10 Responses to Flashback, 2008 congressional warning: 2012-2013, Is the world now ripe for a biological terror attack?

  1. carolyn says:

    I am currently reading Richard Preston’s book “The Demon in the Freezer” about biological warfare. It is wonderfully written and the story of the eradication of smallpox is as good as any fiction suspense. Last night I got the part about what Russia has devised in the way of GM black plague, and smallpox topped missiles. This subject is very serious, and perhaps the best preparation is to be ready to isolate yourself for months, and to be emotionally-spiritually ready to die.


  2. Irene C says:

    Kind of reminds me of the book, “The Stand”. Frightening indeed. I think I’ll stick with natural disasters.



    • Bobi becker says:

      I agree with you, when I first heard of this, that was my thought, “The Stand”. Now I wonder what Government or faction these scientists are working for???? Makes on ponder for sure…


    • Well, the time frame is certainly curious and one would ask, how could they possibly know something that far into the future? This sounds like something out of the Steven Gibb interview in Strange Magazine in 1995 where he was quoted as saying:

      “Steven: When they sent scientists from the Montauk project went into Earth’s future, they hit a barrier in the year 2012. When they tried to go past the barrier from 2012 to 2013, they couldn’t. They could, however, go around it. They found that all life on the planet had been wiped out…everything. Cities were all in ruins and there was no life anywhere…at least they couldn’t find any. They concluded that all life had been wiped out.”


      Ex- military man Ed Dames, remote viewer, told Coast to Coast in a Jan 2011 interview, that soliders are on the battlefield fighting a future war somewhere between 2012 and 2013 are all looking up in the sky because of something happening with the Sun that has never been seen before. He said the soldiers were so terrified of the impending doom and what was happening to the sky that they all left the battefield and went home.

      And this, massive black hole awakens in 2013 says NASA: https://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2011/12/19/scientists-say-massive-black-hole-at-galatic-center-could-awaken-in-2013/

      So why is everyone pointing to the end of 2012-2013 as such a significant time?

      However, as Christians, we don’t have to wait for a psychic assessment to see the signs of the times. One gets the feeling that something ominous for the planet is brewing right around the corner and we’re certainly not the only ones seeing it or saying it.


  3. preacher says:

    And Hollywood has prepared the collective mind about this….


  4. Stefan says:

    Probably the government of USA will be behind such an attack themselves. A false flag attack. Used many times by the US government/Pentagon through the years. Used to make it possible to invade different countries. Now Iran probably will be the next target for USA to attack/invade, but they need something so they can do it. They already lie about Iran’s capabilities to create nuclear weapons. They need something more, maybe a biological attack they can claim to be made by Iran. They tried with that lie about that Iran tried to kill a Saudi ambassador in USA. Search internet for FALSE FLAG ATTACK alternative FALSE FLAG OPERATION.


  5. Bobi becker says:

    It would be much easier to unleash a Biological weapon than a Nuclear weapon, and that report was in 2008. So, now look at the new deadly virus, H5N1 that was developed by some stupid idiots in the Netherlands, and then wanted to publish how it was done. I believe their agenda was NOT purely scientific, with the bottom line, becoming famous and rich…. Sad how many humans sell their souls to the devil…


  6. Hmmm, you give people cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, TV, internet, sex & porn,fast food, gen food, all this things. They are mighty weapons and kill slowly.


  7. Ron says:

    I do believe we are in serious trouble, Obama said there was intelligence reports from a foreign nation that said they will strike with biologica warfare if the US doesnt stop sanctions on Iran…maybe this is the new world order coming and the days of the concentration camps? i mean they are building them as we speak…however im not bowing down an getting microchipped for anyone so i hope they can find me in my special place 🙂 and hope they have the warfare to bring me out or die trying!


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