other planets, listening to different people channelling all sorts of beings. I,m not convinced about space ships coming to pick me up.


    • L

      The same energy which spirits use to materialize into this world. Demons are deformed and fallen intelligent angels. They also have power over material matter, to possess it, interact with it and alter its form. They possess humans, engage in genetic tests with UFO appearances to create hybrid creatures to spread confusion among species, and they mutilate and torture animals and people. The experience can be hallucinatory or as real as they choose to make it. They’re in control- the victim isn’t. If you want more proof these things are summoned by demonology; see the below news clip. The practioner is using the same technique spiritualists use to contact spirits from the other side via meditation, ouji boards, ritual, and or seances: Note what he says, ‘The Voice in his head.

      People think they have got this all figured out. That these alien beings are intelligent and have chosen them to channel their message. They feel chosen. They have seen them with their own eyes and know they are real… They’re in for a very rude awakening.


  13. tellthetruth1 says:

    The very first Scripture I come to is this one: Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, INVENTORS OF EVIL THINGS, disobedient to parents, … (Romans 1:30).


  14. Tyson says:

    I have beleived they are demons for a long time since proclaiming Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. It amazes me that people are so quick to beleive in aleins from another world but quick to try and quiet those that proclaim the Gospel.


  15. Scott says:

    Hello, I think that kittymama is on the right track, anyone who has studied the bible has read about “chariots of the Lord” more than once, although I don’t think that the true living God needs it himself. Alvin is also on track about demons acting as aliens just look at the history channel try to tell us that they are our creators, they were created and are not God! But there are more than demons in the heavens above us that is the true unknown part of this! “They” did make something on earth and they did corrupt the true line or offspring of Adam and Eve, which is why we are born in sin and need to be born again of the Holy Spirit of the True Living God!


  16. Randolph says:

    I live near Albuquerque and I personally witnessed a strange light a few nights ago. It wast light orange in color, the light was constant I did not see any blinking lights. I would have to say it was flying at about 7 thousand feet. It took a straight path over the Sandia mountains near Albuquerque. Then a few weeks ago In November my mother saw a classic silver cigar shaped craft flying at a really high altitude, it flew right over our house. Sightings have been up here and apparently all over the world. I have also speculated that it could be a combination of evil men inside the government working with these demonic entities. I have read that many sightings take place near government buildings, usually air force bases. Maybe the demonic creatures are being evoked to manifest at these locations through some sort of magical ritual. Or perhaps these demonic creatures are drawn to military installations because of the evil the genocidal military exudes. I have read a little on the correlation between UFO sightings and Ghost sightings or being in the presence of something supernatural. The same thing happens over and over again, the witness or witnesses always say they get the feeling of being watched, and that the actual orb or light they were watching was aware they were looking at it. Sounds pretty creepy to me. The same thing happens when a so-called spirit or ghost is in a room or in the presence of a person. I believe all ghosts are actually demons pretending to be ghosts in various manifestations. Good article! One last thing check out “Saucers Of The Illumnati” by Jim Keith, it is a great book! I also believe the New World Order could play their Project Blue Beam card. Just remember they have many cards to choose from when it comes to bringing their one world government with satan as their world president.


  17. TrueFaith says:

    Maybe people would not disbelief in christian or catholic god if the religion was not pushed thru the world at the tip of a sword. This is just my opionon of why some of us have such problems with this religion. Also look into any other historical religion and read the books..the bibles have the most violent outlook and most sacrafices in any recorded religion today! While i do believe in god i do not believe in the typical public versions. So yes i do pray and do believe- just a little differently than most. So may God bless us all!!


  18. Kristi says:

    My husband and I took a trip to Gatlinburg last year for our one year anniversary. We sat in our car at the top parking lot of Clingman’s Dome. As we were watching the sunset, my husband noticed a strange light in the sky. I immediately dismissed it as a star or something. Then it started moving. It glowed orange, which I imagine was from the reflection of the sun. It would disappear and reappear, traveling in a chaotic manner that an airplane couldn’t replicate. We got out of the car and took pictures. Sure enough, it was one of those strange orbs everyone was seeing. It’s funny because when we went up there we thought if ever there was a time to see a UFO, on top of Clingman’s Dome would be the time. And we saw it.


  19. yamkin says:

    UFO Parked By The Sun – 2nd May 2012


  20. Cristina says:

    I just want to comment on this article. Like many people, I was lead to believe that these aliens are beings that live in another planet. Well, what can you expect? We have had so many movies, shows, reports, articles about them. But I never took them seriously. But I’m convinced now that they’re actually the fallen angels. I guess God revealed them to me when I had been praying the whole nine-day novena and chaplet of the Divine Mercy on the Feast Day of the Divine Mercy. I was separated from these “gray aliens” and black formless things with what seemed like a white concrete prison (which seemed to grow thicker the longer I prayed). It was so very clear to me that I could make out the outline of their forms, their color and their large black eyes. Exactly like the photo you posted up there: grayish, skinny, bald, with long thin arms and large almond shaped black orbs. They, together with the black formless things, appeared to be restless. I later on searched the internet and I found a site describing what I saw. I was shocked that these aliens or frog-like things were actually described in the Book of Revelation. Also, the fact that the demons are often described as “rulers of the air” in the Scriptures corroborated that discovery.


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