Tropical Cyclone Heidi to bring torrential rains to NW Australia

January 11, 2012AUSTRALIATropical Cyclone Heidi is crossing Western Australia’s Pilbara coast, bringing strong winds and heavy rains to the region. A red alert has been sounded for Port Hedland as storm surges threaten to inundate low lying parts of the town. “We’re certainly feeling the full brunt of Cyclone Heidi as she crosses the coast,” Port Hedland Mayor Kelly Howlett told Channel 9 this morning. “She’s certainly packing a little punch at the moment. “We’ve certainly got the wind gusts of a about 140km and very heavy rain.” Heidi started making landfall around 4.30am WST. She urged all residents to remain indoors until the official all clear is given. Communities between Pardoo and Whim Creek have all been ordered to shelter while those further inland were told to gather up emergency supplies and brace for Heidi’s wrath. The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said winds of up to 120km/h had been whipping along the coast with destructive gusts up to 150 km/h possible in some places. Forecasters said up to 250 mm of rain is possible with the storm. The West Australian newspaper reported that Port Hedland’s airport and bulk export port had shut down. –Herald Sun
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1 Response to Tropical Cyclone Heidi to bring torrential rains to NW Australia

  1. Hi Ext P.
    Yes this cyclone was associated with a swag of radar anomalies out of the Tindal AFB in the Northern Territory and also out of the North west cape and Port Headland area. There are always strange radar returns along the deserted North west coast of OZ. this Cyclone will probably bring big weather and rain right across to the East Coast.
    We have had a very wet and cool / cold summer on the east coast this year, odd warm to hot day, but cool and wet, hardly summer.
    have a few U tube vids on this if you are interested.
    Keep up the good work


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