10 Responses to Magnetic bomb kills nuclear scientist in Iran; Israel accused

  1. tellthetruth1 says:

    The way this world is going, Alvin, this might push Iran even further towards completion of whatever they are doing. What goes on in people’s minds? It’s all getting very disturbing:(


    • As I said in my book, The Extinction Protocol, Israel’s clandestine war has been unleashed against Iran for sometime now and its intensifying. For all practical purposes, the proxy war with Iran has already started…and the world is only one trigger-event away from a global crisis.


  2. jade says:

    They can fight there own f*#kin wars if this is what their trying to provoke!!!


  3. Good Luck says:

    1) Sticky bombs are nasty
    2) It’s really not rocket science to figure out where it came from, and why. (ah like stuxnet virus pretty much know who/where it came from) .

    I would however, prefer that they spare the lives of those people and put them somewhere that they can do no harm..and let GOD sort this out shorlty. He’s about to wrap things up down here.
    He’s done with the useless/petty affairs of man.

    Cart them off to a secret place, feed & cloth them..but dont kill them! Have they done wrong? You bet your ass they have! But let GOD decide the fate of their existance! Dont worry..He’s going to do this shortly – let GOD do this!

    LIkely huge, incredible catostrophic seismic event will happen..followed by (no brainier) global collapse. For those of you who dont know or read the Bible,, this will be straight out of The Book Of Revelations.

    For those of you who have been spewing twisted, manipulated garbage out of your mouths, well.. you need to stand by too!


  4. Chris LeBlanc says:

    Killing the director of a uranium enrichment facility… For some reason I don’t find it hard to believe that this murder is tied to attempts to cripple nuclear progression.


  5. Columbine says:

    Have you noticed the number of earthquakes in Iran over the past week? According the USGS, which records on the main page only those over 4.5 unless someone reports feeling smaller ones:
    5.1 2012/01/11 17:08:02 (depth:)20.1 NORTHERN IRAN
    4.6 2012/01/11 06:06:25 (depth:) 9.9 SOUTHERN IRAN
    5.2 2012/01/09 19:53:37 (depth:)15.0 SOUTHERN IRAN
    4.7 2012/01/07 23:25:38 (depth:)40.8 SOUTHERN IRAN
    5.0 2012/01/05 16:53:40 (depth:)32.5 SOUTHERN IRAN


  6. Philippino Bob says:

    So far Iran has resisted any covert retaliation. It’s OK to destroy their nuclear facilities (if any) but to start assassinating people for whatever reason, is beyond the acceptable.
    Murder is still punishable for as far as I know.


  7. radiogirl says:

    P.Bob, would you have approved of someone bombing a car Hitler rode in?
    If you are familiar with extraction then you might be able to understand that removing a key figure in a weapon system that could kill millions is the trade off.And yes I’m for it.Remember radical Islams verifiable message is…spead it through out the world. and trust me they are everywhere…meaning world domination.Then there are only 3 choices for all the world….a) conversion b) subjugation or c)death .Those are your choices . There is no d) none of the above.This is a plan that has been well in place for eons and you are not going to wish it away or say if I leave you alone then you leave me alone .I can promise you that is not part of their plan.You only have 3 choices..period.My father dealt in the private sector in the mid east for 40 years …most of it Iran.

    If you think allowing a power to proliferate whose agenda is genocidal of ALL people not of their beliefs. is really nobodys concern…then sooner than later you’ll be dealing with them.This is NOT just about Israel.According to the head of Iran you are an infadel,you life is worthless and you have no right to live.Did Hitler stop with the Jews ?Did France and Italy who hoped he would play nice with them end up having bombs dropped on their fine cities and good people?You cannot shake hands with the devil in hopes he will only kill millions of some other countrys people and not yours.

    Throughout history there arises leaders who twist political or religious beliefs in order to whip up a people group in order to feed power lust greed and killing.Look at what pathetic human beings they in reality end up being once we are allowed to view the way they lived and their relationships.They never end up having any shred of the moral fiber as the men who fight against them.Usually they are cowardly have drug addictions,paranoia or syphillis and on and on.Go ahead study Hitler and run through to your modern day ruthless dictators.Not one in the bunch you’d want your daughter to bring home.Like begets like so their internal people are usually made of the same stuff.So I say do what needs to be done.Let me add there are some highly skilled extrmemely dangerous people with the same pathos that want to take your family friends and country out with as much suffering as possible.If you try to capture them within their country and get them to a place to imprison them,your odds of success are slim to none.

    I have 4 sons and I know what may be coming .Philippino Bob..if you took out a nuke facility you would still be killing people.I don’t relish the thought of my sons in war.No matter what… I know what I believe and stand for… the right to live and worship in peace .I believe in God and the life Jesus led and died for.If I have to die for that ,I will.Remember the final battle is really about good and evil.I’m on the side whose mothers DO NOT strap bombs to their childrens tiny bodies inorder to kill people..Children…what makes a mother do that…would it not be better to die for them so they could live in peace..as our brave soldiers and vets did of ww2… then to murder them to further the destruction?This is the mindset we are faced with todayIt is hate and it is evil and it repeats itself though out history.And so here we are.



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